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5 Ways To Add Feminine Details To Your Style @ShopBop + SAVE BIG NOW!!!

ShopBop is an amazing place to buy trendy clothes and accessories. Their options are pretty versatile and they have pieces that would fit any style. One of my favorite things I’ve noticed is how a lot of their items have subtle and really cute feminine details. Adding feminine details to your look is a simple way to ensure your look is cute and on-trend. However, if you’re someone like me, who does not necessarily  naturally gravitate towards the feminine style and aren’t completely sure of how to incorporate it into your own style, I have listed 5 easy ways to do so below!

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1. Ruffles 

I know what you’re thinking, ruffles can be tacky and, lets be honest, hideous at times. But ruffles in moderation can really liven up a boring look. Just like in the shirt from ShopBop pictured below, the ruffled lining at the bottom completely transformed what could just be a boring T-shirt into a super cute shirt!


2. Bows

That’s right, bows, aren’t just for kids to wear in their hair. Bows are a super easy way to add that little something extra to your looks. Shirts, shoes, bags, jewelry, and even jeans can be accentuated with bows.



3. Delicate Gold Jewelry 

Thin and delicate looking jewelry is not only really trendy, but it is another great way to add feminine and girl details to your outfits. Throw one one of these necklaces or bracelets and you instantly complete your outfit that much more.


4. Floral Patterns 

Floral patterned clothing items are probably one of the most common methods of adding femininity to styles. Florals never really seem to go out of style because they are just so simply pretty.

floral5. Lace

Lace is another one of those details that never really seems to go out of style either. It is pretty and can be dressed up as well as down, and is super pretty.


You can shop all of the looks shown here on, and you can also check out some of their other feminine detailed clothing! Plus, ShopBop is having an incredible SALE right now!!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.