5 Ways To Battle Bad Breath

Nobody likes bad breath. If your oral odor is starting to become an issue, here are a few measures you can take to freshen up your breath.

Scrape your tongue

Many of us have a healthy tooth-brushing regime – but how many of us regularly brush our tongues? Tongues can be a host for smelly bacteria, which could be contributing to bad breath. If you don’t want to use a brush, you can buy a specialized scraper. These are designed to apply even pressure across the surface of the tongue, removing bacteria, food debris and dead skin cells.

Replace your toothbrush every three months

It’s recommended that you change your toothbrush once every three to four months. This will ensure you’ve always got a clean brush and are giving your teeth the best care they can get. You can buy most toothbrushes in packs – it’s best to always keep a few spare ones in the bathroom. With some electric brushes you can change the heads.

Switch up your diet

The best way to tackle bad breath is to watch which foods you’re putting in your mouth. Onions and garlic are the worst offenders for bad breath. Start incorporating fresher smelling foods more frequently into your diet. Fresh mints and parsley are great for giving you that added freshness, as are lemons and oranges. If you’re a rampant coffee drinker, consider drinking more green juices that are likely to contain much less acids. Similarly, drink less fizzy drinks in exchange for more non-fizzy juices. Hard crunchy vegetables and fruit meanwhile such as apples, carrots and celery are very good for cleaning your teeth and tongue, acting as a natural toothbrush.

Find a fresh alternative to smoking

If you’re a smoker, consider ways of freshening up that tobacco stench. Menthol cigarettes and filters can give your breath a more minty edge. Vaping meanwhile could serve as a much less odorous alternative. Even a tobacco e-liquid is likely to have more of a positive effect on your breath than pure tobacco. Taking mints after each time you smoke meanwhile is another method of keeping on top of bad breath.

Chew gum

Oral bacteria thrives off of sugar. This sugar is converted into acid, which in turn contributes to decay and of course bad breath. On easy way to keep on top of this is to regularly chew sugarless gum. Chewing gum can help clean your teeth and fight off plaque throughout the day. It also stimulates saliva to help clean your teeth. On top of this, gum can help your gums – preventing disease in these areas which can further bring on bad breath. Keep a pack of minty chewing gum on you at all times to take after meals and you’ll soon find the bad smell from your mouth starting to fade, replaced by a fresh aroma that’ll have you gasping with relief.

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  1. Great article, It’s crazy that many people don’t change their toothbrush often! Also, don’t forget to visit your dentist every six months!

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