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5 Ways To Make Money Working From Home

Working from home to many is the dream – the idea of not having to commute and being able to roll out of bed and start work. If you’re looking after a child or too sick or injured to travel to work, working from home is more than a convenience – it’s a solution. Likewise, those who live too far away from the city may choose to work from home to avoid having to move.


There are lots of ways to make the odd pound here and there including survey sites and Fiverr. But what about making some real money? Here are the top ways of earning money whilst staying at home.


Telemarketing requires only a phone making it possible to work from anywhere (providing you have signal). For those who have the ability to sell over the phone, you needn’t trek down to a call centre where you have to deal with background noise and competition. Several companies offer the opportunity to work from home – some offering flexible hourly rates.  

Web design

If you’re savvy when it comes to computers, you may be able to set yourself up as a web designer. All you need is a computer and the knowledge to build a website and you’re set! Now that marketing has gone digital, every good company needs a website, which has increased the demand for web designers. The job can pay very well – if you go at it self-employed you can set your own prices.


There are bounteous writing jobs available that can be done online allowing you to work from home with a computer. If you have an eye for a good story you could become a freelance journalist – taking your writing wherever you go. You may alternatively want to get involved in web content, may be even teaming up with a web design team. Other job include copywriting, legal writing, instructional writing and press release writing.


You don’t even have to work to make a lot of money. If you have some money already sitting in your account, you could invest it and make a healthy return in a few years. Investments can include anything from oil to gold to finance stocks to technology. Investing can be a bit of a gamble, but if you do your research you can minimise the risk so you’re almost guaranteed to make a return. For more information, check out Money Morning Today.

Website testing

Another job that requires only a PC is website testing. Many web design companies pay people to test websites for glitches. Similarly, some companies with established websites eager to improve their web design and navigation will pay people to use their website and review it for faults. Web testing can pay surprisingly well, companies often offering payment per test. You’ll need broadband internet and the latest browser updates, as well as being computer literate enough to understand what makes a good or bad website. However, technical knowledge is not mandatory.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.