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5 Ways to Squeeze The Most Out of a Small Space

With homes becoming more and more expensive to purchase and to run there are a growing number of people having to squeeze their lives into smaller spaces, particularly in cities where rent and mortgages can be astronomically high  – which is why the idea of squeezing the most out of a small space is becoming more and more discussed.

We often associate small with less, as in, a lesser standard of life – however think about trends in computing; or even televisions…. once upon a time, you would have housed a huge box in the corner, whereas today, your TV is likely to be so slim that it will fit in even the smallest and crowdiest of apartments.  Indeed, with the minimalist movement still firmly established a number of people are opting to live in smaller spaces in order to have a bigger life outside of their home and work so they are free to travel the world and pursue other passions.

However, whilst living in a small space does have its financial benefits it also has its challenges.  The number one challenge, when living in a small space, is the lack of storage space which leads to clutter.  This article addresses this challenge with a number of ideas and strategies.


With places like Ikeas offering solutions for storage in small spaces perhaps creating storage in wasted spaces such as on top of units, around the bathroom sink and on top of kitchen cupboards is the answer.


There are a number of small adjustments you can make to change the amount of storage space you have available – a standard example, is to fit your attic with loft boards or to find the best tankless water heater that fits in your property, meaning you’ll have more space to store items around your boiler.


Leading on from fitting loft boards, if you are in need of an additional room, a full loft conversion could be the answer.  A loft conversion can make great use of that additional area under the roof that a lot of people leave as wasted space or a place of storage.  Whilst converting your attic is a significant investment it will usually increase the value of your home particularly if it provides an extra bedroom.


If you don’t have enough space inside to entertain guests it’s time to consider moving outside; with the use of outdoor seating, heater lamps, and the use of a porch or gazebo for shelter you can make use of your outside space in most climates…. Pinterest is a great resource for image based inspiration on how to make a cosy outdoor living space.


When you can’t quite make do with the small space you have, it could be time to look at starting from the drawing board, or more likely, to consider building an extension.  Many people today are buying a small plot of land, adjacent to their home, in order to build an additional home, akin to a granny flat… or undertake a total overhaul and remodel where the existing building is demolished and a new building is created.

Often times, even though it seems counterintuitive, by rebuilding you can make better practical use of the space you have, resulting in much better storage and functional space.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.