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5 Ways To Add Innovation Into Your Designs

As a creative you are always looking for ways to think outside the box and stand out from your competitors. When you are first getting started as a freelancer it is more important than ever to focus on your individuality and uniqueness rather than following the crowd. Clients don’t want to see the same type of content being churned out over and over again so consider the following ways to inject innovation into your designs.

1. Fun Fonts

You want to be able to have free reign over every creative decision you make with your work so why not broaden your horizons? Learn how to install fonts on Mac and you will have a much wider choice of fonts for your projects. Whether you’re designing a poster for a marketing campaign or a social media advert, the right font will capture the attention of the audience and impress your client.

2. Clear Color Schemes

Every piece you design needs a clear cut color scheme that delivers the message seamlessly. You will soon get to know your different clients and how particular shades complement their overarching message. If you are given free reign on a design project this is your chance to have a lot of fun with experimentation. You have to make mistakes in order to become a better designer so go wild with tones and see where the madness takes you!

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3. Innovative Images

Every artist knows the importance of images throughout their work. Not only can they complement the design, but they can also put a brand new spin on a piece of artistic work. When using images in your work make sure you have permission to use them. Even better, use your graphic design skills to create your own innovative images.

4. Brilliant Branding

If you are creating designs to advertise your own freelance business you need to make sure you are depicting your brand authentically. Whether you incorporate a logo, use a specific color scheme or choose a funky font, there are many ways to create a beautiful brand image for your own company or one of your clients.

5. Undoubtable Uniqueness

A wonderful creative, artist or graphic designer possesses many unique qualities. You need to find your unique qualities and make the most out of them throughout your work. If you have a great eye for angles, this could be your niche design skill. Similarly, you might have a knack for abstract art. Whatever your individual skill set may be, you will be able to use this to your advantage in every piece of work you complete.

By adopting these useful strategies you can be sure that your work comes heads and shoulders above the rest. You want to step back and feel proud of the designs you create rather than starting again every five seconds in a frustrated rage. Take your time to consider your strong points and capitalize on them until you find your unstoppable flair.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.