5 Ways to Make Life Genuinely Enjoyable

Life can be hard, but it can also be wonderful. It’s true that some people are dealt a better hand than others, but the trick is to play the one you’re holding and get the absolute best out of it. If you’re in a bit of a rut or just want to make changes for the better, here are some things you can do to make life genuinely more enjoyable.

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Learning new skills

As humans we’re curious creatures, and we’re often at our happiest when we’re challenging ourselves, expanding our mind and learning new skills. After we finish formal education it’s so easy to stop learning, and it can cause us to fall into a rut. We go to work and do the same things day in day out. We have commitments that we have to deal with, and after all of that it’s easy to slump down onto the sofa and binge watch Netflix. But it shouldn’t be the case.

We’re all busy, but often it’s a case of prioritizing our time. Education is so accessible that you can now learn about new topics and even gain accredited qualifications without having to leave your sofa. Thanks to the internet it’s easy to research things you’re interested in, and find classes or groups in your local area that you can join and learn more. Never stop being curious, whether it’s something academic or something purely as a hobby, new skills and experience can greatly add to your life.

Spending time with others

Spending time with the people you care about is what makes life so special. Again, this comes down to prioritising. Don’t skip out on meeting family and friends in person, that facebook ‘like’ or Instagram comment isn’t the same as time spent together. Arrange days out or meetups, invite those you care about over for dinner or do something fun that you’ll all enjoy. It can be hard meeting as a group when you’re an adult, everyone is on different schedules. But do what you can, meet people on their own if you have to and just enjoy the time you can get.

Meeting new people can also be incredibly fulfilling, new people can offer you a new perspective on things, introduce you to experiences you’d never have had otherwise and teach you all kinds of interesting things. They might stay in your life and become a huge part of it or they might just pass through, either way, everyone has something to offer and that you can learn from if you keep your eyes peeled. Even negative experiences are worthwhile, sometimes we meet people who reflect back to us all of the bad traits in ourselves that we’d like to change, that might not have been obvious otherwise.

Gaining independence

Having a support network of people who you know will be there for you no matter what is always reassuring. However, there’s something immensely satisfying about gaining independence, knowing that you can stand on your own two feet. There’s nothing wrong with leaning on loved ones when things go wrong, but for the most part it’s good knowing you can handle your business by yourself. Gaining independence can involve learning how to drive, having your own vehicle and a license means you can always get to where you need to be without relying on anyone. It can involve being financially secure, earning enough money to pay for your own bills without the help of anyone else.

It’s very easy to become financially dependent on a partner when you live with someone, but it can make things difficult. In some ways, they have an element of control over you, even if they don’t exercise that it can make you feel uneasy. If things start going wrong in the relationship, it’s easy to stay with them for all the wrong reasons- knowing you’re stuck financially without them isn’t a reason to continue things if they’ve come to an end. Work hard and keep plodding up that career ladder, take on extra education or voluntary work if it’s going to get youtube where you want to be. Financial independence feels great.

Another way you can be more independent is by having your own hobbies and interests. Everything you do doesn’t need to involve other people, having your own ‘thing’ that you go and do can do wonders for your self esteem. It could be anything from an exercise class, to a craft or a sport.

Looking after your body

Looking after your body and living in a healthy way shouldn’t feel like a chore. It shouldn’t be about focusing on everything you have to ‘lose’, but what you have to gain. You might not be able to eat pizza and chocolate cake every day, but think of the healthy recipes you’ll learn to make instead. You might not be able to go out binge drinking every weekend, but think of the extra time you’ll have that’s not wasted being hungover in bed.

If you’re addicted to any kind of substances, getting onto an alcohol or drug rehab course can get you back on track and allow you to start living and enjoying life again. Get enough sleep, drink plenty of water, eat fresh foods and move your body. Find healthy, productive ways to de-stress and have fun. You’ll have more energy, slash your risk of all kinds of preventable diseases and the brain fog you’ve probably experienced for years without even realising will clear.

Achieving your goals

Without goals, it’s so easy to fall into a rut. You can lose direction and every day becomes like groundhog day. It’s hard to get excited about life, because you don’t have anything you’re planning or looking forward to. To get the most out of life, it’s important to have goals. Write them down, break long term goals into shorter ones and see what you can get started with right now. It’s a great way to give you purpose and focus and helps you feel like you’re getting the most out of life. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as setting a goal and smashing it.

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