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5 Ways To Make Someone Smile This Holiday Season + 20% off Ethel M Chocolate

Smiling, it’s contagious.  I love making someone smile, laugh, or feel loved!  It’s so easy to do and often at times you may be doing it without even realizing it.  People need to hear kind words, it’s good for their soul and knowing you helped create a smile is good for your soul, too!  The holidays are an amazing time to spread the happiness.  Here are 5 things that you can do to put a smile on a friends face or even a stranger during the holidays!

1. Give Them Chocolate

Chocolate is good for us, right?!  Well yes it is! Studies have shown that chocolate has multiple benefits for maintaining a healthy body and mind.  Your blood vessels stay happy and fully functioning, while helping you release relaxing endorphines.  I’m not just talking any kind of chocolate here… if you want to impress someone and really make them smile you need to gift them the good stuff.  Ethel M Chocolates are they way to go.


They offer several signature collection boxes or you can design your own box where you can pick and choose your favorite flavors.  All Ethel M Chocolates are shipped in insulated coolers and ice for peak freshness during warm weather and shipped via express shipping.



2. Give Back

This can be through charity or something simple as paying it forward in the drive-thru line! I don’t hit many of them, but if I find myself wondering through one through the holiday time, I try to pay for the person that is behind me in hopes that they too will do the same.  One simple spread of kindness can go a long way.  Or use your time to spread the cheer by volunteering!! Whatever you choose to do giving back will make someone feel very good!  Result – a smile!

3. Send a hand-written note or card.

These can be holiday cards or just a simple note.  I love getting this type of mail and with email, texting, or whatever other social media you use to connect…nothing makes me smile more than getting a good ole hand-written letter or card.  It is the best!!!  I try to mail out weekly to friends, of course always for special occasions, or just because.  Let’s just say I have a small, and by small, I mean large collection of notecards…it’s an addiction really! Result – a smile!

4. Recognize someone’s achievement.

Show someone how proud you are of them.  You can do this all year long of course, but take some time to really focus on this during the holidays.  We get so busy keeping up with the rush of what the holidays bring that we often over look  the achievements of those around us.  Everything starts to merge together so take some time to recognize those around you! Whether it’s buying them dinner to celebrate or just stopping by to say “Hi” and give them a hug.  Sometimes the best gifts really are free. Result – a smile!

5. Say it out loud!

Tell someone how fortunate you are to know them and that you love them. Pretty simple, right? But how often do you do this?  Tell them why. Make them feel special because they are and so are you.  Result – two smiles!


Now, time for me to make YOU smile! Are you still thinking about the Ethel M Chocolates I mentioned to start things off? It’s okay, I am, too! 😉 I was lucky enough to try some out and let me tell you a secret they are soooooo good! It’s time for you to start your own Ethel M Chocolates tradition this holiday season and join me in enjoying this goodness! Not only is it a perfect gift to give, but it’s also pretty great to receive.  So whether your shopping for yourself or someone else I’ve got a deal for you!

All Sarah Scoop readers will get 20% off your entire purchase with no minimum!  Use code: sarahscoop
Wondering what to purchase for your holiday gifts? Here are 3 recommendations for different budgets!
Under $20
Crème Liqueur Collection | 12pc | $19.99 An Ethel M original, this collection features an array of customer favorite pieces that are truly unique to our chocolates. Raise these chocolates to toast any occasion! This cheers-worthy collection is the perfect treat for adults at any party or gathering. Featuring our decadent chocolate filled with creamy liqueurs that masterfully blend rich alcohol with sweet flavors. Once you pop the lid on this collection, you’ll enjoy a full chocolate “bar” including Rum, Bourbon, Amaretto, Irish Cream, Coffee Liqueur and Orange Liqueur. Cheers!
Under $30
Classic Collection | 16pc | $27.99 Taste the original specialty chocolate recipes of Ethel Mars. Do you have a hard time choosing your favorite Ethel M Chocolate pieces? Then this is the perfect gift, delicately served in our signature gold Ethel M Chocolates box. Open the box to find a medley of chewy caramels, nut clusters, Satin Crèmes®, Almond Butter Krisps® and plenty of milk and dark chocolates. Once your family and friends see the box, they’ll know they are in for a treat. This collection is their signature for a reason!
Under $40
Classic & Chocolate Pecan Brittle Collection | 24pc | $39.99 A uniquely soft brittle crunch sets this customer favorite apart from all others. And no need to choose sides. Each box includes 24 pieces of pecan brittle, half with and half without chocolate. Some people are brittle purists, who want our world-famous pecan brittle unchanged and wonderful as always. And we understand that. Others prefer to be adventurous, and love trying our brittle with delicious chocolate draped over the top of each piece. This collection is the compromise for both groups, while maintaining our uncompromising flavors and quality.
 Have fun shopping and don’t forget to get a little something sweet for yourself, too! 😉
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are my own.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.