5 Ways To Reduce the Stress of Major Life Changes

Major life changes occur so infrequently, at least they should. It seems that since COVID, we’ve all been undergoing major life changes that have, in many ways, had an impact on our ability to focus and function. Major life changes can have an impact on our mental health, and this is why we must have a more solid approach to dealing with the stresses that come along with uncertainty. What can we all do?

Making Plans

When there are life changes occurring, whether they are self-inflicted or not, it’s far more beneficial to become more organized. Something as major as moving to another country demands you to be organized in order for you to cope with the significant changes in your life. Whether this is finding reputable international moving companies, or ensuring you have all of your paperwork laid out before you get to work, the plan is pivotal because you can manage a transition in a far better way.

Do Not Fight It

During big changes, we can easily lose track of who we are. We have to remember that life may feel like it’s in control of us, but we are in control of life. We can all feel resistant to change and we have to remember that this is a very natural response because we evolved to fight change. And this is why our brains go into fight or flight mode, because it is what has occurred over thousands and thousands of years. 

The physiological functions in our body are incredibly sophisticated, and rather than wishing everything was different, we can start to find better ways to deal with the changes. Focusing on the things you can control, being more physically active, as well as being present in the moment can be helpful. The latter is part of the school of thought known as mindfulness, which is absolutely everywhere. There are amazing resources on mindfulness that can demystify beyond it just being a hippie-type practice. Mindfulness is about being rooted in who you are, and can make a massive difference in how you deal with change and stress.

Take Breaks

Having a break is something many people do not build into their lives. We all need the opportunity to stop doing something in order to allow our mind and body to relax, even if it’s just for a matter of minutes. Change is something that requires a lot more focus. And therefore, when we need to accommodate these changes in our lives, we feel that we’ve got to push ourselves more to achieve them. But if you are trying to operate more effectively you’ve got to embrace the natural peaks and troughs of your day. 

Taking a break is so simple but so effective. Having a proper break where you down-regulate and do nothing will allow your brain some quiet time to start putting all of this disparate information together. We don’t build breaks in our lives because we would rather look at social media. Instead, get out for a walk, sit in silence, or do something that you know will stop you from thinking and worrying.

Look After Yourself

Self-care is almost at the point of cliche in the modern world, but the best thing you can do when you are going through any major life changes is to retain a sense of balance and understand what works best for you. We can all feel that things are happening to us, and therefore, we have to maintain some sense of control over them. 

Self-care is an amazing tool that will make us understand what it takes for us to recharge better. Sometimes, self-care is just about having a bit of rest, but when it comes to rest, it’s important to remember that there are many different kinds. Choosing the right one for your needs can help you understand greatly what it takes to recharge.

Eat Better

If you are trying to manage your health better in any aspect of your life, it may be a tough one to get right. Many people eat unhealthily because they need to comfort themselves and divert their focus from what is going on. This is where having a foundation of the things that can boost your immune system will make a big difference. 

Good fats, complex carbohydrates, proteins, and whole grains, as well as fruits and vegetables, are all the simple things that we know can help, but even if you feel you need that chocolate, you’ve got to remember that it’s not going to solve your problems, but rather having some of the above tools in combination with a better diet will.

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