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5 Ways to Spruce Up Movie Night

Movie night is a classic tradition around the world. Snuggling up under the blankets with your favorite film, surrounded by people you care about. But these days, life can get a little monotonous.

Which is why today we’re giving you 5 easy ideas on how to bring your movie night to life.

photo by Lauren Thomas

Give It A Theme

While a random list of movies are great, having a theme adds to the evening. Whether it’s Disney Night, Pirates, Superheroes, or whatever else your group loves, making a theme adds a whole new level of fun. Figure out which movies you want to watch and go from there. And get creative! Maybe it’s Female Empowerment Films or Movies That Make Us Laugh. The good news is, there is no wrong answer.

Goody Bags

Try making individual treat bags or buckets for each person when dealing with a smaller crowd. Use boxed movie theatre style candy or individually wrapped pieces to make sure each viewer gets something amazing. For containers, get creative. You can go as simple as a plastic or brown paper bag, or get something at the dollar store to reuse again in the future. Add in a few napkins and maybe a silly straw, and you’re set.

photo by Lauren Thomas

Set the Stage

Time to get creative! Add some ambiance to your evening by creating a space to match your movie night. Toss up some old Christmas lights, or maybe get out some of your Halloween décor for a scarier setting. Tired of watching your movies on the typical big screen? Create a blanket fort and watch on a laptop or iPad. Really want to go big? Use a projector and take the adventure to the next level. You can also set up your space outside on the porch or in the yard if weather permits.

Treat Bar

An easy way to add some flair is to set things up differently. Try arranging your snacks in a buffet-style display to allow everyone the ability to create their own. Whether you use popcorn, candy, ice cream, or something completely out of the box, giving people the ability to make their own creation will bring a new level of excitement to the party. Include fun toppings like popcorn seasoning, candy, or other small treats that are popular for your crowd. Plus, everyone will love having exactly what they want.

photo by Lauren Thomas


Sometimes the best thing you can do is simply enjoy the moment. Try leaving your phone behind and focusing on the people around you. Take this time to stop stressing about work and live in the now. Forget about the rest of life for the length of this film and relax. We all deserve a break.

Have any great movie night ideas that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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