5 Ways To Wear Flat Ankle Boots With Jeans

Wearing your fall wardrobe is right around the corner and jean season is near! 

You’re bringing out your favorite pair of flat ankle boots but you might happen to wonder how to wear them with jeans. There are multiple styles of jeans and we’ve got the scoop on how to style them!

Ankle boots are the best thing that has happened to fall fashion. 

They’re the easiest way to create an outfit even if you have no clue on what to wear. 

To give you inspiration on how to wear your ankle boots, here is your style guide on how to wear them with jeans!

How To Wear Flat Ankle Boots With Jeans

First, Pick The Pair of Jeans and Boots You Want to Wear 

Jeans are so versatile nowadays that you are able to shop with multiple options in mind.

Some may opt for skinny jeans, mom jeans, or straight-legged jeans.

With the wide variety of ankle boots, it is easy to make an outfit but you want to make sure you choose the right pair of boots. 

You want to be able to wear it to everything and also wear it again for the next year. 

Whether you like high-heeled ankle boots or low-heeled ankle boots there is a variety of them to choose from!


Skinny Jeans

Mom Jeans

Straight-legged Jeans


Secondly, Cuff Your Jeans With Your Ankle Boots

There are many different ways to wear your ankle boots with different pairs of jeans

Instead of black tights during the colder months, jeans make everything look better. These are some of my favorite ways to pair the two. 

If it’s with skinny jeans, you can either double roll your jeans or do a wide cuff.

Cuffing your skinny jeans is the easiest way to amp up your outfit and give a classic look.

The golden rule, when you have no clue what to do, is to cuff your jeans.

These black skinny jeans would look perfect with black leather boots

A great way to create an illusion of longer legs is to cuff your pair of skinny jeans at the top of the ankle boots. These black leather booties will last a lifetime. 

Any top would look perfect and that’s why ankle boots and jeans are a superior combo. 

This white bodysuit is a great color contrast and perhaps for the colder days, throw on this plaid shirt for a top coat which could be worn as a jacket. 

Cuff your black skinnies and you’ll look amazing!

Another great outfit would be with blue skinny jeans. The best way to pair your blue jeans would be with these flat boots

Jeans and low ankle boots make an easy outfit combo and create a casual look. Add a cute fall sweater and black hat for the ultimate fall look.

The classic blue jeans are always in style so you do not have to worry about them being out of style.

Sarah Paulson also rocks the skinny jean outfit look so hopefully, you’ll feel as powerful as her rocking your skinny jeans! She pairs them with high heels, it shows how versatile your jeans can be.

It is always fun to mix and match outfits with your jeans so show some personality in them!

Thirdly, Pair Your Ankle Boots With Mom Jeans

There are many varieties of jeans that you can choose from.

It is up to your personal preferences what kind you want to wear! No matter the choice, it’s the right style for you.

Mom jeans are fitted for every body type.

With mom jeans, you can either cuff them or let them be. It allows you to give yourself more outfit ideas.

The best ankle boots to wear with mom jeans are the ones with a tall shaft and a block heel. A slight heel never hurt anyone and the black color goes with almost anything! A great example of black boots would be these black booties from Amazon.

Mom jeans don’t require any cuffing and create a chic look. Mom jeans are great for the winter months and provide many different options.

A great option would be a pair of jeans and chelsea boots

Chelsea boots are always a safe way to create an amazing fall outfit. Neutral colors, such as black, are best for ankle booties so you can easily have different outfits. 

Black boots give you many options and it is a good rule of thumb to own form-fitting denim especially for skinny jeans.

A white top is a good option to pair with jeans and a black boot for a polished look. 

The white top is even versatile to wear for the summer months. The best part is that it can be paired with a black leather jacket for the colder months.

It’s always a good idea to purchase clothing that you can reuse for all of the seasons. By adding on a black leather jacket, it creates a chic fall look.

Lastly, Pair Your Ankle Boots With Straight-Legged Jeans

Ditch your black leggings because the straight leg jeans have come back in style and in their full potential.

Regular length straight jeans are comfortable and make any outfit look classy. With the right pair of good quality boots, you can either make it a date night outfit or work casual.

There is no need to cuff your jeans because it looks perfect with your jeans going over your pair of booties!

Go out of your comfort zone and try these pointed toe brown ankle boots and pair them with some white jeans

Instead of going with a stiletto heel, the block heel makes everything look sophisticated.  

A great alternative instead of a t-shirt would be this khaki shirt. The silk makes a subtle difference in the classiness but it’s a big deal. 

To top it off, pair it with a cream-beige coat and you’ll be turning heads.

This pair of ankle boots is one of the best boot styles because it’s a timeless piece that will be used every year. 

Your ankle boot outfit will always be above everyone else’s. 

The brown leather is a classic sophisticated look that is ready to be worn casually or business casual. It’s calling your name to be worn!

Instead of combat boots, go for these black ankle boots with a short shaft. The black suede texture also gives it a nice touch. 

These straight leg jeans are so easy to dress up and flow along your leg line.

A white sweater or white shirt makes a casual go-to outfit. You can also switch it up with a black sweater and you are ready to walk out the door!

That’s the scoop on some different ways to wear ankle boots with jeans. No more leather leggings during the colder months. The best option is to go with your favorite jeans for a modern fall look. 


Jeans are a great transition from summer dresses and making sure you choose a versatile ankle boot is your holy grail. The right styles of ankle boots are important in your fashion choices. 

If you love to wear cowboy boots checkout these short cowboy boots that would look good with any of these jeans!

These ankle boots would also look good with a pencil skirt or mini skirt for warmer weather.

You have so many options to choose from! With the many ways you can wear ankle boots with jeans, I hope you’ll take fashion inspiration from this post and build up your fall wardrobe!

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