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5 Zero Waste YouTubers to Begin Your Sustainable Journey

Ever wanted to do just a bit more for the environment, but didn’t know where to begin? Didn’t know what products were sustainable or which brands to buy from? Don’t worry about it, you can start right here! Getting the information is the first step to any lifestyle change. Remember that not everyone can afford the zero-waste lifestyle, so just do what you can. Check out the Scoop and start your individualized journey right here with some YouTubers!

1. Gittemary Johansen

Gittemary Johansen, based in Denmark is a great zero-waste YouTuber! She shows her audience what it’s like to have this lifestyle and teaches them about ways to do so. Sometimes they may seem extreme (like dumpster diving, which is surprisingly common in this YouTube community) to doable (buying second-hand). Each video informs and entertains.


2. Shelbizlee

Shelbizlee as the second YouTuber on this list who brings a fun and charismatic vibe to her videos. Each one checks her privilege which is refreshing to see in a YouTuber in this community. She constantly makes videos for small ways one can change their lifestyle to a more sustainable one and is sure to make some for those who may not afford the lifestyle.


3. Sustainably Vegan

Sustainably Vegan is a YouTuber that covers all topics of sustainability from beauty tips to grocery shopping. Also, she focuses on minimalism, recipes, and low-impact living. So there’s a wide array of videos to choose from! She has a playlist for beginners, so you can get started when you’re ready!


4. Sedona Christina

Sedona Christina is another YouTuber with lots of information to give us. She too covers the basics and the advanced techniques. Another great thing about this YouTuber is that she also checks her privilege. This is an expensive and inconvenient lifestyle to adopt, so the people most advocating for this change saying this offers some relief. Her videos are fun and informative!


5. Girl Gone Green

Girl Gone Green is the last YouTuber on this list, but she’s still amazing! Her videos are much like the others above: they cover basic and advanced techniques with a fun personality. However, she doesn’t focus on just sustainability, she also specializes in mindfulness and D.I.Ys. So you can learn a new skill and be informed.


These are just some of the greatest green YouTubers, though there are plenty more out there! This lifestyle change is a big one to make and not easily accessible. But if you want some more information to contribute just a little, then this is a great place to start.

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