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50 Best Castle in the Sky Quotes

Castle in the Sky is yet another animated work of art by Hayao Miyazaki that not only features otherworldly characters but also the flawless sky. This 1986 film from Japan is centered around a girl named Sheeta that ends up falling from the sky. Knowing that Sheeta has the magical pendant to the sky kingdom, many people chase after her including the government and a group of pirates.

Her new friend Pazu helps her escape trouble until arriving at the sky castle (Laputa) when Muska attempts to take her to find the treasure. Here is the scoop of some of the most memorable Castle in the Sky quotes!

1.”He who turns and runs away can steal the treasure ANOTHER DAY!” -Dola

Dola and her crew are not ones to give up the treasure easily, but they are forcibly stopped by the government.

2. “No matter how many weapons you have, no matter how great your technology might be, the world cannot live without love.” -Sheeta

pazu and sheeta castle in the sky
© 1986 – Studio Ghibli

Sheeta may have more wisdom at her age than adults. The ending of Castle in the Sky very well reflects the powerful win over Muska.

3. “Ah, what can I tell ya? They just really like dessert.” -Dola

Hayao Miyazaki doesn’t stop short of characters diving into delicious food within his films.

4. “No it’s not! My poor little ship is gone forever! Boo hoo hoo hoo!” -Papa

castle in the sky explosion
© 1986 – Studio Ghibli

It might seem like the end of the world for pirates but as long as everyone’s alive, that’s the only thing that matters.

5. “I have really had enough of your incredible stupidity.” -Muska

The words of a true villain as he grows incredibly impatient for his control over Laputa.

6. “The earth speaks to all of us, and if we listen, we can understand.” -Uncle Pom

uncle pom and pazu in cave
© 1986 – Studio Ghibli

Pazu and Sheeta come across Uncle Pom in a cave when running away from the pirates. Possibly the smartest character in Castle in the Sky.

7. “Oh, poor little thing. There’s nothin’ worse than having your pigtails shot off!” -Dola

Comes from someone with experience and Dola’s status as a pirate confirms it.

8. “I can’t see you clearly yet, goblin, but you sound like Pazu. And if my old eyes don’t deceive me, that’s a she-goblin with you.” -Uncle Pom

uncle pom castle in the sky
© 1986 – Studio Ghibli

Uncle Pom is closed off from the world so much so that he thinks Sheeta is a goblin.

9. “Hey, if my head was any harder, you could use it as a cannonball.” -Pazu

pazu and pirate
© 1986 – Studio Ghibli

Pazu wants to be more helpful in troubling situations, but would you be eager to help prevent attacks by pirates and the government?

10. “I need someone who’s *mechanically* minded, not some half-baked, swashbuckling Casanova wannabe!” -Papa

Where are the robots when you need them?

11. “I’ve been practicing! Um… Harrrrr, matey! Shiver me timbers!” -Sheeta

dola and sheeta
© 1986 – Studio Ghibli

Sheeta attempts to become a pirate after joining forces to defeat Muska at the sky castle.

12. “You blubber heads! I’m not runnin’ a luxury cruise! Now get to work!” -Dola

Ever heard of a villain sitting on his hands? The pirates work together to have a shot at finding the treasure in Laputa.

13. “What’s come over you, my dear? It’s not like you to challenge a ship like Goliath. You know, the odds are against you.” -Papa

dola pirate
© 1986 – Studio Ghibli

The government against the pirates seems like a mystical conflict that only Hayao Miyazaki can incorporate in his movies.

14. “Uh… let me see now… Yeah! There’re about a hundred little girls in this town. Which one?” -Pazu

sheeta and pazu castle in the sky
© 1986 – Studio Ghibli

Pazu doesn’t want to give away Sheeta’s whereabouts. Is their relationship purely friendship or something more?

15. “Oh, don’t be afraid, Sheeta. He’s really quite dead, you know. Look there.” -Muska

Muska takes Sheeta inside the castle to find the treasure using her pendant. All who get in the way of his plan are bound to die.

16. “Stop wriggling, ya little worm!” -Henri

17. “Don’t ya think it’s kinda strange that the army has gotten into the kidnapping business?” -Dola

dola and pirate crew
© 1986 – Studio Ghibli

Dola mentions the tight government control over Laputa and finds it strange that even the army is involved in obtaining the treasure.

18. “Oh, well, ya can’t be a sensitive woman like me without learnin’ a few things. Sheeta and I are exactly alike: all warm and mushy and sensitive!” -Dola

The very reason why Dola and Sheeta come together as a team to defeat the real enemy.

19. “So, she’s in disguise?” -Louis

louis pirate
© 1986 – Studio Ghibli

20. “Prepare yourself for the thunder of Laputa!” -Muska

Just when Muska seems like he is in control, Pazu and Sheeta come to the rescue.

21. “Blast! I really hate that man.” -General

Even the general has no chance against Muska.

22. “A girl just fell from the sky, boss!” -Pazu

sheeta castle in the sky
© 1986 – Studio Ghibli

Pazu comes to work one day and finds a mysterious girl that fell from the sky.

23. “I’ve peeled my last potato! YEE-HAW!” -Charles

24. “And I like chocolate cake with that… Oh, what’s that frosting? It’s kinda pink and swirly with…” -Henri

25. “The tree! We protected it, so it protects us!” -Sheeta

sheeta, pazu, and robot castle in the sky
© 1986 – Studio Ghibli

Sheeta’s connection with the sky castle helps her have the upper hand as an extraordinary character. Can’t expect less from Hayao Miyazaki.

26. “Your ears are next… unless you get on your knees and obey me!” -Muska

muska and sheeta
© 1986 – Studio Ghibli

Muska threatens Sheeta if she doesn’t help him find the treasure.

27. “But YOU’RE female, Captain! And I was born up in the mountains, I can do this.” -Sheeta

Sheeta is fairly confident when seeing Dola as a powerful pirate.

28. “Hold your tongue, commoner! You are in the presence of the king of Laputa.” -Muska

muska and sheeta laputa
© 1986 – Studio Ghibli

When Muska thinks he has full control of Laputa…

29. “Full speed ahead!” -Dola

castle in the sky
© 1986 – Studio Ghibli

30. “Nobody. Oh, look! Checkmate!” -Papa

31. “Time’s up. What is your answer?” -Muska

32. “An artificial life form. It’s called a robot. Laputa was just a legend until this dropped from the sky.” -Muska

robot castle in the sky
© 1986 – Studio Ghibli

33. “Then why? Why don’t you just take it? Just take it, and keep Laputa’s treasures for yourself, but leave Pazu and me alone, please.” -Sheeta

34. “Or having your eye poked out. What have you got under there?” -Sheeta

35. “Tell me the spell. What are the secret words?” -Muska

laputa muska
© 1986 – Studio Ghibli

36. “Get out. Get out, or I’ll throw you out. This is MY house.” -Pazu

37. “She saved your life. Get it?”-Dola

dola and pirate crew
© 1986 – Studio Ghibli

38. “He said Mom was ugly, now go get him.” -Henri

39. “All good pirates listen to their Mom.” -Charles

pirate crew and sheeta
© 1986 – Studio Ghibli

40. “Wow, this engine room is amazing.” -Pazu

41. “In the event that you cooperate, I’m sure who’s ever in charge will grant Pazu his freedom, Lusheeta–” -Muska

sheeta and muska castle in the sky
© 1986 – Studio Ghibli

42. “I really don’t know anything. Please, let me see Pazu.” -Sheeta

43. “Gotta start talkin’ like a real pirate.” -Dola

dola and pirate family
© 1986 – Studio Ghibli

44. “I’ve hidden the stone. If you do anything to harm Sheeta, you’ll never get it back.” -Pazu

© 1986 – Studio Ghibli

45. “Laputa will live. I will return it to life. Laputa’s power is the dream of all mankind.” -Muska

46. “Take that.” -Sheeta

pazu and sheeta castle in the sky
© 1986 – Studio Ghibli

47. “Oh, ya can’t scare me. You can’t even protect one small girl.” -Dola

dola and pirate crew
© 1986 – Studio Ghibli

48. “Pazu loves Sheeta.” -Louis

49. “It’s your crystal. The force of the Sacred Light has brought the robot back to life. The way to Laputa has been opened.” -Muska

50. “You know my real name?” -Sheeta

© 1986 – Studio Ghibli

Despite the film releasing in 1986 in Japan, it isn’t until 1991 that Castle in the Sky was accessible to the United States. Which Studio Ghibli film is your all-time favorite?

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