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50 Best Christmas Gifts for Basketball Players (2023)

Time to show your team spirit this holiday season with basketball-themed gifts!

Whether you know a few basketball players personally or know a family member who is a basketball fan, these Christmas gifts are a great way to showcase their passion for the sport.

man playing basketball

If you know a basketball fan who already has their favorite team jersey and the official Wilson leather NBA ball, make NBA fans and basketball lovers of all ages happy with a unique basketball-themed gift this Christmas from their wish list!

Here’s the scoop on the best Christmas gifts for basketball players!

Basketball Gift Guide

1. Brita Stainless Steel Water Bottle

brita water bottle

This water bottle makes one of the best gifts for any basketball player on the go. The stainless steel material is durable and will last through any game or practice, and the screw-top lid prevents leaks.

This water bottle will ensure their beverage stays cool and refreshing even after a game. Water bottles make good gifts for any occasion.

2. Kobe Motivational Mamba Keychain

This keychain is the perfect gift for any basketball player who needs a little motivation. The keychain features a quote from Kobe Bryant. The keychain is made of stainless steel, making it durable and long-lasting. The best part is that it can be attached to any key ring or bag.

3. Silicone Sports Coasters by Kosvan

These coasters make the perfect gift for any basketball fan. The set includes six coasters that feature rubber images of a basketball. The coasters are made of rubber, making them durable and absorbent.

They also have a non-slip bottom to prevent them from moving around on surfaces. This coaster set is perfect for any home bar or man cave.

4. Personalized Basketball Throw Pillow Cover

This throw pillow cover makes a great addition to any basketball fan’s room. The pillow cover features a basketball player with the player’s name on it. The best part is that the cover can be personalized with any name and number to make the ideal gift. You can also match it with basketball blankets.

5. ESPN 2-Player Indoor Basketball Arcade Game

The best gift for any basketball player is a basketball arcade game. This arcade game is perfect for any home or office and is sure to keep any basketball fan or young player entertained for hours.

The game includes an electronic scoring system and sound effects for an authentic arcade experience. The best part is that it can be played by one or two players.

6. Basketball Ball Series Clear iPhone Case

This soft phone case is one of the best Christmas gifts for basketball players and fans. The case is made of thermoplastic polyurethane and has a basketball player design on it.

7. Waybelive LED Basketball Hoop Lights

basketball rim lights

This basketball rim is a great gift idea for any basketball player or fan. The rim features built-in LED lights that will light up when the basketball is shot. Younger kids will love this!

This makes it easy to see the hoop in any setting even in the dark. The best part is that the light can be turned on or off with the push of a button from a remote control.

8. Over the Door Mini Basketball Hoop

This mini basketball hoop will make any basketball fan’s day. The hoop comes with three basketballs and an air pump with simple installation directions. This mini-basketball hoop is also perfect for any child or adult who loves basketball and wants to practice free throws.

9. Just Dunk It Basketball Silhouette T-Shirt

If you know a basketball player who loves to show off their passion for the sport, the “Just Dunk It” T-shirt is the perfect gift. The shirt is made of 100% cotton and is available in multiple colors. The comfortable material allows players to wear this shirt for basketball games with friends or participating in warm-ups.

10. GlowCity Glow in The Dark Basketball

Stuff this cool glow-in-the-dark gift inside a stocking for your fellow basketball fan this Christmas! The sturdy ball is water-resistant and can easily turn on or off with simple movements of the ball compared to a plan Wilson Evolution basketball.

Play the night away with this glowing basketball for up to 30 hours of illumination without a light bulb.

11. Mini Memory Stick Cartoon Sports Equipment Basketball

basketball usb drive

This USB flash drive makes a great addition to a basketball fan’s collection! The drive is made of silicone and has a basketball design on it.

The best part is that the USB drive is available in multiple sports equipment, so it can be matched with any computer or phone. The drive also includes a built-in 64GB memory, making it perfect for storing photos, videos, and music. Keep your hard work safe!

12. Personalized Basketball Player Christmas Ornament

This basketball sports ornament would make a great gift for any basketball player because it is a unique and personal way to show their love for the sport.

The Christmas ornament features an original design of a basketball player made out of wood. The best part is that the ornament can be personalized with any name or number.

13. Kobe Bryant Basketball Wall Tapestry

This high quality tapestry features an image of Kobe Bryant and can be hung up above a couch or a bed. A tapestry of a basketball fan’s favorite players will instantly make their holiday. If the basketball fan doesn’t want to put this on the wall, they can use it as a blanket.

14. Basketball Pendant Necklace

Pack this beautiful basketball necklace in a velvet bag for a friend or family who loves basketball. The necklace is made from stainless steel and copper with a variety of colors to choose from to match their preference.

15. Basketball 3D Lamp

This color-changing basketball lamp creates the illusion of a 3D basketball sitting on a platform. The night light can easily be controlled with a simple touch. Sports enthusiasts will love this stunning illusion lamp in their rooms.

16. Basketball Sofa Chair

With a solid backrest and wood frame, this basketball design chair is a wonderful gift for basketball fans looking to level up their living space. The seat is filled with sponge foam that is flexible and environmentally friendly.

17. Coffee Mug with Basketball Hoop

basketball coffee mug

Have hot chocolate or cereal in this ceramic basketball cup while also showing off your love of basketball. The 16-ounce mug can be used for multiple purposes and has a cute basketball and hoop for the handle. Let a basketball lover enjoy their favorite drinks or soups in this beautifully-handcrafted mug!

18. Basketball Bean Bag

It’s time to snuggle and relax with this faux fur basketball bean bag! Instead of an uncomfortable chair, this bean bag provides comfy materials for people and stuffed animals to sit and lay in. Turn your living space into a fun and functional space with this bean bag.

19. Spalding NBA Official Game Basketball

Hit the courts with this rubber Spalding basketball! This ball is designed for outdoor and competitive play with the official size and ball weight from the NBA. The wide design also allows players to effectively grip the ball to make their shots on the court.

20. Basketball Court Rug

basketball court rug

A stylish rug for both adults and kids, this basketball court rug features outlines mirroring an actual court with a basketball. The nylon material is long-lasting and stain-resistant, especially if you plan on grabbing this rug for a younger kid.

21. Yoelike Basketball Tumbler

This double wall vacuum insulated cup provides a splash-proof lid and makes a wonderful gift for a basketball player, coach, or fan. The stainless steel tumbler also comes with a special feature that allows the cup to be destructive-resistant.

22. NBA Tickets

Have a basketball fan see their favorite team play in person with NBA tickets! Choose their favorite team and keep on the lookout for when tickets go on sale, especially for the playoffs.

Remember to always buy tickets for NBA fans of all ages from a reputable site like StubHub or Ticketmaster.

23. NBA Wall Clock

This black vinyl clock makes a unique gift for basketball fans. If they love to decorate their room to show passion for the sport, consider giving them this NBAA wall clock with a silhouette of a basketball player. Add this clock to an office, bedroom, or living room.

24. NBA 2K23 Basketball Video Game

One of the most recent basketball video games to have hit stores is the NBA 2K23. The game offers a realistic virtual basketball playing experience that fans will love.

The highlight of the game is living through Michael Jordan’s iconic moments on the court. Play this game on Xbox, Playstation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

25. Sports Mouthguard


Keep a serious basketball player protected with this simple mouthguard. The flavored gel mouthguard fits both kids and adults who engage in intense sports.

Choose from various colors to match a sports player’s preference. This is one of the best Christmas gifts and basketball gear for basketball players.

26. Basketball Team Fans Logo Stickers

Pair a basketball player or fan’s team sticker with a nice tumbler or phone case. The waterproof vinyl sticker has a collection of 30 teams from the Lakers to the Chicago Bulls. Stick these assortments of stickers on a laptop or a suitcase.

27. Basketball Popcorn Maker

This electric popcorn machine is the best gift for a basketball fan who loves popcorn and enjoys games on television with friends and family. The compact design makes it easier to carry around from room to room. Make fresh popcorn without artificial flavors or salt for date night while watching a great basketball movie.

28. Portable Basketball Hoop Goal System

Play indoors or outdoors with this portable basketball hoop! The hoop goes up to 10 feet with an adjustable backboard.

The alloy steel material provides the ultimate strength and durability for hardcore basketball shots. You can also pair this with a new basketball. The extra large base of the hoop can also store water or sand for even more stability. This is the best way to practice free throws and other shots.

29. Creative Basketball Hanging Light Fixture

Step up a basketball player or fan’s room with this stunning basketball light for Christmas! The high-quality iron lamp holder is rust-resistant and durable to keep the light looking stunning and brand new. Grab this light and a bean bag to improve a basketball fan’s living space!

30. PEAK High Top Men’s Basketball Shoes

blue basketball shoes

Every basketball player and basketball enthusiast needs at least one good pair of stylish and comfortable shoes in the right size to improve their performance on the court.

These cushioning shoes are a great choice and provide room for the feet to breathe as well as excellent traction to avoid slipping.

These high-top shoes come in various colors and offer a stabilization module to reduce sprains. These make the best basketball shoes for beginners and advanced players.

31. Under Armour Men’s 3-inch Performance Wristband

One of the best Christmas gifts for basketball players is this 2-pack Under Armour wristband. The material absorbs sweat and dries fast.

Some players also like having a compression sleeve for sun protection and improvement of circulation and blood flow. So, you might want to add this to your shopping list.

Consider giving these comfortable wristbands to players wanting to improve their performance. The wristbands can also go to basketball fans who love playing the sport as a hobby.

32. Under Armour Men’s Curry 10-inch Elevated Short

The drawstring closure and the polyester fabric from these shorts are made for intense basketball games. This durable knit fabric is tough against rips but also breathable for continuous play.

The absorbent material is excellent for players who tend to sweat a lot. Basketball shorts always make a great gift for active players.

33. Southpole Men’s Basic Active Fleece Jogger Pants

Just like shorts, joggers or sweatpants are essential for basketball players and other athletes. The ribbed ankles of the pants are comfortable to wear with basketball shoes or even sneakers. The best part about these fleece jogger pants is the adjustable waist cord.

34. GKX Men’s Cotton Athletic Crew Socks

Every athlete needs comfortable socks to last a long time even through the most intense movements. These white cotton socks make a great gift for basketball players. The combination of softness and strength helps to reduce foot pain.

35. New Balance Men’s Accelerate Long Sleeve

One of the best Christmas gifts for basketball players is a long sleeve top that fits them perfectly. This New Balance shirt is lightweight and absorbs moisture for when movements become intense for the best player on the basketball court.

36. Franklin Sports Ball Pump Kit

ball pump kit

For basketball players and fans, keeping a ball pump nearby will make continuous play easier. This kit provides an air pump, air pressure gauge, needles, and more. Place this in a basketball lover’s stocking this holiday season!

37. adidas Defender 4 Large Duffel Bag

If you know a serious athlete, a duffel bag is an essential gift that they will love. This stylish and spacious adidas bag has several compartments to store sports equipment and personal belongings. The long strap with the brand logo is also convenient for carrying around during the busy game season for basketball.

38. Beats Studio Buds – True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Practice and warm up for a basketball game with these wireless Beats earbuds. These noise-canceling earbuds make great stocking stuffers and are an excellent gift for both athletes and non-athletes. Connect them to Android or iPhone for the best music experience.

39. S&T INC. Microfiber Fitness Exercise Gym Towels

microfiber towels

Can’t go wrong with soft towels for a gift idea. These microfiber towels are great for adults and children regardless if they participate in a sport.

The gray towels are super absorbent and gentle on the skin when athletes tend to sweat a lot. This is a good idea for players who might have extra sensitive skin when sweating.

40. Under Armour Men’s Performance Headband

Gift this Under Armour headband to your favorite basketball player by pairing it with wristbands. Choose from various colors and find the best one for your athlete. The headband also provides high-performance fibers for lasting comfort and is often worn by the greatest players.

41. adidas Men’s Tiro 21 Track Jacket

One of the best Christmas gifts for basketball players is a stylish and comfortable track jacket.

Even though they may not participate in track, this jacket is moisture absorbent with front zip pockets to store personal belongings. This track jacket for sports fans can also provide warmth in the fall and winter months.

42. DEVOPS 3 Pack Men’s Muscle Shirts

Select from an assortment of colors to match your favorite basketball player. These muscle shirts are comfortable and allow flexibility for gym workouts and sports. You can also personalize muscle shirts with your favorite player’s name.

The functional fabric is similar to other clothing, specifically absorbing sweat with a lighting speed dry time.

43. GHB Pro Agility Ladder

Every athlete can benefit from an agility ladder as this perfect tool helps with speed, balance, and leg strength. The nylon straps are adjustable to easily move them at different distances.

Your athlete will thank you for their improved performance on the field or court with this great tool. You can also buy a dribble stick to improve your favorite basketball player’s dribbling skills.

44. Nike Elite Pro Basketball Backpack

One of the best Christmas gifts for basketball players is Nike Elites basketball backpacks to store all of their essentials when traveling a long way to an away game.

This pro backpack comes in different colors and only comes in one size. This bag has room to store a basketball, a tumbler, or even an extra pair of shorts. It helps a little bit to keep players organized.

45. Jordan Big Boys Bucket Hat

Every basketball player or basketball fan should have a nice hat to protect themselves from harmful sun rays. This comfortable hat has a logo of Micheal Jordan making a shot in basketball. Pair this hat with a shirt or some crew neck socks. This hat is the perfect way to show off your style!

46. EcoSmart Fleece Crewneck Sweatshirt

Have your basketball player feel comfortable in this fleece pullover sweatshirt with a great design. They come in a variety of colors to make their Christmas memorable. Pair this sweatshirt with socks or shorts.

47. The Mamba Mentality: How I Play

kobe bryant book

This basketball book is an inspirational gift for basketball players and fans alike. This book goes into detail about Kobe Bryant’s career told from his point of view.

A book from a professional basketball player is a perfect senior night gift to help aspiring professional basketball players from high schools transition to college basketball.

The story shows just how much of a legend the Laker superstar turned out to be and rivals some of the best basketball books of all time.

48. Murray Sporting Goods Basketball Coaches Clipboard

The double sided dry erase clipboard is bound to make a basketball coach’s day. The innovative design of a basketball court on the clipboard is a great idea and will help a coach map out the next moves for a game by providing pointers for the position of players.

49. DRSKIN Men’s Compression Pants

For anyone who is active, these compression pants fit comfortably and offer wonderful elasticity. The best part is these pants can be worn to practice every sport at any part of the year. The leg sleeves are snug and fit comfortably around the legs.

50. Steph Curry’s Masterclass

Help your basketball player improve their shooting skills in different shoot situations with a masterclass by Steph Curry.

The class is a great basketball gift and is made up of 17 videos and provides tracking sheets and even a workbook to keep an eye out for performance to become the greatest player you can be.

Best Basketball Gifts Guide

A basketball player’s style is unique with long, white crew socks and mesh jerseys, but their time on the court can easily make or break the chances of the team winning.

Regardless if you know a basketball player or a basketball fan, there is a gift in this guide for everyone as a Christmas present, birthday present, or anniversary gift for a date night.

You can even take it a step further and explore Etsy for personalized gifts to match team colors, jersey number, or gifts with Allen Iverson. Bonus gift ideas are a ball return system and an interactive dribble speed meter.

It’s the right place and time to slam dunk for a special occasion or the holidays with these cool basketball gifts!

That’s the scoop on the best Christmas gifts for basketball players!

christmas gifts for basketball players

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