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50 Best Quotes from “Crash Landing On You”

A romance that stands the test of time, Crash Landing on You is a Korean drama written by Park Ji-eun. It takes courage to love someone, especially when you’re in the middle of two different worlds. Hyun Bin as Ri Jeong Hyeok and Son Ye-jin as Yoon Se Ri, Crash Landing On You is the ultimate love story.

Se Ri finds herself in North Korea after a slight mishap during paragliding. She must keep herself hidden with the help of an army officer.

Here’s the scoop on quotes from Crash Landing On You!

1. “If your view of something is already negative, then everything will look wrong in your eyes.” -Go Myung Suk

2. “You just drew the line because you don’t want me to cross it.” -Yoon Se Ri

3. “Happiness and sadness are like a coin that has two sides that will alternate.” -Ri Jung Hyuk

ri jeong hyeok crash landing on you
NETFLIX (Crash Landing on You)

4. “Sometimes, the wrong train takes you to the right station.” -Yoon Se Ri

5. “Let’s say destiny brought us together. Let’s put it that way.” -Yoon Se Ri

6. “Why do we have eyes in front of our heads? It means we must face forward. Put your past behind you and face forward now.” -Go Myung Suk

7. “He may have done it solely to disguise themselves, but she could’ve had butterflies.” -Kim Ju Meok

8. “There is no ‘us.’ We are nothing.” -Yoon Se Ri

se ri and jeong hyeok
Credit: Lim hyo seon (NETFLIX)

9. “Why does the wind blow? It blows to move on, not to stay. The wind needs to keep moving for me to fly.” -Yoon Se Ri

10. “Fortune and misfortune are like twisted rope, so they come by turns. Everything will be fine soon.” -Ri Jeong Hyeok

11. “A person’s collection of books usually reveals a person’s personality, traits, and tastes.” -Yoon Se Ri

yoon se ri crash landing on you
Credit: Lim hyo seon (NETFLIX)

12. “A man will only come when you ignore him. If you keep clinging to him and following him, he will run away while you will keep running to catch him.” -Goo Seung Jun

13. “In my world, I will use my status, people, money, and everything else. No one will be able to take me down.” -Yoon Se Ri

14. “She might sound cold as the cold wind in the winter, but her heart is warm like a spring breeze.” -Seung Joon

seung joon
Credit: Lim hyo seon (NETFLIX)

15. “You’re my bodyguard. How could you leave me without my permission? You told me to be within your sight.” -Yoon Se Ri

16. “I always pay back, whether it’s kindness or grudge.” -Yoon Se Ri

17. “I let the men who treated me like a human being die. And I have to stay loyal to the man who doesn’t if that’s my mission given by our country. If that’s my life, don’t you think that’s too cruel?” -Jung Man Bok

18. “They say that a thing or person is bound to change all the time. Isn’t how life is after all?” -Cho Cheol Gang

oh man seok
NETFLIX (Crash Landing on You)

19. “In life, there is no such thing as a free lunch. That’s why a free lunch is the most expensive.” -Cho Cheol Gang

20. “You’re waiting for someone, but even you think that you’re pathetic. That’s not love. It’s an obsession. The love you once had has changed and is now rotting. You should throw it away.” -Seung Joon

21. “Even if I have to worry about losing you every day, I want to have you in my life. Even if it breaks my heart because it’s a dream that can’t come true, I’d like to sincerely dream of the future.” -Captain Ri

ri jeong hyuk
Credit: Lim hyo seon (NETFLIX)

22. “I like that woman. I have feelings for her.” -Ri Jeong Hyuk

23. “If our countries reunite, let’s meet on a different occasion.” -Yoon Se Ri

24. “The world isn’t a flower field. You shouldn’t be good to people who beat you up. Those who throw punches don’t know how much it hurts, only those who take punches do.” -Yoon Se Ri

yoon se ri crash landing on you
NETFLIX (Crash Landing on You)

25. “Usually, I’m not scared, but now I’m a bit scared. I am scared something might happen to you. Does this mean you have become a special person to me?” -Se Ri

26. “You can date men and hang out with other people. As if nothing happened, but don’t be lonely again. Don’t ever think about disappearing in a scenic place.” -Captain Ri

27. “They say things you can’t buy with money are the most priceless. This is a priceless experience.” -Yoon Se Ri

yoon se ri and ri jeong hyeok
Credit: Lim hyo seon (NETFLIX)

28. “You shouldn’t yearn for your first love for too long. It’s not good to drag on with anything, whether it is people or love. Love from afar for a brief moment that’s the best for everyone.” -Seung Joon

29. “Don’t carve your love in your heart. Carve it in your brain. If you carve it in your heart, you can’t live. It hurts.” -Ma Yeong Ae

30. “The person you should never forget in your life is not someone you hate, but someone you like.” -Ri Jeong Hyeok

hyun bin
Credit: lim hyo seon

31. “No mother would sacrifice their daughter to make her son successful.” -Jeong Yeon

32. “Life is full of surprises. You can’t be sure of anything in life.” -Yoon Se Ri

33. “I am not used to things like this. I have been only loving myself and hating myself.” -Se Ri

son ye-jin as yoon se ri
NETFLIX (Crash Landing on You)

34. “I thought I could marry you even though I have no feelings for you. But I don’t think we can get married if I like someone else.” -Ri Jeong Hyeok

35. “I might look like I’ve been well-off all my life but I have a story can not listen to without shedding tears.” -Seung Joon

36. “I have no one to protect and nothing to fear, that’s why I can risk everything and just go for it.” -Cheol Gang

yoon se ri
NETFLIX (Crash Landing on You)

37. “At the end of that long dream, I finally made a choice. That even if I go back in the past, even if I do for a hundred more times, I will still choose to meet you.” -Yoon Se Ri

38. “Why did I come to this world and turn my mom’s life into a living hell? It would have been better had I not been born.” -Se Ri

39. “I don’t want to constantly look back on this day and be regretful in the future, that’s why. I could’ve protected her if I’d been faster.” -Captain Ri

40. “I wonder which one is love. Hoping that you’re worrying about me like I am for you and wishing that you’re pining for me like I do for you.” -Se Ri

yoon se ri crash landing on you
NETFLIX (Crash Landing on You)

41. “It’s the prettiest ring I have ever seen. I won’t take it off for the rest of my life. No matter what happens, I will remember you.” -Se Ri

42. “Keep only the people you like in your heart. Only then you can eat well and sleep well.” -Jeong Hyeok

hyun bin as ri jeong hyeok
Credit: Lim hyo seon (NETFLIX)

43. “Winning greedy people is the easiest in the world.” -Seung Joon

44. “I heard that there are three types of people you should never forget: people who help you when you’re stuck, people who leave you when you’re stuck, and the people who cornered you into that situation.” -Se Ri

45. “If you watch the first snow with someone, your love will be fulfilled. Have you not heard of this myth?” -Se Ri

crash landing on you se ri and jeong hyeok
NETFLIX (Crash Landing On You)

46. “I broke your heart with my words the other day. It broke my heart too.” -Ri Jeong Hyeok

47. “Although it was just one mistake, the consequence was immense.” -Se Ri

48. “You will want to thank me, But I will no longer be on your side.” -Se Ri

yoon se ri
Credit: Lim hyo seon (Netflix)

49. “Me? I did that. Then they stopped harassing me. They stopped coming near me too.” -Se Ri

50. “You do it to live. If you give up on waiting, the pain of loss will kill you. That’s why you have to wait.” -Jeong Hyeok

In this Korean drama, the chemistry between to two main characters was so strong that they ended up married in real life. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like the perfect fairytale.

Even the quotes from Crash Landing On You makes us swoon!

Watch this flawless drama on Netflix now!

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