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50 Best Quotes From Netflix’s Anatomy of a Scandal

In the Netflix miniseries Anatomy of a Scandal, Sophie Whitehouse finds herself in a family-breaking situation when it is revealed to her that her husband, James Whitehouse, a British Tory MP, is having an affair with a much younger parliamentary researcher, Olivia Lytton.

With the press and paparazzi all up in the Whitehouses’ business, Sophie decides to forgive James in order to protect their two young children. However, things take a turn for the worst for the Whitehouse family when Olivia accuses James of rape. When the case is given to Queen’s Counsel member Kate Woodcroft, she becomes determined to make the truth prevail.

If you are looking to watch a drama-filled telenovela, Anatomy of a Scandal maybe just for you! In just six plot-packed episodes, Anatomy of a Scandal shows what happens when the truth is manipulated, cut out, or completely altered.

As Sophie is left to decipher what really happened all by herself, the quotes from the series also show the core truth of how amazing Anatomy of a Scandal really is.

Here’s the scoop on quotes from Anatomy of a Scandal!

1. “That was rather embarrassing. I invented three separate excuses in less than 30 seconds on your behalf.”-Sophie

2. “I’ve fucked up, big time.”-James

3. “There’s more. You’re not telling me just to tell me, to unburden yourself. There’s more.”- Sophie 

4. “The truth won today.”-Kate

5. “Why would I throw all of that away over a stupid mistake?”-Sophie

ana cristina blumenkron anatomy of a scandal
Credit: Ana Cristina Blumenkron (NETFLIX)

6. “I am not my mother. I will not live my mother’s life.”-Sophie

7. “Look at us in our silly costumes.”-Angela

8. “I always think that when someone’s that handsome, look out.”-Maggie

9. “Why are you sitting in the dark?”-James

10. “Giving up my career. Stupid mistake.”-Sophie

Credit: Ana Cristina Blumenkron (NETFLIX)

11. “I believe you, but I’m going to have to see how I feel in three months’ time.”-Sophie

12. “Politics could always use more poetry.”-James

13. “Hearts are much smarter than heads.”-James

14. “I didn’t want to end it because I was in love with him.”-Olivia

15. “Well, the feeling isn’t mutual. Wasn’t and isn’t.”-James

people eating dinner
Anatomy of a Scandal– Netflix

16. “What a bunch of pretentious arseholes.”-Maggie

17. “Now they’re all running the country, God help us.”-Kate

18. “Yes, the truth is always convincing.”-Kate

19. “You’re ruthless when you need to be. Cruel sometimes, even.”-Olivia

20. “Sometimes arrogance can be terribly attractive.”-Olivia

olivia anatomy of a scandal
Anatomy of a Scandal– Netflix

21. “I’m your comms director, not your Whip. I control your message, not your fucking party.”-Chris

22. “There was no reason for you to get into that lift together, was there?”-Angela

23. “It’s not cheating. I’ve got a ‘Get out of jail free’ card right here.”-James

24. “I didn’t do what I’m accused of. You did do what you were not accused of.”-James

25. “I owe you forever.”-Tom

sophie in kitchen
Credit: Ana Cristina Blumenkron (NETFLIX)

26. “I don’t want her to feel like a pawn. I’d never forgive myself.”-Kate

27. “Olivia worked for him. There was a power imbalance baked into their relationship.”-Kate

28. “He’s a man.”-Krystyna

29. “Sometimes, I think I’m partly to blame.”-Sophie

30. “The fact you survived a broken home as a child has made you all the more determined to keep your own family together.”-Tuppence

anatomy of a scandal
Credit: Ana Cristina (NETFLIX)

31. “Because sometimes, I think it was just easier to acquiesce.”-Sophie

32. “She needed a friend and knew I would be discreet.”-Kitty

33. “No, James, mostly we were born and raised lucky.”-Sophie

34. “No one else was qualified, not like me.”-Kate

35. “You can be my alibi, sweet Soph.”-James

Credit: Ana Cristina Blumenkron (NETFLIX)

36. “Because we have the utmost faith that the jury will see the truth.”-James

37. “I see what you’re doing.”-James

38. “I got through it, at least.”-Kate

39. “Sophie, she knows.”-Kate

40. “It was just my mind, playing tricks.”-Sophie

Anatomy of a Scandal (NETFLIX)

41. “All of your stories keep changing.”-Sophie

42. “One of them is lying.”-Kate

43. “It means we can’t survive if we can’t breathe.”-Sophie

44. “I chose you because you’re unavailable. I need to stop doing that.”-Kate

45. “It’s like a toy for you, the truth.”-Sophie

james and sophie anatomy of a scandal
Credit: Ana Cristina Blumenkron (NETFLIX)

46. “I don’t know who the fuck you are anymore. And I don’t know who the fuck I am because I always define myself through you.”-Sophie

47. “You know, I often wonder what it must be like to know however you behave, you will always be excused and forgiven.”-Kate

48. “I had no idea at the time, you have to believe me. I did not know.”-Sophie

49. “Do you still expect me to do your homework for you, two decades on?”-Kate

50. “I guess I’m finally both.”-Kate

Kate and Sophie
Anatomy of a Scandal– Netflix

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