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50 Best Quotes from Netflix’s The Marked Heart

Camila and Zacarias are a couple who find themselves in a daunting situation when Camila requires a heart transplant. Due to Zacarias’s determination, he ends up trapped in a deadly scheme while helping his wife. Fate would have it, that Camila and Zacarias end up crossing paths with another couple.

If you’re looking for a gripping telenovela, The Marked Heart might be up your ally! This drama-infused series takes viewers on a dark ride as betrayal, love affairs, deceit, and secrets become the forefront. Even the quotes from The Marked Heart draw us in.

Here’s the scoop on quotes from The Marked Heart!

1. “And our love is so strong, even after death do us part.”- Camila

Valeria Emiliani as Samantha the marked heart
NETFLIX- The Marked Heart

2. “I don’t think I feel like acting.”- Simon

3. “Keep playing detective and you can get yourself in serious trouble.”- Sarmiento

4. “People, resources, condemned murderers on death row.. but they, they can make a difference to someone here on earth before they leave it forever.”- Marcelo

Camila and Zacarias the marked heart
NETFLIX- The Marked Heart

5. “I need you to understand that discretion is a virtue”- Zacarias

NETFLIX- The Marked Heart

7. “I’d rather have twice as much as everything. Of whiskey, women, and of money.”- Zacarias

8. “That means.. that your wife wasn’t randomly chosen to be kidnapped.”- Alvaro

9. “Dust off those old acting chops. Show her that you can be happy again.” – Mariachi

Sebastián Martinez as Zacarías the marked heart
NETFLIX- The Marked Heart

10. “You’re alive. There’s no better music than that.”- Zacarias

11. “I need to know who killed Valeria, and who has her heart.”- Simon

12. “Well the poison’s already in my blood. So hell I may as well find them.”- Simon

Margarita Muñoz as Valeria
NETFLIX- The Marked Heart

13. “I’m dying to find out whos’ heart is inside of me right now.”- Camila

15. “You know that, if we go down this road it will be complicated?”- Sarmiento

wedding scene
NETFLIX- The Marked Heart

16. “There are times I’m staring in front of the mirror and someone is staring back at me.” – Camila

17. “For protection? But you didn’t protect mom from getting murdered!” – Samantha

18. “Finding happiness again is going to be very difficult.”- Simon

Sebastián Martinez as Zacarías
NETFLIX- The Marked Heart

19. “We are moving forward together. Our family always sticks together.” -Simon

20. “Give me those results, or you’ll make me think you were involved.”- Simon

21. “We can not let her find out who the donor was.”- Zacarias

22. “Convince her that not knowing is better for her.”- Zacarias

Sebastián Martinez as Zacarías
NETFLIX- The Marked Heart

23. “Ah you just love to show us up with those two semesters of psychology don’t you?” -Camila

24. “The only thing you might be missing is a little perspective.”- Chata

25. “It’s driving me absolutely insane all the time you understand?”- Camila

red room palpito
NETFLIX- The Marked Heart

26. “What if Zac finds out?”- Alvaro

27. “You need a wife Cardenas.”- Zacarias

28.”When do you start teaching me boss?”- Camila

29. “How’s your daughter? She’s off photographing the country.”- Zacarias

the marked heart
NETFLIX- The Marked Heart

30. “I’m on the hunt for a president’s wife because Cardenas is sinking.”- Zacarias

31. “This is a mistake mama.”- Camila

32. “Braulio Cardenas is an immature idiot that we need to convert into the country’s most powerful man.”- Zacarias

Samantha's lover the marked heart
NETFLIX- The Marked Heart

33. “Since when have we been cowards? come on!”- Camila

34. “I’ve been feeling very strange. I’ve had thoughts that aren’t mine, sensations too.”- Camila

Camila and Simon
NETFLIX- The Marked Heart

35. “The Ayahuasca will take you deep within yourself.”- Spiritual Monk

36. “I love that when your dad makes his life complicated, he sends you.” -Samantha

38. “Your dad met a young photographer, no idea when.”- Mariachi

Camila and Zacarías the marked heart
NETFLIX- The Marked Heart

37. “I don’t know what this trip is but my friend is in trouble!” Samantha

Simon, Camila, and Zacarías
NETFLIX- The Marked Heart

39. “A wide list of clients who are willing to do anything as long as their secrets do not come to light.”- Alvaro

40. “The work that we’re doing gets the respect it deserves.”- Alvaro

Simon and Camila
NETFLIX- The Marked Heart

41. “So did you or did you not work there?”- Simon

42. “When I got to the place and saw it was a clandestine setup, I knew something wasn’t right.”- Karla

abduction the marked heart
NETFLIX- The Marked Heart

43. “What’s the rush pretty boy? Crashing the party without an invitation?”-Mariachi

44. “This place is crawling with filthy rats. My guys have fun hunting them.”- Sarmiento

Camila and Simon the marked heart
NETFLIX -The Marked Heart

45. “Not all alliances are successful.”- Zacarias

46. “You want to know what the consequences of failure are? Catastrophic for yourself and your candidate”- Sarmiento

palpito  Lucía Domínguez and Sebastián Martinez
NETFLIX- The Marked Heart

47. “If there is one thing I really loathe, It’s blackmail.”- Zacarias

48. “I told you she is taking care of you in heaven.”- Simon

NETFLIX- The Marked Heart

49. “Remember her, remember her voice. Think of her music and… I love you.”- Simon

50. “How irresponsible are you, Camila? Maybe you should’ve transplanted your brain, maybe you’d understand how idiotic this was!”- Zacarias

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