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50 Best Quotes from “The Terminal List”

A Navy SEAL looking for revenge, The Terminal List fixates on the sacrifices of war and the loss of family. James Reece (Chris Pratt) leads the rest of the Navy SEALs on a mission; however, he discovers that there is something off about the mission and his unit suffers a pitfall. When James returns home, he not only has to deal with war trauma but dark forces conspiring against him.

Here’s the scoop on the best quotes from The Terminal List!

1. “You’re fucking wannabe cops.”

2. “The only thing this guy will be surfing is the internet.”

3. “Long live the brotherhood.”

4. “This is not the James Reece that you all know.”

cops in the terminal list
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5. “It’s not a nightmare, she’s just gassy like her dad.”

6. “Being a father is way harder than a Navy SEAL.”

7. “Pentagon. That’s your Goliath.”

8. “Let’s finish the list.”

9. “You’re on thin fucking ice lady.”

10. “Even SEALs need heroes.”

James Reece mri scan
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11. “We got our guy.”

12. “Is that how you killed Boozer? The coward’s way?”

13. “I knew it was eagle scouts.”

14. “Not forever. Just until I’m done.”

the terminal list
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15. “It’s never the same when you left.”

16. “I need to get out of my head.”

17. “You’re parked at a poking table with poor college kids.”

18. “You never broke a fucking rule.”

19. “It’s cause you pissed yourself.”

20. “Still think I’m losing my mind?”

James Reece
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21. “For a second there, I thought both of us were losing our memory.”

22. “Murder is murder whether or not you got paid for it.”

23. “Stay off my list.”

24. “That’s not how it ends.”

25. “I wanted to set the world on fire, brother.”

26. “That’s pulling teeth over there. You know that.”

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27. “Everybody’s gone. They’re all gone.”

28. “Are my eyes deceiving me right now?”

29. “Ain’t nothing going to bring them back.”

30. “Which one is Reece? David or Goliath?”

31. “I’m already dead.”

32. “Fuck you. I’m not walking.”

33. “I don’t want to leave them.”

Lauren and James in the terminal list
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34. “Orders are orders but I don’t think James Reece thinks so.”

35. “You were part of the brotherhood.”

36. “We got our own eyes in the sky.”

37. “I don’t buy it, man.”

38. “You’re family to us.”

39. “I thought I told you to leave.”

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40. “That’s the truth.”

41. “Do not shit in this car.”

42. “Swim steady boss, swim steady.”

43. “You worry too much.”

44. “It makes me human.”

45. “Lauren and Lucy are my life.”

46. “It’s going to get bad.”

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47. “Did you piss off James Reece?”

48. “Chasing your tail.”

49. “We’re not fucking outgunning them either.”

50. “I can’t do that commander.”

The Terminal List is based on a best-selling novel by Jack Carr. Although this series follows a commander who seeks revenge, there are plenty of violent moments that aren’t for the faint of heart.

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Watch The Terminal List on Amazon Prime Video, on July 1st!

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