6 Basic Positive Things About the World to be Happy About Right NOW

The world can seem like a pretty dark and gloomy place sometimes; there’s political disagreement, environmental issues and economic problems.  With all of this negativity, it’s hard to consistently look on the bright side of life.  However, there are so many great overlooked things happening in the world right now that can be used to remind yourself to stay positive.  These 6 things will help you stay optimistic about the world right now.


1. New Starbucks Holiday Cups

Nothing puts me in a good mood like a nice Starbucks drink does.  With the winter season upon us, the holiday cups are in full swing.  But, these holiday cups aren’t just your typical red color; they each have unique designs on them created by people just like you.  Not to mention that these designs would probably look great with your Instagram aesthetic

2. More than 5 Billion Puppies are Born in the United States each Year

Who doesn’t love dogs? Honestly, they are adorable, loyal, and can always cheer you up when you’re down.  I can’t help but smile about this fact because just think about all those cute little puppies running around each year!  The world would surely be a much darker place without them.

3. Christmas is Only a Few Weeks Away

Lately, I have not been able to stop listening to Christmas music.  There’s nothing quite like listening to your favorite Christmas album while you’re snuggled up by a burning fire, drinking hot chocolate.  This is probably the most common thing I do in preparation for the holidays and it is honestly so relaxing.  I would definitely recommend doing this in order to get into the holiday spirit.

4. Cupcake ATMs

Yes you read that right, cupcake ATMs are real.  The business Sprinkles Cupcakes has recently created ATMs in select locations that serve several different types of cupcakes at the press of a few buttons.  This is honestly one of the coolest inventions that I’ve ever come across and I’ve heard nothing but great things about the quality of the cupcakes.

5. Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Ugly Christmas sweaters are always a fun thing during the holidays.  There are so many different ugly sweaters out in the world and you really never know just what you’re going to find.  I’ve seen some with cats, some with fringe and even some with workable lights.  A funny Christmas sweater can make anyone’s day better within minutes.

6. Cute Kitten Videos

Nothing makes me laugh like a cute cat video.  From videos of kittens accidentally running into walls to clips of them chasing around laser pointers on the floor, cute kittens can always cheer me up when I’m feeling down.

In my opinion, these are some of the best things about the world right now and that couldn’t make me happier.  So the next time that you feel badly about the current state of the world, try thinking about some of these things and I guarantee you’ll feel better!

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