6 Flattering Swimwear Trends You Need to Try

Ah, the annual hunt for the perfect swimsuit. Every spring we play the waiting game to see what the swimwear trends will be for the summer. For me, the process of figuring out which will be the most flattering swimwear trend can be a bit stressful.

In hopes that I can help ease that process, I have scoured the internet to find the best (and most flattering) swimwear trends for every body type. Spoiler alert – it actually looks like we got pretty lucky this year. Many of these trends will be flattering for just about any body type. The style you choose just depends on what you want to show off while you’re on the beach or in the pool.

The High-Waisted Bikini

A high-waisted bikini is a perfect choice for just about any body type. It accentuates what you want it to, and hides what you don’t. It’s equal parts retro and current, which will get you loads of compliments. It also can be as revealing (or not revealing) as you would like. In other words, it does not leave you feeling like you are falling out of it while you are taking a swim. Functional and stylish? Sign me up!

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The High-Cut Leg

If you want your legs to look a mile long, you need to try a high-cut swimsuit on for size this season. These trendy swimsuits might take you back to the ’80s with their high-cut legs, but they have got me thinking that maybe they were onto something back then. The high cut is a daring yet flattering look if you want your legs to be the star of the show. You can find this cut in both one and two-piece swimsuits, so anyone can try this trend out whatever their preference.

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Swimsuits with cutouts are a nice middle ground for those of us who haven’t yet decided where we stand in the big, wide world of swimwear. This is a great trend if you want coverage in some areas, but you still want to show off a little skin. In other words, a swimsuit with cutouts gives you an extra bit of edginess without revealing too much. The key to this style is to find a swimsuit that has cutouts in areas that are the most flattering for your body type. They could be on the sides, in the front, in the back, on the neckline, or anywhere else – the designers are getting creative!

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We keep hearing that ribbed swimsuits are in this season, but what does that really mean? Ribbing on fabric means there are raised vertical lines in the way the garment is knitted. This makes for a comfortable, fits-like-a-glove kind of feel. When it comes to swimwear, comfort is key. There is nothing worse than a swimsuit squeezing in all the wrong places. Ribbing also gives the swimsuit an interesting texture that makes it look almost like regular clothes.

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The Belted One-Piece

Who says belts can only be on clothes for dry land? A belt adds an extra pop of embellishment to a swimsuit that might otherwise be pretty basic. This trend works well for almost any body type, as it highlights the waist and keeps everything else in place. Designers are putting belts on all different styles of swimsuits this season, so everyone can find a way to get on board with this flattering swimwear trend.

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Cheeky Bottoms

If you know you want to show off some skin, cheeky swimsuits are a flattering swimwear trend for you. That being said, they are also versatile on how much skin they show. If you would rather hide your stomach and just show off your curves in other places, try a cheeky one-piece swimsuit. If you want to make sure you get as much of a tan as possible, try on a cheeky bikini this summer.

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I’m looking forward to hitting the pool and seeing these trends in action, and I hope now you are, too! Everyone deserves to feel confident in their own skin. Choosing the most flattering swimsuit trend for your body type can help boost your confidence even higher. For more tips and tricks, check out our other Sarah Scoop fashion articles.

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