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6 Quick Home Maintenance Tips That Will Save You Money

Good Home maintenance isn’t just about doing DIY and making repairs swiftly when things go wrong – it’s also about taking regular action to prevent issues from cropping up in the first place, thus saving you money in reduced contractor bills. Ideally, you should use a combination of the two to ensure that your home is always at its best and so that you can truly relax and enjoy the space you’re in.

With that in mind, here are some quick maintenance tips that can help to keep your home in tip-top shape, and hopefully save you money:

Clean Your Dryer’s Duct Annually

Cleaning your clothes dryers ducts and vents at least once a year ( every six months might be even better), using your vacuum cleaner to get rid of lint and dust,  is a fantastic way of prolonging its lifespan and preventing the risk of fires!

Get Up on the Roof Each Year

At least once a year, you should take the time to get up on your roof and have a look around. If the roof is particularly dirty; if there is lots of mossy, birds nests and other possible problem-causers up there, do your best to clear them. If you notice that shingles are loose or broken or slates have fallen off the roof, call in a good roofing company straight away. By doing this, you can prevent further degradation of your roof and stop your home from springing a leak or being overrun by mold.

Test GFCIs Each Month

Every month, without fail, you should take the time to test your ground fault circuit interrupters by simply pressing the test button and then monitoring with a voltage tester to ensure that the power turns off. Doing this is so simple, but it could prevent a whole host of issues further down the line.

Flush Your Sewer Lines

Once every 18 months or so, you should call in a professional plumbing contractor and have them flush your sewer lines to get rid of any built-up dirt and grime.If you don’t do this, then your plumbing could become blocked, which will be a much bigger, and more expensive, job to deal with.

Make a Monthly Check of the Garage Door Opener

This is something that most homeowners never even think about, that is until they go to get the car out of the garage and it won’t budge, resulting in a costly repair bill, but the simple act of checking that your garage door opener works and always reverses when an obstruction is hit, or the sensor beam is broken,can and will save you money.

Seasonal Leaf Removals

Each season you should clean the leaves out of the condenser part of your air conditioning unit. It is so easy for leaves to get in there, and if they aren’t removed in a timely manner, they can cause the system to degrade and stop working, which, again, could prove quite costly for you.

This might seem like a lot of work, but keeping on top of these chores will help to keep your home in better condition and cut your repair bills significantly. So, it really is worthwhile.

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Thursday 12th of October 2017

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.