6 Quick Tips to Make Your Home More Unique

by Sarah Ruhlman

Home is the one place we not only want but actually need to feel comfortable and contented. It is our refuge from the tough stuff that life throws at us and the place where we are truly free to be ourselves. That’s why our homes should be as unique as we are.

Here are some quick tips to make your home stand out from the others in your neighborhood:

Buck the Trends

It’s pretty obvious, but if you base your decor on what is on trend right now, then it’s not going to be unique. So, even if floral feature walls are popular and you think you should have one, ask yourself if it’s really you. If not, go for a glitter wall, or just keep it simple and paint everything the same color instead. It’s your home and doing what you really like is what will make it the most unique.

Invest in Custom Furniture

It’s not exactly a great revelation, but buying custom-made furniture, like the mid-century replicas made by Joybird, is one of the simplest ways to make your space more unique. Whether it’s a statement floral sofa or a table that you crafted yourself from a dead tree in the backyard, having a piece of furniture that’s uncommon, will make your home much more interesting and very much more you.

Use Your Stuff for Other Purposes

Whether it’s using that hat you bought for your cousin’s wedding as an impromptu piece of wall art or an old pair of boots as a flower pot, re-purposing stuff you already own and love and using them in a different way is a sure-fire way to ensure things get very quirky very fast.

Mix and Match

In recent years, an unwritten rule seems to have appeared which states that everything in a  room must match, or at the very least complement everything else. Although there’s nothing wrong with that it isn’t exactly the most exciting way to decorate, and if you like lots of things from lots of different places, like Persian rugs from RugsUSA, Indian tapestries and Victorian clocks, for example, there’s no reason not to throw them all in – just do it in a way that brings things together and works for you.

Make Your Own Artwork

If you can’t afford to buy a unique piece of art in a gallery, don’t head to the local depot and purchase the same print that everyone and his dog already owns – make your own. There are numerous very simple ways to make your own stunning artworks, and you can be completely assured that they’ll be unique.

Plant Your Walls

Yes, I did say plant your walls, by which I mean create a vertical garden. That way, you’ll get to enjoy your favorite plants, and flowers like everyone else does, but in a more unique way. A vertical wall is a great way of decorating that not many people think to do, so think about it!

Have fun making your home a bit more unique!

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