6 Tips to Avoid Boring Blog Content and Keep Your Posts Fresh

One of the most worrying problems for a blogger is stale content. Whether you run out of ideas or run into a creative block, it’s never a good situation to be in because the content of your blog is generally what brings people to your website. With no readers, you have no following and that equates to no ad revenue and no exposure.

To help you get around your writing block, here are some helpful tips to get you back on your feet and pumping out amazing content to get your readers hooked again. Keep in mind that not all of these ideas will suit the content of subject of your blog, but it’s worth considering all of these options.

Take a break

Announcing a break is usually a good idea if you feel like you’ve burned out on all your subject matter. However, never go for long periods of time without writing anything. Even if you just make a post to remind your readers that you haven’t abandoned them, your readers will continue sticking with you despite a hiatus. Keep in mind that not everyone will have you added to social media or subscribe to your blog, so give them a reminder to follow you to know when you’ll be back.

If you take a break, try to get involved with subjects or topics that will inspire you to create more content. For example, if you’re writing a travel blog and don’t have much to write about because you’ve been to most of the major locations around the world, try to visit some remote areas. For example, you could explore the many provinces of China, take a trip through Africa or even visit some unexplored European destinations like Slovenia.

Consider guest blogs

A blog writing service might be the key to breaking down your writing block. Hiring other bloggers to write guest posts for you can inject some much-needed creativity if you feel your content is getting stale. Most guest bloggers can relate to your subject material and give unique angles on topics that you may have already talked about.

Guest blogging is a fantastic opportunity to let your blog take a different direction for a few days or even for just a single day. You could request the writer to write about something completely different as long as it relates to your blog, and you might find a lot of inspiration and ideas from their post.

Mix in different media

Blogging doesn’t always have to be just about writing. You could experiment with different types of media. For example, you could start making videos and linking them to a YouTube account. This way you’ll get exposure on YouTube that could link back to your blog or vice versa. Creating video is an entirely different ballgame to blogging, so make sure you read up on some tutorials on how to vlog.

You could also run podcasts if your opinions are a big deal in the circles and communities you’re involved in. Even if you aren’t, people love to listen to informative people or funny rants about the various subjects they’re interested in. For example, if your blog follows video games, then you could have a funny or critical opinion about various developers and companies.

Branch out

If you stick to a single subject for a long period of time then there will undoubtedly come a time when you’ve exhausted all of the relatable and interesting topics. There’s only so much you can talk about when it comes to a slow-moving subject like new chocolates and candy. Of course, it’d probably take a lifetime to cover every single chocolate bar, but you’ll eventually get to a point where acquiring unique and obscure candy bars becomes extremely difficult.

The best way to branch out is to tackle subjects that are related to your own. In the previous example of a blog covering chocolate and candy, how about branching out to soft drinks and soda as well? The more content there is on the subject you’re covering, the less likely you’ll run out of content. Some of the best ideas for blogs are to cover fast-moving industries like tech, film, video games or sports.

Be yourself

Everyone has something to say. If you try to stick to an analytical and informative personality, then you might end up burning yourself out unless you have an almost unlimited amount of source material, or if companies are glad to send you review copies and test units for their products.

Instead of basing your blog around technical information all the time, how about switching it up and having more of a personalised opinion? In many cases, successful bloggers don’t inform their audience—they entertain them. A perky personality can sometimes turn the most boring subjects into interesting topics, so why not give your blog a spin by injecting some much-needed attitude into it? The easier it is for you to talk to your audience, the more fun and interesting content you’ll have that will never get stale.


Spin a story

One of the most traditional methods of captivating your audience is to create a narrative for each of your posts. If you inject some of your life into each post, your readers can imagine it more vividly and feel as if they’re in your shoes. Try to spin your articles as if they are stories and you’ll find that your content comes alive and pops out of the viewer’s screen as they imagine all the sights and sounds that you experienced as you wrote it.

For example, if someone told you a random statistic about new phones that are releasing this year, then chances are you aren’t going to remember that statistic in a few weeks time. However, if someone tells you a story about how the last phone they bought exploded and as a result, they need something new, then you’re more likely to remember that story and link it to the release of a new phone and thus, remember that statistic.

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