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6 Tips to Prevent Snoring

Snoring is one of the most common sleep disturbers. It happens when the air begins to flow through your throat as you breathe while sleeping.

The relaxed tissues in your throat will start vibrating and this produces a harsh sound. This is usually very disruptive to your partner. Snoring can be controlled in many instances by using some simple techniques.

Weight Loss

One of the main ways in which snoring can start is through excess weight. When you are overweight there may be more tissue in your throat. 

You will need to reduce your calorie intake and eat smaller portions. Additionally, you should exercise on a regular basis. If you need help ask your doctor to help you create a healthy eating plan. 

Remember that snoring can lead to dangerous conditions such as sleep apnea. This condition can cause your airways to be blocked several times throughout the night and in rare cases can lead to death.

Sleep on Your Side

Your sleeping position can affect your breathing. Almost everyone has a favorite sleeping position but you need to stop for a moment and look at whether it is influencing your snoring.

The best position to sleep in when you snore is on your side. Sleeping on your side will help air go through your throat easily. This will either reduce or stop you from snoring.

Get a Better Pillow

Sometimes all that is needed to stop or prevent snoring is to raise your head up a bit more. Take a look at your pillows. Are they too flat?

If they are you should replace them with pillows that can elevate your head by at least four inches. This will help to reduce snoring and keep your airways open as well.

Handle Allergies

Often snoring is caused by allergies. Allergies can reduce the flow of air through your nose forcing you to breathe through your mouth.

This is only going to increase the chance that you will snore. Tell your doctor about what is happening. If you are already getting treatment for your allergies you may need to get more aggressive treatment.

Try Nasal Strips

There are no guarantees that nasal strops will work but they are worth trying. You can place nasal strips on the bridge of your nose and this will cause an increase in the space that is in your nasal passage.

This widening will cause air to flow more freely through the nasal passage and reduce the chances of you snoring.

Sleep Well

Snoring is very disruptive especially to those who have to sleep in the same bed or the same room as you. You will not hear yourself snoring so it is up to someone to tell you that you do.

Snoring is usually caused by things that can be changed. Take a closer look at your lifestyle. Losing weight, eating healthy, sleeping in the right position, and even dealing with your allergies can help to relieve snoring. Once you make these changes you should see an improvement.

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