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6 Tips for Traveling Solo Without Getting Lonely

Thinking of traveling alone, but worried you’ll get lonely? Many of us give up on our dreams of traveling if we’re unable to find someone to go with. However, traveling alone can be great for the soul and it can allow you to do the things that you really want to do.

That said, we all need some form of company whilst we’re traveling. To increase your chances of meeting someone as you explore, why not try one of these travel methods?


Stay in hostels

Hostels are popular accommodation for solo travelers – you’re likely to meet other people traveling alone here who you can buddy up with. Many hostels have social areas for meeting other travelers. Some may even have bars and restaurants, which are also great places to meet fellow travelers.

Organize a homestay

A homestay involves staying with a family in another country. The family may be able to provide you with a room and meals, as well as advice on things to see and do in the area. You’ll always have people around you to talk to, which could take away some of the loneliness of traveling solo. 

Do volunteer work

Volunteer work is another great way to travel solo without getting lonely. You’ll be working with others and so will always have someone to talk to. Volunteer work could include teaching kids English, working with animals or helping with a local charity project. Companies like Habitat for Humanity focus on these kinds of travel opportunities.

Go on a group trip

Another option could be to book a tour involving lots of other people. There are certain be other solo travelers on these trips for buddying up with. Companies like G Adventures specialize in this kind of group trips for solo travelers. Group trips could be active challenges or cultural tours or even wildlife safaris.  

Make friends with travel buddies online

You may also be able to find a travel buddy online using social media. Sites like Tourbar are designed to do just this and could be ideal for finding someone to accompany your whole journey with. If possible, it could be worth meeting this travel buddy in person before journeying off with them, just to make sure that they’re definitely the type of person you want to go traveling with.

Stay connected with tech

The advantage of traveling in the 21st Century is that you can always stay connected with people back home via the internet. Social media can help you to keep tabs on what people are up to back home whilst video-communication tools like Skype and Facebook live can allow you to chat face-to-face with your friends and family back home. Not everywhere in the world will have wi-fi signal, although this generally only includes the most inhospitable places.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.