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6 Unique Things You Can Do with Leftover Pumpkin Guts This Halloween

With Halloween right around the corner, of course you’re going to be using pumpkins this year to decorate your home! From traditional jack-o-lanterns, to complex designs, carving pumpkins is a regular Halloween tradition!

Of course, there’s always the tedious part that comes first: scooping out all those pumpkin “guts” and whatnot. The thing is though, you shouldn’t be throwing those pumpkin guts away in the trash! In fact, there’s plenty of unique and cool things you can do with leftover pumpkin that you might not have even realized.

Roast the Seeds

Well, okay. You might have known to roast the seeds. However, did you know about all the different ways you can flavor pumpkin seeds? From cayenne, to cinnamon, to pumpkin pie spice, don’t go the traditional route this season! Instead, roast your seeds perfectly and then add something that’s extra special to make them taste truly delicious.

Make A Sugar Scrub

Yes, you can turn pumpkin guts into a sugar scrub. Pumpkin is full of enzymes that is great for your skin! It’s supposed to be great to brighten your skin and make you look and feel even better than before! It’s pretty easy to make a sugar scrub too. Take your pumpkin, puree it, and then mix it with sugar. That’s literally all you will need to do! After that, just sit back, relax, and let the pumpkin do all the work.

Turn It Into Puppy Treats

Pumpkin is pretty great for dogs! It’s especially helpful for them when they are having some tummy trouble. Pumpkin is also a good resource for treats! Pumpkin and peanut butter are a match made in heaven, and the combo is great for dogs too. So, rather than throwing out those pumpkin guts, save it for your favorite furry friend instead!

Mix It Into A Milkshake

While you’re doing your carving, don’t you want a cold, sweet drink to sip on? That’s why you should turn those leftover pumpkin guts into a milkshake! The guts add so much flavor and is a great addition to any fall drink! The best part about it is that pumpkin goes with everything from cinnamon, to chocolate, to ginger. Start experimenting and figure out the best pumpkin milkshake combination for you!

Give Yourself a Facial

This might sound crazy, but a pumpkin facial can do wonders for you! As said before, pumpkin is great for your skin. So, why not turn leftover pumpkin guts into a fabulous spa night? Making a pumpkin face mask is pretty easy to do. Mix it with things already in your pantry! It would go great with coffee, honey, and cinnamon. Just don’t be tempted to eat it. It’s meant for your skin!

Use It For Risotto

Risotto is simply just rice and flavor, and there’s a lot of flavor in those pumpkin guts! If you’re feeling extra fancy and want to try out something a little extra special this Halloween, make yourself some pumpkin risotto! Save the extra pumpkin guts and get a little fancy!

This Halloween, make sure to keep it green by utilizing those unappreciated pumpkin guts!

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Tuesday 8th of November 2022

[…] 6 Unique Things To Do With Leftover Halloween Pumpkins – give them to your dogs to play with (pumpkin is super healthy for dogs, especially when they’re experiencing diarrhea), make a pumpkin milkshake, have a spa day at home. […]

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.