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6 Ways to Style Your Workout Clothes

It’s tough to get your sweat on and look good doing it. Working out often means buns and ponytails, borrowing your boyfriend’s over-sized T-shirts, or just wearing outfits that are just blah. That’s not very inspiring, now is it? That’s why it’s so important to have style – even in your workout clothes.

You deserve to work out in clothes that reflect your relentless work ethic. Here are a few outfit ideas that can help you stay stylish while still reaping the benefits of a great workout.

1. Stylish Yoga

While you’re in that downward dog position, you want to be relaxed and calm. Nothing puts me in a good mood like a cute yoga outfit! Bootcut yoga pants are super comfy and fit the relaxed vibe that you want in a yoga studio. They’re light and airy, which will keep you cool, calm and collected during your zen time. Pair them with a cute sports bra like this one from Walmart, and you’ll be hitting those yoga poses with confidence. 🙂

2. On the Run

Wherever it is you run, you want your running outfit to be as lightweight and comfortable as possible – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be cute, too! Try an open back tank to keep you cool, and pair it with some fun running shoes. If it’s on the chillier side, add a splash of color with a light jacket.

3. Pulling Your Weight

I despise the myth that if you lift weights you’ll look “manly” or “too buff”. No such thing! We as women are strong. Let’s change the stereotype of the gym being a man’s place. Walk into the gym as if it were a catwalk – show them that pumping iron in a stylish, feminine outfit is just as empowering.

4. Ready to Rumble

Kick butt during your next boxing or kickboxing workout, and look great doing it. Throw in that mouth guard in, hit the right jab, and work-up a sweat! A key component to this is the gym bag; this is no place for your MK. Come equipped with the proper bag to store your boxing gloves post-workout. Plus, a great gym bag is a nice way to add style to your workout clothes.

5. Chic on the Court

Did you know tennis champion Serena Williams is a girly girl? She is a fashion designer and has hopes of opening her own nail salon (She even did Oprah’s nails!). So, why can’t you strut in your tennis skirt and handle business on the court, too? Head to the tennis court in this outfit and show them what you’ve got.

6. Biker Chic

No leather jackets here. Just a lot of spandex and a cute hat to go with. Whether it’s the Tour de France or at your next spin class, rocking this stylish getup will keep you comfortable and cool. Biking is a great leg (and booty) workout, so show off those curves in these oh-so-trendy biker shorts! This adds a great sense of unique style to your workout clothes.

Hit the gym with confidence and don’t forget to share your workout clothes style with us by tagging us on Instagram (@sarahscoop)! Remember, dressing with confidence is a great form of self-care.

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examples of ways to style workout clothes

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.