6 Youtube Channels to Get You In Shape For The Summer

Say goodbye to gymtimidation and hello to down-dogging in your pjs in the privacy of your own home. We know life can get busy and gym memberships can be expensive so if you are looking to stretch, tone, and burn off that cake pop without spending a dime, try one of these six Youtube channels. Whether you are into barre, Pilates, yoga, or HIITT, you are sure to find your new personal trainer here. Get ready to sweat, grunt, and possibly cry without a single worry of how crazy you look.

Tone It Up

Katrina and Karena, the creators of Tone It Up, are experts in fitness, nutrition, and mermaid-esqe hair. Don’t be fooled by the fact that they often do not put their hair up when they work out (I don’t know how anyone does this), their workouts are not easy. They have a wide range of fitness playlists with 41 videos focused on abs, 34 videos on the booty, 27 videos on arms, 21 videos on legs, and 49 videos with full body workouts. They also have many HIIT and cardio videos to burn fat. The Bikini Series, including 54 videos, are designed to firm, tone, and tighten for the beach. These mermaids can also give you some great advice when it comes to food with their nutrition plan and healthy lifestyle videos.


One of my favorite Youtube channel for fitness. Cassey and I go way back. I’ve been doing her videos for years so I feel like we are basically pals. She is all about positive body image and promotes working out for the physical benefits AND mental benefits. Cassey is the creator of Pop Pilates, an equipment-free, total body workout that fuses together dance and Pilates. Her Youtube video’s focus primarily on Pilates with toning and strengthening workouts for every body part you can imagine. On top of that she has cardio videos, beginner workouts, song challenges, and almost 70 videos about cheap and healthy eats. This girl has an insane amount of content so you should never get bored of doing the same workout. Her moves are tough; don’t expect just a few reps. I love her videos for this reason. She will make it burn and then burn some more, all while somehow being completely enjoyable.

Boho Beautiful

If you have the travel bug, you will sure appreciate this yoga and Pilates channel created by couple Juliana and Mark. Almost each video is set in a different location. Expect your travel bucket list to grow and your body to be sore. Juliana’s videos range from peaceful yoga flows to intense weight loss yoga and Pilates workouts. Her videos are the perfect way to star your day.

XHIT Daily

XHIT Daily is an ab lover’s dream. The three trainers will sculpt your abs, lift your booty, and tone up your arms with nonstop exercises. In other words, most of the videos have timers so expect to work out the entire time. These girls do not mess around and that’s why I love this channel. If a Victoria’s Secret body is what you’re after, this is the channel for you. They have 15 videos dedicated to Victoria’s Secret workouts. I am a big fan of their core-strengthening videos. If done every day, you will see results. However, they make sure to remind us that it’s 20% about working out and 80% about what we eat. *Sigh* I recommend doing one of their ab videos after cardio to maximize the results. Beware of the starfish move.

Ballet Beautiful (on BeFit channel)


I present you with the hardest workouts you may ever do. Do not be fooled by the whimsical name of Ballet Beautiful. Also, do not worry if you have zero rhythm like myself. The trainer and creator of Ballet Beautiful, Mary Helen Bowers, takes ballet-inspired and isometric body-weight moves to target and sculpt long-lean limbs. You will be amazed at how the tiniest movement can set your body on fire. Expect an effective workout. Mary Helen, once a professional ballerina, now trains Victoria’s Secret models like Lily Aldridge and even trained Natalie Portman for her role in Black Swan!

Yoga With Adriene 

Whether you are a beginner to yoga or experienced on the mat, Adriene has videos for all levels. She provides strengthening, toning, and yoga for weight loss videos along with videos dedicated to the foundation of yoga, Vinyasa practices, and videos for healing. She has a 30 day of yoga series that I highly recommend. I love her soothing videos because after finishing my body feels stretched and my mind feels more at peace. Unlike many yoga videos on Youtube, she takes her time and doesn’t rush through the poses.

Working out doesn’t have to be miserable. Mix it up. Blast some music. Change your perspective; workout for a healthy mind and a healthy body. If working out solo isn’t your cup of tea, invite a friend over to do one of these videos with you! Do you have a favorite fitness channel? Let us know!

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