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60 Best Anime Girls with White Hair

Just like magical worlds and unique storytelling, Japanese anime explores character appearances and personalities. Many of the most notable anime characters often have exotic hair colors that may or may not tie into their backstory.

In the anime world, there is an endless spectrum of colors that can be used on characters’ hair. Many female characters can have black hair to green hair. The white-haired anime girls in particular have garnered quite the fanbase.

Here’s the scoop on female anime characters with white hair!

1. Kanade Tachibana

kanade tachibana anime character with white hair
Cr. Aniplex (Jun Maeda and Seiji Kishi)

Kanade Tachibana is one of the main characters in the Angel Beats anime and games. With her pale skin and long hair, Kanade looks like a normal girl on the outside with her school uniform.

Kanade’s nickname is known as “Angel” due to her assigned role as an angel that looks over the purgatory of the students. As the student council president, she has underlined supernatural powers that make people disappear.

2. Kosame Amagai

This soft-spoken young girl named Kosame Amagai is a character from Mahou Shoujo Site. The magical girl possesses fair skin and an eye patch that covers her left eye.

In the anime series, Kosame seeks the help of Aya and her allies to have a chance of winning against the Site Admins. Even though Kosame is very calm, her nervousness triggers panic attacks when failing to take medication. In the blink of an eye, this cute girl can turn into a psycho.

3. Misha Necron

misha necron
Cr. Shu and Yoshinori Shizuma

Misha Necron is the main heroine of The Misfit of Demon King Academy. Her role in the light novels, manga, and anime doesn’t seem all that important on the surface as a student at the academy. However, Misha has a dark backstory that involves her body becoming the vessel for the Demon King of Tyranny when she turned 15.

Due to her unfortunate fate, many people avoided her, but Anos Voldigoad decided to befriend her to save her from her fate. Besides her magical powers, Misha has a fairly reserved personality from living most of her life as an outcast.

4. Mirajane Strauss

Mirajane anime white hair character
© 2009 Warner Bros. Pictures, A-1 Pictures, Sony & Funimation

One of the most memorable white-haired characters in the Fairy Tail series, Mirajane Strauss is an S-Class Mage in the Fairy Tail guild. When she was a little girl, she would often fight with her rival, Erza Scarlet.

Her childhood nickname was “The Demon” due to her intimidating temperament. However, her will to fight starts to die out after the death of her younger sister, Lisanna.

She begins to have a hard time retaining her magical powers. Mirajane’s attitude drastically changes, eventually resorting to the motherly role within the guild.

5. Nao Tomori

Nao Tomori plays the student council president in Charlotte. Her long grey hair and blue eyes make her rather approachable, but Nao’s temper can sometimes go a little overboard. The first-year student may have grey hair but oftentimes appear as pale blonde or white throughout the series.

Nao Tomori’s narcissistic and bold attitude is what helps her stand out among other white-haired girls. Her character is often seen with a camcorder to record evidence of the power of ability users.

6. Chaika Trabant

Chaika Trabant
Cr. Ichiro Sakaki

Chaika is the main female character of Chaika the Coffin Princess. The 14-year-old sorceress has long white hair with purple eyes and is self-conscious about her thick eyebrows.

Due to her young age, it only makes sense for Chaika to garner a sense of innocence in the outside world. Her obliviousness lands her in several situations, but she is determined to find the remains of her father.

Chaika’s role in the series is a mage who carries a coffin with her. Her skills have allowed her to excel in advanced spells.

7. Kei Shirogane

In Kaguya-sama Love is War, Kei Shirogane is a supporting character that plays the role of a third-year middle school student and student council treasurer. Kei is one of the best anime girls due to her unwavering attitude to help people.

She pays special attention to money and finds it important to save as she comes from a low-income family. Her character serves as a great example of how everyone should handle their finances in real life.

8. Ririka Momobami

Ririka Momobami anime character with white hair
Cr. Homura Kawamoto and Toru Naomura

When first encountering Ririka in Kakegurui, viewers can already assume that her presence makes most people squirm in their seats.

As the Vice President of the Student Council at Hyakkaou Private Academy, she is mostly quiet throughout the series, but her creepy mask and long white hair tend to draw in people as she observes the student council meetings.

Ririka may be less harsh than her identical sister, but they both have unique perspectives on life. Who wouldn’t find them slightly crazy for becoming top officials of a school that dictates a student’s position based on gambling?

9. Koneko Toujou

Koneko anime character with white hair
Cr. Ichiei Ishibumi

Koneko Toujou is one of many protagonists in Highschool DxD. She is a first-year student at Kuoh Academy. Her appearance is less goddess-like and more of a fighter seen in video games.

Koneko’s short white hair and cat ears, which appear during her Nekomata form, give her a source of power. Despite her cold attitude, in the beginning, Koneko learns to love those around her, even Issei.

10. Yunohana Yuuna

Yuuna is the main character of Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs. Even though she is known as Yuuna, her real name is Genryuusai Tenko.

Later on in the series, it is revealed that she is a clone of Mahoro Tenko, the daughter of Byakuei Tenko. The white-haired anime girl takes on the appearance of a ghost with red eyes, wearing a yukata.

Her beautiful ghost is far-fetched from what you would find in the real world with most people unable to see anything but a white silhouette. Overall, Yuuna is modest and is willing to fight for what she wants.

11. Illyasviel von Einzbern

The same character in Fate/Stay Night but younger, Illyasviel von Einzbern alternates between wearing a school uniform and her magical girl outfit. She was born to serve as an important tool for the fourth Fuyuki Holy Grail War.

Compared to the older version of her, Illyasviel is shy, showing moments where she becomes flustered. However, her attractive character development throughout the Fate/kaleid series makes her one of the top anime girls and female characters with white hair.

12. Origami Tobiichi

Origami Tobiichi
Cr. Koshi Tachibana

One of the main protagonists of Date A Live, Origami Tobiichi has short hair, white skin, and a whole lot of determination when killing spirits. Joining the Anti-Spirit Team, Origami seeks to avenge the spirits responsible for her parent’s deaths.

Her downfall when fighting spirits is sometimes losing control of her emotions. The only thing that sets her apart is her obsessive love for Shido Itsuka, enough to seek the comfort of his scent when sniffing his gym clothes.

Origami can also be quite the unsocial type, only opening up to select people.

13. Laura Bodewig

The antagonist of Infinite Stratos, Laura Bodewig has a striking appearance with her white and grey hair followed by an eye patch occupying her left eye. In the light novel and series, Laura becomes the main protagonist and is a first-year student at IS Academy.

She is a member of the German military but is genetically engineered to serve as a soldier. Despite being a super soldier, Laura acts tough but questions her identity.

Due to her being raised in a harsh background in the army, she doesn’t quite grasp what is considered a “normal life” among others.

14. Kanna Kamui

Kanna anime character with white hair
Cr. Coolkyousinnjya

Kanna Kamui may look like a normal girl on the outside but her true identity is a female dragon. One of the main characters of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid and Kanna’s Daily Life, Kanna has white and purple hair and gives off a child-like appearance due to her big blue eyes.

When she turns into a dragon, her appearance changes into a feathered white dragon with blue eyes. Kanna is soft-spoken and is an old girl, at least, compared to her peers.

15. Noelle Silva

Noelle Silva is a noblewoman and the second daughter of the Clover Kingdom’s House Silva. The 15-year-old girl is a notable female anime character with white hair with her pigtails and center bangs.

As a part of the Black Clover series, Noelle is seen as arrogant, supporting a dark personality because of her royal background. The spirit of water, Undine, makes the choice of serving Noelle after Princess Lolopechka has a weak fallout.

16. Elaina

Elaina, the witch sets out on a journey across the world where she will meet various people in Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina. Her ashen hair has led her to go by The Ashen Witch.

Even though she was rather sheltered as a child, Elaina put in the hard work to become a master of magic. After exploring the world of magic, she eventually became more mature when facing failure.

Elaina might have grown up when it comes to understanding others but that doesn’t mean she isn’t willing to swindle if needed.

17. Alice Nakiri

Alice Nakiri
Cr. Yuto Tsukuda

Alice Nakiri appears in Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma as a student training to become a chef at Totsuki Culinary Academy. Her short hair is a silver and white color with nearly all her traits passed down from her mother.

Alice is different compared to other female anime characters with white hair due to her pronounced irises. From her prestigious background, she tends to hold herself on a pedestal but doesn’t reach the same level of conceit as her cousin, Erina.

18. Lisanna Strauss

A supporting protagonist of the hit Shonen Jump series, Fairy Tail, Lisanna Strauss is a mage and the younger sister of Mirajane Strauss.

Her short white hair and blue eyes, along with the simple dress and red shoes might not make her stand out in terms of anime characters. But she has a love for animals and her childhood friend, Natsu Dragneel. Who wouldn’t want to be friends with this goddess?

19. Orphelia Landlufen

Orphelia Landlufen is a character that doesn’t appear until the end of Gakusen Toshi Asterisk anime. The biggest change in Orphelia is her personality after being experimented on by Hilda Jane Rowlands.

Along with her personality, her eyes have become cold and emotionless. Many people can argue that Orphelia resorts to becoming a villain but her placement are best described as Lawful Neutral. Her powers mainly circulate around dark emotions.

20. Elizabeth Liones

Elizabeth Liones anime character with white hair
Cr. Nakaba Suzuki

Elizabeth Liones is the third adoptive princess of the Kingdom of Liones. Her main role is to join forces with the Seven Deadly Sins to help them fight against the Demon Clan and the Ten Commandments.

Elizabeth takes on human form in the beginning, but she soon awakens her powerful goddess form to become a helpful ally in the New Holy War. Elizabeth has long slender legs, often wearing outfits that highlight her height.

Besides her long white hair, she also has stunning blue eyes and an approachable demeanor.

21. Isla

The main protagonist of Plastic Memories, Isla is a veteran of the department. After becoming a marksman, she is placed back in the field. Isla’s white pigtails and red eyes make her a notable character despite being the shortest one in the series.

Before meeting Tsukasa, she didn’t seem to care about her appearance but after falling in love, she is determined to wear different outfits to spice up her look. Not just have her looks changed, but her personality is the complete opposite of emotionless.

22. Hitomi Tsukishiro

A time traveler and witch in Irodoku: The World in Colors, Hitomi has waist-length silver and white hair with dark yellow eyes. Her outfit consists of wearing the Minamigaoka High School uniform of the future.

She also wears a pink sweater over a white top and skirt to show her respect for the magic house of the past. Even though she is a witch in the Tsukishiro family, Hitomi is quite timid and has trouble making friends.

23. Chris Yukine

One of the main characters of Senki Zessho Symphogear, Chris Yukine is a symphogear user who wields the Ichaival relic. She use to be the antagonist of the series, working under Fine. Once realizing the villain’s plans, Chris decides to switch sides and is slowly trying to forget her past.

Chris is considered to be one of the best anime girls due to her lavender hair separated into pigtails. In certain scenes, her hair can look like a white, greyish color.

Despite being short, Chris gives off a powerful aura that shouldn’t be messed with. She can be a little hot-headed and aggressive as a result of her harsh past.

24. Meiko Honma

Meiko Honma
Cr. Aniplex

Meiko Honma also known as Menma is the female protagonist in Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day. Even though her character eventually dies, Meiko comes back as a ghost to bring her friends together again. Tsukasa Mizugaki and the rest of her friends make an effort to send her to heaven.

Similar to many other female anime characters on this list, she has long white hair and blue eyes that give her a cheerful and approachable appearance.

25. Julie Sigtuna

Julie appears as the main protagonist in the light novel and anime, Absolute Duo. She is a princess from the Scandinavian country, Gimle, and is a student at Kouryu Academy.

Her striking appearance has her classmates calling her a doll for her pale skin, long white, silver hair, and ruby-colored eyes. Julie is one of the best white hair anime girls due to her mysterious aura and her graceful movements.

She doesn’t aim to be the center of attention, but everyone around seems entranced by her. Julie even appears to be quite innocent when it comes to the relationship department.

26. Tomoyo Sakagami

Tomoyo Sakagami anime character with white hair
Cr. Kyoto Animation

A major heroine from the classic series, Clannad, Tomoyo Sakagami transfers to Hikarizaka Private High School and carries with her the reputation as the tough girl who never hesitates to beat up delinquents.

Tomoyo has long silver hair that can appear white in some scenes. She wears a black headband to keep her hair in place. Tomoyo sports a stoic expression alongside her navy blue eyes.

Her status as the “classic tomboy” spreads throughout the school as well as her athletic abilities. She may be just friends with Tomoya and Sunohara, but her unique character has reached the hearts of many anime fans.

27. Kiriko Shikishima

Kiriko is a student who has low self-esteem in the series, Ultimate Otaku Teacher. When she is not at school, Kiriko works as a maid in a coffee shop.

Her blonde hair with a white tint, tied in two braids, gives her an angel-like appearance. Matching her appearance, she is very friendly and quite innocent. Moreover, Junichirou Kagami awakens her inner confidence in her singing and dancing skills.

28. Fremy Speeddraw

Fremy Speeddraw in Rokka Braves of the Six Flowers is half-human and half-kyouma and is one of the six braves. At first glance, Fremy gives off a frail appearance due to her white skin and skinny silhouette.

Some of the most striking parts of her appearance are the eye patch covering the right eye and her left eye being transparent blue to reflect her icy glare.

Fremy feigns indifference to people around her but deep inside she still has pieces left of her original personality as a kind girl.

29. Eucliwood Hellscythe

Eucliwood Hellscythe is the main female protagonist of Kore wa Zombie desu ka? (Is This a Zombie?) She is a mute necromancer who brought a boy back from the dead.

Her magical powers bring about danger to others and even herself as she must wear armor for protection. Eucliwood first appears in the series after rising Ayumu from the dead after being killed by a serial killer. She is currently residing with him at home.

Her necromancer powers force her to stay mute due to them being uncontrollable. Even though she is mute, she is still kindhearted.

30. Koyomi Hiiragi

Koyomi from Ultimate Otaku Teacher is the chairman of Hiiragi Private Academy who scouted Junichirou Kagami to teach at her school.

Her physical appearance is usually flaunting a short blue dress with long puffed sleeves and a pink bow attached to the collar. Her dark pink eyes tie into her mature aura.

31. Kaguya Otsutsuki

Princess Kaguya Otsutsuki is the source of the conflict for the protagonists in Naruto. Her villainous ways make her the main antagonist of the series. However, she is not the final villain of the series with Sasuke Uchiha resorting to evil after her defeat.

Nearly every character from Naruto has a fully fleshed-out character arc and Princess Kaguya is no different with her captivating backstory.

Kaguya originally came to Earth to serve as a sacrifice to cultivate a God Tree based on the traditional rules of her clan, but she decided to go against them and eventually became a tyrant seeking power.

The most notable features of Princess Kaguya are her pupilless eyes, red lipstick, and a third red eye on her forehead. Her entire character design is based on the noble women of Ancient Japan with her long, flowing gown possessing gold and purple trimmings.

32. Leonmitchelli Galette Des Rois

A 16-year-old princess and leader of the Galette Lion Territory, Leonmitchelli Galette Des Rois is known as Leo in Dog Days. Leonmitchelli has white hair with small, pointed cat ears that she can put away if she doesn’t want to hear arguments against her views.

She has bright yellow, hazel eyes and a slight fang protruding from her mouth. Leo is one of the few female anime characters with white hair to have a tough girl appearance.

She is covered in armor and black gauntlets. Throughout the series, Leo tends to switch her personality depending on situations.

33. Koko Hekmatyar

Koko Hekmatyar is the protagonist of Jormungand. She is an arms dealer and a member of the Europe/African Weapons Transport Divison. Despite her fair-skinned, slim appearance, Koko leads a group of bodyguards to conduct business around the world.

In contrast to other anime girls on this list, Koko prefers to wear business suits instead of dresses or yukatas. She is quite the mysterious character, rarely ever revealing her true state of mind. Her drastic mood swings from happy to ruthless are sure to bring chaos.

34. Togame

Togame anime character with white hair
Cr. Nisio Isin

Togame from Katanagatari is a self-titled strategist working for the shogunate. Her high intelligence and strong will are what stand her apart from other female anime characters with white hair.

She is a little hesitant when it comes to trusting others because of her past history of being betrayed. Togame is petite and was originally born with black hair and pink eyes.

After witnessing the murder of her father, her appearance began to change. Instead of black hair, her hair turned white while her right eye mirrored a snake’s.

35. Index Librorum Prohibitorum

Index is the deuteragonist and lead heroine in the light novel and anime series, A Certain Magical Index. One of the key characteristics of Index is her photographic memory, holding 103,000 magical texts known as Grimoires.

She is small giving off a child-like stature but really she is 14 or 15 years old. Index has silver, white hair with green eyes and is often seen wearing a nun outfit. Due to her upbringing, she is naive when it comes to the world, especially technology.

36. Ulith

Ulith in Selector Infected WIXOSS is one of the antagonists of the series. Her first introduction was as an LRIG for Iona Urazoe.

Later in the series, it is revealed that she was once human and a childhood friend of Sachi Togasaki. Her appearance as an LRIG differs from her human one as she has short white hair and purple eyes.

In the beginning, viewers can already conclude that Ulith has sadistic and sociopath tendencies.

37. Froleytia Capistrano

Major Froleytia Capistrano in Heavy Object is the commander of the 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion of the Legitimacy Kingdom. Froleytia has a strikingly stunning appearance with a slender silhouette with white and blue hair.

The commander has one of the most interesting personalities compared to other female anime characters with white hair. She can act sadistic and strict sometimes, but she does care for her subordinates.

38. Komugi

Cr. Yoshiro Togashi

Komugi from Hunter x Hunter was the World Gungi Champion. She appeared as a girl who didn’t take care of her looks, often sporting messy pigtails with thick brown eyebrows.

In the anime version, Komugi has white hair but in the colored manga version, she has brown hair. She is blind except when playing Gungi but viewers will often see her with a walking stick when occupied with other things.

Komugi is childish and simple-minded with a habit of talking too much. Even when she would talk herself down, she would often be polite to others.

39. Suigintou

First appeared as the antagonist of Rozen Maiden, Suigintou is the first of the Rozen Maiden dolls with a spiteful, arrogant attitude. When it comes to winning the Alice Game, she refuses to let anyone be in her way regardless of how brutal it can be.

She has white hair with red eyes and slit-shaped pupils to mirror her sadistic personality. Even though she wears a maid dress, Suigintou is quite intimidating, and I wouldn’t wish to compete with her in any kind of game.

40. Najenda

Najenda is a killer assassin in the group, Night Raid. Her overall tomboy-like appearance makes her one of the most memorable characters in Akame Ga Kill.

Despite her intimidating outward appearance, Najenda is quite firm and knows what’s best for the group. One of the most surprising habits she carries is her creation of bad puns.

41. Sorano

Sorano is a white, light blue-haired character from Fairy Tail. She is a practitioner of Angel Magic. As a former celestial spirit mage, Sorano seems to bounce around guilds as her current group is Sabertooth.

Sorano takes on an angelic appearance with her long feathery wings and blue dress. The amount of feathers from the dress seems to fit her silhouette in the right place.

She was initially a kind girl who would do anything to support her sister; however, her attitude drastically changed when joining the Oracion Seis.

42. Uni

Uni is the human form of Black Sister in Hyperdimension Neptunia. She goes on a journey to help her sister and save the world. Compared to her sister Noire, Uni is more approachable and friendly.

However, she still harbors the typical tsundere attitude. Uni wears black clothing and white hair and green eyes when taking on her Black Sister form.

43. Seitenshi

Governor of the Tokyo Area in Black Bullet, Seitenshi is a character with white hair and light blue eyes. Due to her status, she dresses in an impressive gown covered in roses.

Seitenshi is often serious, giving orders to the Civil Security Corporation. Her bold attitude makes her one of the best female anime characters with white hair.

44. Neferpitou

Cr. Yoshiro Togashi

Neferpitou is a humanoid cat in Hunter x Hunter. Even though their gender isn’t really revealed, anime fans can assume that she is female. Even though they are a part of the three royal guards, Pitou loves to play and is genuinely curious about everything.

Under their playful personality, there is cruelty and harshness.

45. Kamyu

Kamyu, from The One Being Sung, has one of the most unique hairstyles in anime. With her short white, grey hair and dress, Kamyu gives off a friendly aura.

The second princess of Onkamiyamukai, her duty is to bring peace to the land. She befriends Auruu, Yuzuha, and Mukkuru.

46. Kyouko Kirigiri

A lavender, white-haired girl in Danganronpa, Kyouko puts on an indifferent facade that doesn’t seem to care about anything. However, she may be more emotional than other characters deep down.

She is a student at Hope’s Peak Academy in the midst of a killing game. Her character was created to solve the crimes in the series.

47. Noire (Black Heart)

Noire anime character with white hair
Cr. Idea Factory

Noire is one of the best anime characters with white hair due to her transformation in Hyperdimension Neptunia. Her relationship with Neptune brings out her cheery and caring attitude.

In the manga, Noire is considered to be strict with quite a temper. As Black Heart, she turns aggressive and holds a strong grudge. Just like her sister, Noire’s hair turns from black to white depending on her transformation.

48. Shiro

Cr. Jinsei Kataoka

Shiro from Deadman Wonderland has a sadistic view of reality. She is the adopted daughter of Hagire Rinichiro. Moreover, Shiro was experimented on to improve a person’s immune system.

As a result of the experiment, she developed an alternate personality called the Wretched Egg or the Red Man in an effort to deal with her personal problems.

Her white hair and red eyes make her an albino girl with slight changes when turning into the Wretched Egg.

49. Shizuma Hanazono

Shizuma Hanazono from Strawberry Panic! is a beloved person among the students attending the three schools. Shizuma’s appearance is more mysterious than others to match the number of secrets she is hiding.

Her long white, grey hair placed in a ponytail makes her one of the most respected characters. She is very fond of a girl with pink hair named Nagisa.

50. Loss Felli

In charge of the Reconnaissance, Loss Felli from Chrome Shelled Regios wears a traditional white and blue military uniform. With her white, grey hair and silver eyes, Loss Felli is a stunning beauty.

As a result of her Nen-I operator, she receives waves of information but is unable to handle all of it. Loss prefers not to be part of the military arts; however, her brother forced her to join.

51. Uzaki Hana

Uzaki Hana from the Japanese series, Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! takes on a tomboy appearance with her short grey, white hair. As the main character of the series, Hana is notable for her long sleeve shirt with the words, “super big.”

She also wears a skirt with pantyhose and brown boots. Just from her character’s stance, you can tell that she is rather energetic and cheerful.

52. Shiraki Meiko

A supporting character in Prison School, Meiko is a third-year student attending Hachimitsu Academy while taking on the role of the Vice President of the Underground Student Council.

She is tall with a slim waist and voluminous chest. Meiko is a confident woman with an underlying prejudice against men.

53. Enterprise

One of the main protagonists of Azur Lane, Enterprise is an aircraft carrier for the Eagle Union. Enterprise is considered to be the main rival of Akagi but hopes the war will end soon.

Her appearance is yet both beautiful and serious looking.

54. Eris

Eris is the goddess of Fortune in Konosuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! When disguised as Chris, she takes on habits similar to a thief. Other than her appearance matching that of a 15-year-old girl, she is depicted with purple eyes and silver, white hair with a few glints of purple.

Eris is a gentle and caring girl who treats people with respect. One of her insecurities happens to be her breast size.

55. Rossweisse

Rossweisse is a reincarnated devil and former Valkyrie in High School DxD. She is currently acting as the Civics teacher at Kuoh Academy. She possesses long silver, white hair, and aqua-colored eyes and looks to be in her late teens.

Rossweisse generally wears a set of Valkyrie armor while not teaching at the academy. She is known for acting professionally, only focusing on herself, which acts like a weak spot in the series when people bring up love.

56. Kasugano Sora

Sora is a doll-like female character in Yosuga no Sora. Matching her appearance, she is quiet and fragile. Sora seems rather indifferent to the world, not putting much effort into intellect and physical activities.

With the tragic loss of her parents, she develops a stronger relationship with her brother.

57. Echidna

Echidna from Re: Zero has white long hair and pale skin. Even though she is known as the Witch of Greed, her appearance looks more ghost-like with her black clothing.

Echidna is quite a curious character, wanting to know everything about the world. Like many other female anime characters with white hair, her personality drastically changes throughout the series.

58. Sistine Fibel

A part of the Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor series, Sistine is a tsundere and a second-year student of the Aizano Imperial Magic Academy.

She has silver, white hair with green eyes and a cat-ear headband. Most of her outfits in the series are crossovers with one resembling a fairy tale-like idol look.

59. Akashiya Moka

Cr. Akihisa Ikeda

Moka in Rosario + Vampire is a vampiress and the love interest of Tsukune Aono. She takes a liking to the only human in the academy due to his blood but starts to like him for his bravery.

She has Jekyll and Hyde conditions often warning Tsukune to be nice to the other Moka. As the center of attention for her beauty, she often receives confessions from other male students.

60. Shio

Shio is a character in God Eater who is a human-form Aragami. Like many other female anime characters with white hair, she is curious and shares a bond with Soma Schicksal.

Her yellow eyes and pale skin make her character stand out amongst others.

In the anime world, a character’s appearance and identity can vary immensely, often bringing a new level of depth to a series. Just like female anime characters with white hair, male characters with white hair can also have unique qualities like Soushi Miketsukami from Inu x Boku.

anime girls with white hair

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