60+ Best Inside Out 2 Movie Quotes

Inside Out 2 continues the story of Riley and her emotions. Here’s the scoop on Inside Out 2 quotes!

The movie captivates viewers on a journey through her emotional control center but this time it’s a little different. 

Riley is no longer a rambunctious youngster; she’s a full-fledged teenager navigating the exciting, confusing, and often overwhelming world of adolescence.

This promises a fresh new wave of emotions, both familiar and brand new.

Movie poster for "Inside Out 2" featuring the cast of colorful, animated emotion characters with varied expressions, from joy to anger, in a clustered layout.

We can expect Joy to deliver her usual optimistic pep talks, but will they resonate with the complexities of teenage life?

Sadness might find herself with a bigger role to play, while Anger is sure to be on high alert.

Disgust, well, let’s just say she might have some strong opinions about the changes Riley’s going through.

These quotes serve as a window into Riley’s inner world, where she shares her frustrations, falls, and triumphs of growing up.

Whether you want a laugh, a giggle or a relatable moment or just an interesting exploration of a teenager’s inner journey, here we go – Inside Out 2!

Inside Out 2 Quotes

A promotional stand for the movie "Inside Out 2" features animated characters from the film and the release date of June 14. The tagline reads, "Make Room for New Emotions," promising plenty of fun things to look forward to.
  1. “We are suppressed emotions!” – Fear
  2. “You take such good care of Riley.” – Sadness
  3. “This is Joy, coming at you live in Riley’s mind. Get on your feet and make some noise! Anger!” – Joy
  4. “I’m Envy. Oh. Look at your hair.” – Envy
  5. “Let the professional handle this.” – Disgust
  6. “What’s your name, big fella?” – Sadness
  7. “Look, we all have a job to do. You make Riley happy. Sadness makes her sad. Fear protects her from the scary stuff so she can see. And my job is to protect her from the scary stuff she can’t see. I plan for the future.” – Anxiety
  8. “Oh my gosh. I am just such a huge fan of yours. And now here I am meeting you face to face. Okay. How can I help? I can take notes, get coffee, manage your calendar, walk your dog, carry your things, watch you sleep.” – Anxiety
  9. “You’ve got a real sweaty plam there, buddy.” – Joy
  10. “Orange? Who made the console orange?” – Joy
  11. “We gotta get our mouthguard, people…” – Fear
  12. “You got a real sweaty palm there, buddy.” – Joy
  13. “Sadness is in the house!” – Joy
  14. “Orange is not my color.” – Disgust 
  15. “What emotion was that?” – Anger
  16. “Oh, my gosh! I’m Anxiety! Where can I put my stuff?” – Anxiety
  17. “Our little girl is growing up so fast. And things couldn’t be better.” – Joy
  18. “Do I look Orange?” – Anger
  19. “It’s what you would call the boredom.” – Ennui
  20. “Riley is officially a teenager now.” – Joy
  21. “I’m the worst!” – Riley
  22. “Okay. Love that. And what was your name again?” – Joy
  23. “Riley’s life requires more sophisticated emotions than all of you.” – Anxiety
  24. “Wow! You have a lot of energy. Maybe you could just stay in one place?” Joy
  25. “We need new friends or we’re going to be totally alone in high school. Out with the old and in with the new!” – Anxiety
  26. “That’s Embarrassment. He’s not really big on eye contact, or like talking. But he’s a really sweet guy.” – Anxiety
  27. “Remember when we all finally came up to headquarters?” – Nostalgia 
  28. “That’s not going to haunt us for the rest of our lives at all…” – Anxiety
  29. “I’m too gross to go anywhere ever again!” – Riley
  30. “Well, that’s a preview of the next ten years.” – Riley’s Mom’s Anger
  31. “Oh, I’m sorry. I can get ahead of myself. I’m Anxiety. I’m one of Riley’s new emotions. And we are just super jazzed to be here. Where can I put my stuff?” – Anxiety
  32. “We wanted to make such a good first impression!” – Anxiety 
  33. “Orange is not my color.” – Disgust
  34. “Welcome to headquarters, Embarrassment.” – Joy
  35. “I’m Envy! Woah, look at your hair!” – Envy
  36. “This is for all of those memories that belong in the back of the mind. Like this penalty one, it’s weighing on her, so let’s lighten the load. A one-way express to “we’re not going to think about that right now.” – Joy
  37. “Hello, everybody!” – Anxiety
  38. “Anything. Just call my name, and I’m here for you.” – Anxiety
  39. “Ennui. It’s what you would call the boredom.” – Ennui
  40. “She finally arrives at high school. She has no one. She eats alone, and only the teachers know her name.” – Anxiety
  41. “These girls are so cool!” – Envy
  42. “I am truly sorry. I was looking forward to with you guys.” – Anxiety
  43. “Riley needs us.” – Joy
  44. “Guys you just got to turn on the charm.” – Disgust
  45. “It’s not forever until Riley makes Varsity. Or until she turns eighteen. Or maybe forever. I don’t know. We’ll have to see. Bye!” – Anxiety
  46. “I’m too gross to go to camp or anywhere ever AGAIN!” – Riley
  47. “Okay. You and I are going to be friends.” – Fear
  48. “Have I ever steered you wrong before?” – Joy
  49. “There’s a part two?” – Joy 
  50. “I know change is scary, but we need new friends, or we’ll be totally alone in high school. Out with the old, in with the new.” – Anxiety
  51. “Joy, if we can’t follow the stream, we don’t know where we’re going. And if we don’t know where we’re going, we can’t follow the stream! It is an endless loop of tragedy and consequence.” – Fear
  52. “Oh, this is a sad story.” – Sadness
  53. “Just don’t look down and keep moving.” – Joy
  54. “We can’t let her know we’re excited.” – Anxiety
  55. “Let Operation new Riley begin.” – Anxiety
  56. “Look again, love the energy. But you’re being silly. None of this will actually happen.” – Joy 
  57. “Riley’s life is more complex now. It requires more sophisticated emotions than all of you. You just aren’t what she needs anymore, Joy.”  – Anxiety
  58. “Boy, are we so lucky we ran into you guys!” – Joy
  59. “Right. Whatever you say. You’re the boss.” – Anxiety
  60. “You can’t just bottle us up!” – Joy
  61. “That’s not going to haunt us for the rest of our lives at all.” – Anxiety
  62. “Ever since that alarm went off, nothing around here works!” – Anger

The Movie Inside Out 2

An animated character is standing next to a pink ball in a scene inspired by Inside Out.

These quotes from Inside Out 2 are much more than just lines of dialogue or realistic-sounding words that animated characters might say.

They might evoke fits of laughter or feelings of tenderness, but they stick in our brains.

It inspires us because they empathize with our pain, celebrate our resilience, and understand our fears, all the while not allowing us to get stuck.

Inside Out 2 might make us laugh and cry, but it ultimately helps us make sense of life.

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