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60 Halloween Party Ideas and Games for Adults

Halloween parties are a fall staple for kids and adults alike. There are countless fun Halloween games and treats like candy corn to make your party perfect. Whether you are throwing your own Halloween party or plan on attending some this year, we are here to help you find the best Halloween party activities for adults!

We have put together a list of Halloween games and activities to make your party perfect!

Here is the scoop on the best Halloween party activities for adults!

Halloween Party Activities for Adults

When you are planning your Halloween, you have to think about the type of party you want to have. Are you hosting friends who love to dance or prefer to watch horror movies? What kind of budget do you have available for your party?

These are just a few of several factors to consider when planning the ultimate Halloween party. Once you figure out these details, you can start planning your party activities!

1. Bobbing for Apples

halloween party activities for adults

This classic game is always a favorite at Halloween parties! All you need is a large basin or bucket full of water, and some apples.

2. Halloween Heads Up

Be sure to try out this game at your next Halloween party! As your guests arrive, they will get a paper with a classic Halloween character written on it, and they will stick the paper to their forehead.

As the party continues, they will try to guess their character by speaking to other guests and asking questions.

3. Halloween Family Feud

This is the perfect Halloween game for a family or a large group of close friends! Put your own spin on this classic game by making Halloween-themed categories and have fun.

4. Poke A Pumpkin

You will need red solo cups, orange tissue paper, and rubber bands for this activity. Fill each cup with small candies and other treats, then wrap the tissue paper over the top with the rubber bands.

Arrange the covered cups in the shape of a pumpkin, and let your guests take turns poking holes in the tissue paper. They will have a great time and get to keep the treats in their cups!

5. Spooky Cocktail Contest

If you are throwing a party for adults over 21, there are lots of great ideas that involve drinking! Have each guest make a spooky cocktail and your party can take turns trying them! This is a great activity for an adult Halloween party.

6. Skeleton Puzzle

This is one of the most exciting Halloween party ideas! You can either use fake plastic bones or cutout paper ones, and have your guests split into teams to see who can assemble their skeleton first.

7. Twister

Here is another one of the more classic fun Halloween party games! Your guests are sure to have so much fun playing Twister.

The only thing to keep in mind is that Twister is not ideal for the largest group of people because only so many people can fit on the mat.

8. Pumpkin Puzzle

For folk who like quieter party games, a pumpkin puzzle contest is a great choice! Print out photos of a large or small pumpkin on a piece of paper and cut it into pieces. The first guest to reassemble their puzzle can win a prize!

9. Tower Topple

For this game, you will take empty cans and paint your favorite Halloween characters on them. Then, you will stack the cans in a pyramid.

Guests will use beanbags to try and knock the pyramid over!

10. Kiss, Marry, Kill

This iconic party game is a great way to get to know your guests closely. You can go around the party asking each guest if they would kiss, marry, or kill different Halloween characters!

11. Spiderweb Cornhole

Cornhole is always a favorite party game, so why not give it a Halloween theme? You can paint your favorite spooky motifs like spiders, bats, or pumpkins on a classic cornhole board.

The first team to land all of their bean bags in a hole wins!

12. Mafia

halloween party activities for adults

Mafia is another great option for guests who love to play quieter games. It is sure to make any Halloween party better.

13. Spooky Pictionary

Pictionary is another great game that adults and kids of all ages will love. You can make the game Halloween-themed by making all of the picture categories spooky.

14. Halloween Movie Trivia

This is one of our favorite Halloween games! You can let each guest play alone or pick a team member to work with. Ask a series of trivia questions about classic Horror movies and see who can get the most right!

Also, if you want to make this a good Halloween-themed drinking game you can have guests take a drink when they get a question wrong.

15. Spiderweb Tag

This game is the perfect addition to a lively outdoor party. Use masking tape to tape a spiderweb on your driveway and have your guests play tag by only walking on the tape lines.

16. Spider Race

For this game, all you will need is straws and plastic spiders. Each guest will get a straw and a spider.

Guests will use the straw to blow air that will push the spiders forward, and the first to cross the finish line wins!

17. Pin the Spider on the Web

This is another perfect addition to our list of Halloween themed games and activities. Instead of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”, have your guests pin a spider on spider webs! It is sure to get them in the Halloween spirit.

Your guests are sure to love this easy game!

18. Guess How Many Candy Corn

This is another of our favorite Halloween party games! Take a cute jar or water bottle and fill it with candy corn.

Then, have your guests each write down a guess for how many candies are in it. The person with the closest guess gets to take it home!

19. Make Your Own Halloween Slime

Have your guests make their own creepy Halloween slime for your Halloween themed party. This is a perfect activity for healing your inner child.

If your guests are fans of crafts like this, you can also have a wreath-making session!

20. Pumpkin Toss

This is a great game that uses mini pumpkins! Have your guests pair up and face each other. Each pair will get a mini pumpkin and toss it back and forth.

In each round, the guests will take a step back from one another, until they drop their pumpkins. The last pair standing wins!

21. Costume Contest

No Halloween party is complete without a costume contest! You can have your party guests all dress up and then vote on their favorite costumes.

You can award prizes to different costume categories like the most creative costume or scariest costume.

23. Pumpkin Checkers

Encourage some friendly competition with this fun game. It is just like regular checkers, but it is played with miniature pumpkins instead!

24. Halloween I Spy

Have your guests play the classic I Spy game but with Halloween items and decorations around you.

25. Mummy Wrapping Contest

Split your party into two teams and give each team a roll of toilet paper. Each team will have 1 minute to wrap a member in toilet paper, making them a mummy. The team with the best-wrapped mummy wins!

26. Halloween Cookie Decorating

halloween party activities for adults

Halloween cookie decorating is a super fun way to let your guests show off their creative side. Bake plain sugar cookies in fun Halloween shapes and let your guests use different icings and sprinkles!

Your guests are sure to love these spooky delicious desserts.

27. Pumpkin Sweep

Set up a goal and give your guests brooms. They will work to sweep a large pumpkin into the goal to score a point. This game is tons of fun!

28. Halloween Trivia

This is a fun activity for Halloween aficionados. You can find lots of great free printables with trivia questions or get creative and write your own!

29. Two Truths and A Lie

When all else fails, this game is always a great time! Have your guests play two truths and a lie and try to put a spooky twist on it.

30. Make Your Own Zombie Pudding

Your guests will love this yummy activity! All you have to do is prepare the ingredients for dirt pudding like pudding, crushed Oreos, and gummy worms, and let your guests put their own serving together.

This is a great activity for young and older kids and even adults!

31. Freeze Dance

This is one of the more active and fun ideas on our list! Have all of your guests hit the dance floor and dance their hearts out, but they have to freeze when the music stops. If they move they are out!

32. Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Split your guests into teams and give them a list of Halloween items to find around the party. The first team to find all of the items on the list wins!

33. Pumpkin Pong

Here is another fun outdoor game! This is a spooky twist on your classic beer pong game. Instead of cups, you will use plastic pumpkins.

34. Spooky Sticker Stalker

Give all of your guests a sheet of Halloween stickers and try to stick them to other guests without them noticing!

35. Boo-ingo

halloween party activities for adults

This fun game is Halloween Bingo! Guests will fill out a bingo card and play for prizes.

36. Glowstick Ring Toss

Set up a ring toss game by standing empty bottles painted with glow-in-the-dark paint. Crack glow bracelets and use them as rings.

This is also a great chance to set up DIY Halloween decorations!

37. Pumpkin Golf

Cut a large hole in pumpkins and hit golf balls into them!

38. Caramel Apples

Making caramel apples is another delicious Halloween party activity! Let your guests add their favorite toppings to their yummy apples.

39. Murder Mystery Dinner Party

A murder mystery party is a perfect way to celebrate the spookiest day of the year! Your guests are sure to have fun playing a character and trying to solve a murder in a murder mystery game.

40. Oreo Stacking Contest

See how high your guests can stack Oreo cookies before their pile falls over!

41. Spaghetti Eyeball Hunt

Get a few toy eyeballs and hide them in a large bowl of cooked spaghetti. Have your guests close their eyes and feel around in the noodles to find the eyeballs.

42. Truth or Scare

A Halloween party is the right place to play this spooky version of the classic Truth or Dare party game. You and your guests can take turns asking and answering the truth or scare questions and have lots of fun.

43. Haunted Gingerbread Contest

halloween party activities for adults

Gingerbread houses are always a fun party activity, so why not make them haunted gingerbread houses? This is another great chance to give your guests the chance to be creative.

44. Mummy Bowling

This fun game is done by wrapping bowling pins in toilet paper and gluing on googly eyes. You can use a pumpkin as the bowling ball and even change the name to pumpkin bowling! This is the perfect game for teams or individuals.

45. Donut on a String

This is another one of the most fun traditional Halloween games! Tie donuts to strings and hang each one from the ceiling. Have your guests use only their mouths to race and eat the donuts. The last person to finish loses.

46. Pumpkin Carving Contest

This is another great activity for any Halloween pumpkin. Whether you like the classic triangle shape eyes or want to try a different shape, a carving contest is always fun.

47. Spooky Dance Contest

Everyone loves a good dance contest, so see which of your guests can bust the spookiest moves on the dance floor! This is another great choice for the best Halloween party activities for adults!

48. Pumpkin Painting

If you feel that pumpkin carving is too messy, then try pumpkin painting instead! It is lots of fun to use exciting colors on your pumpkin as well.

49. Halloween Word Scramble

Word scrambles are another easy and fun activity that everyone can enjoy at a party. You can give all of your guests the same word scramble paper and see who can finish the fastest!

50. Halloween Charades

Charades is another great party game that is guaranteed to get some laughs from your party.

51. Spooky Grab Bag

A grab bag of presents is a very fun way to get everyone in the Halloween spirit. All of your guests will get to take home a spooky-themed present and it will be lots of fun!

52. Musical Chairs

This is the classic game Musical Chairs, but instead of just any music, you can play fun Halloween songs like The Monster Mash!

53. Horror Movie Marathon

halloween party activities for adults

If you are throwing a party for horror movie fans, then a scary movie marathon is just what you need! It can be fun to watch horror movies at any time of year, but it is even more spooky.

54. Ghost Sack Race

Paint ghost faces on white pillowcases, and give each partygoer their own. They will put both feet in the pillowcase and race! You can also set up an obstacle course to add more of a challenge.

This is a great addition to our roundup of Halloween party games and activities.

55. Halloween Name that Tune

Add a dose of fright to your party by playing Name That Tune with Halloween songs like Thriller!

56. Witch Hat Memory Game

For this game, you will need 3 witch hats and 1 ball. Hide the ball under a pointy hat and move all 3 hats around. Then have your guests try and guess which hat the ball is under.

57. Tarot Reading

halloween party activities for adults

All you will need is a Tarot deck of cards for this activity. The best way to do this is to take turns doing readings! This is a great activity for adult Halloween parties.

58. Eyeball Mini Golf

If you want to have an extra spooky game, all you will need is some plain white golf balls and some Sharpie markers! Draw on the golf balls to make them look like eyes, and then set up a mini golf course to play!

59. Pumpkin Tic-Tac-Toe

Similar to the pumpkin checkers game, you will play this classic tic-tac-toe game with miniature pumpkins. You can use masking tape to map out the game board!

60. Pumpkin Ring Toss

For this game, you will get pumpkins with long stems and use them as the goals for a game of ring toss!

Final Thoughts

That is the scoop on the best Halloween party activities for adults! We hope you enjoy this array of Halloween party games! Some of the ideas on this list are also good for kid’s Halloween parties!

There are so many great ideas that only need inexpensive supplies, so go have fun! At the end of the night, it is all about having fun and celebrating Halloween.

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halloween party activities for adults

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10 Halloween Party Ideas and Games for Adults