65 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for School Bus Drivers (2023)

Bus driver gifts can vary depending on if they’re actively driving kids to school or in retirement. For the holiday season, they’re plenty of unique gifts to buy with your own money that can make a bus driver’s day.

The best gift to give any bus driver is gift cards to their favorite store or restaurant if you’re not sure what they like.

However, if you want to be more creative than last year, here is a Christmas gift guide for your fellow bus drivers!

bus driver with clipboard
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Bus drivers are often overlooked as staff members, but this year is the year to show them your appreciation for taking care of your kids. One of the most famous bus drivers is Curtis Jenkins who went above and beyond for his kids.

Here’s the scoop on the best Christmas gift ideas for bus drivers!

Bus Driver Gift Guide

1. School Bus Driver Tote Bag  

bus driver tote bag

This natural canvas bag with a picture of a yellow school bus is one of the most empowering gifts for bus drivers.

Young kids may not realize how difficult a job as a bus driver is until their older, so this tote bag sheds light on the important duties of being a bus driver.

The soft and durable bag can be used to carry daily essentials or as a shopping bag. The polyester lining gives the bag a lasting design even after washing it. Search for tote bags with even more customized options on an Etsy Shop.

2. Bus Driver Coffee Tumbler

This funny stainless steel cup is great for keeping warm and cold drinks at the ideal temperature for several hours. Tumblers can come in handy, especially on days when bus drivers spend hours picking up or dropping off kids.

In addition to the funny design, the tumbler comes with a splash-proof lid to prevent spills when the bus goes over bumps in the road.

3. Dunkin Donuts Gift Card

Sometimes even a simple gift like a gift card can make a difference. Show your appreciation with a Dunkin Donuts gift card for your favorite bus driver! They can grab their favorite food or beverages to start their day off right.

4. Cute Yellow Bus Insulated Adjustable Handle Lunch Bag

A lunch bag is a great gift for a bus driver who spends most of their time on the road. The adjustable strap on this school bus-themed bag is comfortable and easy to carry around. It is also great to find lunch bags with good insulation to keep drinks and other things cold.

5. Homemade Granny Bella Chocolate Chip Cookie Gifts

A fun way to show your appreciation this Christmas is by either baking cookies for your favorite bus driver or buying homemade cookies online. If your bus driver prefers candy, consider giving them an ordinary chocolate bar or chocolate gift set. This is one of the best Christmas gift ideas for bus drivers who love sweet treats!

6. Starbucks Gift Card

One of the best Christmas gift ideas for a bus driver is a Starbucks gift card. Since Starbucks brings in their holiday drinks starting in early November, it is a great opportunity for your bus driver to grab their holiday favorites! You can also include a nice card alongside Starbucks cards that show your appreciation.

7. Urban Accents Popcorn Kernels and Popcorn Seasoning Variety Pack 

This microwave popcorn gift box is the perfect gift for anyone who loves diving into buttery goodness during a movie. Bus drivers are no exception. This urban-style popcorn box comes with three kernel packs and five gourmet popcorn seasonings for a flavorful journey.

8. Bath & Body Works Gentle Foaming Hand Soap

A wonderful gift to give teachers and bus drivers is an assorted gift set of hand soaps from Bath and Body Works. You can choose unique scents that you know your bus driver will love. These gentle hand soaps come with moisturizing ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E, aloe, and cocoa butter.

9. Bus Driver Appreciation Mug

bus driver coffee mug

A School bus mug is one of the best Christmas gift ideas for bus drivers! If they love to drink coffee or tea, a unique mug with a yellow school bus is a gift that will leave a lasting impression.

You can also include pieces of candy inside the school bus driver mug to bring to your favorite bus driver. Mugs are also great teacher gifts and be customized to include the subject they teach.

10. Gift Certificates

Gift certificates can make the best gifts, especially around Christmas time when people tend to do more shopping and go out to events. Research and ask local small businesses for gift certificates, so your favorite bus driver can grab gifts for themselves or for others.

11. Kivosliviz Bus Driver- Thank You for Keeping Me Safe Bracelet

Wish bracelets or charm bracelets is a great way to send someone good thoughts. You can choose to make homemade bracelets by buying the supplies at craft stores or purchasing bracelets already made online that represent bus drivers. This stainless steel bangle bracelet is nice and comes with an assortment of charms.

12. School Bus Glass Blown Ornaments

school bus ornament

Show a token of appreciation for a bus driver this holiday season! This sparkly glass-blown school bus ornament makes a great addition to a Christmas tree and serves as a memorable gift for years to come. The ornament is also hand-crafted with traditional techniques from the 1800s.

13. Bus Driver Travel Mug

This silver-insulated travel mug is one of the best Christmas gift ideas for bus drivers! This stainless steel mug with a handle keeps their drink hot or cold and has a sturdy grasp for fewer spills. The mug holds fourteen ounces of liquid and fits in a standard cup holder.

14. School Bus Driver Appreciation Thank You Sticker Labels

A thank you tag or square sticker can be handed out to a group of bus drivers to show your appreciation. This special gift may be simple but can make a bus driver’s day. These stickers can also go on envelopes or gift bags.

15. Appreciation Retirement Keychain Gift for Bus Driver 

Have your favorite bus driver support this shiny bus keychain this Christmas! The silver keychain comes with a small bus charm and a wonderful message engraved in another charm to show the importance of a bus driver’s job.

You can create your own appreciation keychain with a hole punch for their keys.

16. School Bus Id Badge Holder

Let bus drivers make show off their occupation with this bus-themed card holder! The durable card holder can easily hold badges or important identification cards that are lightweight and comfortable to wear on a daily basis.

17. Ambesonne Multicolor Modern Men’s Bus Necktie

This light blue bus pattern tie is the perfect way to show off at an event for school faculty. The classic tie is made with silk and polyester, ideal for formal and informal occasions. The tie is also breathable, durable, and can be worn for a long time.

18. Peace Love Bus Driver Back To School T-Shirt

peace love bus driver shirt

This bus driver shirt is a way to go the extra mile this holiday season. This shirt has a peace sign, a heart design, and a graphic of a bus. The pull-on shirt is made with cotton and polyester for comfortable wear in casual settings. You can also get a bus driver shirt with a funny message to match your favorite bus driver’s sense of humor.

19. IRON °FLASK Sports Water Bottle

These water bottles are the perfect Christmas gifts for bus drivers. These thermal mugs are great for long trips on the road. The sleek and functional design is durable and comes with three different leak-proof lids.

20. Bus Driver Socks

For both men and women, these polyester cotton socks are made of spandex to stretch from low to mid-calf. Have these bus pattern socks in a unique gift box filled with other goodies to celebrate a bus driver’s retirement.

21. School Bus Driver Print Cosmetic Bag

This beautifully designed bag clutch is an ideal gift for a lady bus driver who needs a bag to store money or other essential things. This bag can also be used as a cosmetic bag for bus drivers who wear makeup. The travel-size bag is made from PU leather and has a nylon zip closure for easy access.

22. School Bus Driver Face Masks

Since the weather is turning colder, signs of the Flu and other illnesses will appear in full swing. Bus drivers are usually up close and personal with kids, resulting in them being more likely to develop symptoms of illnesses.

These cute face masks not only protect against most airborne illnesses. The adjustable masks are breathable and can be washed to reuse on multiple occasions.

23. Funny Proud, I’M The Bus Driver Pullover Hoodie

This comfortable hoodie makes the perfect humorous Christmas gift for your favorite bus driver! The hoodie comes in an assortment of colors and features a funny quote about the bus driver realizing they can’t take the day off. Great for both men and women!

24. CafePress Worlds Best Bus Driver Cap

The perfect way to show your appreciation is by gifting a bus driver a cap to wear on their adventures. This baseball cap comes with vintage artwork that will make an impression. The cap also adjusts to fit various head shapes.

25. CafePress Bus Boss Greeting and Appreciation Cards

These appreciation cards make great Christmas gift ideas for bus drivers currently working and for former bus drivers. This school bus driver retirement gift allows people to creatively express their thanks toward a bus driver. The blank card comes with an envelope and has recyclable fiber.

26. STORYCOAST Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Even though bus drivers aren’t engaging in an outdoor sport, they still need to be able to see where they’re going when dropping off kids at home. These polarized sunglasses have durable frames and provide all-around sun protection.

27. School Bus Driver Phone Case

bus driver phone case

This protective phone case features an inspiring message with a bus design. The iPhone case is a great gift option for active bus drivers and retirees. The innovative 3-D texture feels unique and vivid in contrast to other phone cases with a print that easily fades.

28. Bus Driver School Bus Pot Holder Baking Kit

Know a bus driver who likes to bake in their free time? This cute pot holder set includes a silicone spatula, a pot holder, and a special thank you card. Place this baking pot holder kit inside a stocking to make a bus driver’s Christmas.

29. Prezzy A Truly Great Bus Driver is Hard to Find Appreciation Throw Blanket

The end of the year is near and what better gift to give than a blanket to a bus driver retiring? This blue blanket comes with a heartfelt message with the option to personalize and add the name of the bus driver. Choose from three different sizes with high-quality prints.

30. Seat Cushion

seat cushion

To help relieve back pain, this memory foam seat cushion is one of the best gift ideas for bus drivers who spend all day driving. The firm cushion also provides comfort to the tailbone and corrects posture. The cushion is also great for office settings.

31. Compact Makeup Mirror School Bus Driver Gift

Show your appreciation this Christmas with a cute pink compact mirror for bus drivers! This mirror comes with an awesome message about the importance of bus drivers. The mirror easily folds to pack away in a travel-size bag. The standard mirror is also great for details ensuring makeup is in good condition.

32. Synthetic Leather Gloves

Gloves for the winter are always a good idea. Your bus driver will thank you with these breathable and flexible gloves. The lightweight polyester gloves provide knuckle protection and touch-screen fingertips.

33. School Bus Canvas Wall Art

One of the best Christmas gift ideas for retired bus drivers is canvas wall art! This watercolor painting of a school bus will help keep the memories alive in their living room or bedroom. The high-quality wall art is UV-resistant and waterproof.

34. Italian Style Crystal Burgundy Wine Glasses 

Give a wine set or wine glass set to celebrate a special occasion like a retirement party for your favorite bus driver. These Italian-style wine glasses are made with premium restaurant-quality glass that enhances red and white wine.

35. Mouse Pad School Bus Driver

Some bus drivers take on more than one job to make ends meet. If they work in an office setting, consider giving them these beautiful bus driver-themed mouse pads. The round mouse pad has an ultra-smooth surface with a washable design that doesn’t fade over time.

36. School Bus Driver Leather Journal

bus driver journal

This leather-bound bus journal is another great way to appreciate your fellow bus driver. The hardcover journal allows bus drivers to store their memories and accomplishments. This is an ideal gift for retirees. The notebook has 130 pages and is small enough to carry in a tote bag!

37. Bus Driver Customized Silver Necklace

Have your favorite bus driver showcase their job with this stunning silver necklace with a bus charm. The elegant design is timeless and matches any look. The bus charm also comes with a few small jewels in the windshield of the bus.

38. Silver Pave Heart Charm Bus Driver Bracelet

This stunning piece of jewelry is a unique gift for bus drivers! The bejeweled heart bus driver design is elegant but can be worn on any occasion! The premium quality bracelet is gift wrap ready with a black fabric pouch.

39. Waterproof Vinyl School Bus Driver Decal Stickers

Decal stickers are one of the best Christmas gift ideas for first time bus drivers. The fun stickers can be used to place on cars or laptops. The 20-pack stickers come in different designs associated with bus drivers. These decal stickers come with strong adhesive and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

40. School Bus Driver Laptop Sleeve

Fit laptops or tablets in this bus driver-themed case! The laptop sleeve also comes with an adjustable strap and two separate handles to carry around. Choose from three sizes and make your bus driver happy this holiday season.

41. UNO Family Card Game

A card game can make a great gift if one of your family members happens to be a bus driver. This classic UNO card game gives opportunities to make family memories to look back on.

42. School Bus Driver Throw Pillow Covers 

Another way to send appreciation to a bus driver is with these cute bus pillow covers! You can pair this awesome pillowcase with socks or stickers. The soft and comfortable cover is great for any room or living space.

43. Bus Driver Watch

The water-resistant watch is an ideal gift for bus drivers who aren’t reliant on their phones to tell time. This leather watch goes with any outfit and shows their love for driving buses. The watch is scratch-resistant with a rotating bezel.

44. CafePress School Bus Driver Logo Round Mini Button

It’s time to go on a school trip with this cute bus button! Hand these buttons out to bus drivers who deserve appreciation for driving kids home safely. The cartoon drawing of the bus is a fun design that can be placed on a lanyard or ID card holder.

45. School Bus Driver Wall Clock 

Enhance an office or living space with this cool bus design wall clock! The farmhouse-style clock is a unique gift but can serve as a memorable one, especially for bus drivers retiring. The eco-friendly clock is durable and needs batteries for accurate time display.

46. Be Nice To The Bus Driver Toddler Jumpsuit

bus driver toddler jumpsuit

Know a bus driver with a young niece or kid? This toddler jumpsuit shows an appreciation for the hefty duties of a bus driver. The romper comes in long sleeves and is made of cotton for children with sensitive skin.

47. Amazon Basics Carry-On / Cabin Size Hard-Shell Suitcase

The double spinner wheels and the scratch-resistant exterior makes this small suitcase travel-friendly. The sleek and plain design is ideal for any travel adventure. If your bus driver is going into retirement and is planning on traveling, this suitcase will make a great farewell gift.

48. Dickies Men’s Unlined Eisenhower Jacket

Bus drivers have to endure the cold temperatures when picking up and dropping off children. This polyester and cotton jacket is lightweight and comfortable for daily use. The front pockets provide plenty of room for phones and other necessities.

49. Personalized Drink Coaster Gift: School Bus Driver

Gift a memorable gift for a bus driver this holiday season! This personalized drink coaster is functional and decorative to include cartoon characters of the bus driver and kids.

50. Bus Driver So Many Kids So Few Front Seats Wine Label

This wine label can be personalized to make the perfect gift for anyone who loves wine! This bus driver wine label offers high-quality print and is scratch-resistant. Give this label for Christmas to a bus driver retiring.

51. Post-it Super Sticky Notes in the Shape of Bus

school bus post it note set

This post-it note set has an assortment of colors and makes a great gift for teachers and bus drivers. You can even put it in a bus-themed gift bag for an even better presentation. There are 24 pads inside the bus storage case that comes with a handle to keep them organized.

52. School Bus Pens

Show appreciation for a bus driver with these stylish bus pens! You can even pair them with a notebook or post-it notes. These handmade pens can be customized in design and the color of the ink.

53. School Bus Photo Frame

One of the best Christmas gifts for bus drivers is a photo frame showcasing the kids that they have gotten to know. This makes a great end of the school year gift, especially for bus drivers planning to retire. The detailed painted frame can include up to 12 photos.

54. School Bus Shower Curtain

A shower curtain may not be the first gift that comes to mind for a bus driver but can serve as a memorable gift for a family member who loves taking pride in their job. This shower curtain features a photo of a bus with a white background to fit most bathrooms. The fabric is also made of polyester with a waterproof design.

55. School Bus Garden Flag

Let your favorite bus driver showcase their occupation with this wonderful flag to place in their yard! The flag measures 12 X 18 inches and offers double side prints. They can even hang up this flag if they have a second job in an office setting.

56. Yellow School Bus Driver Hat 3D Personalized

A great way to show appreciation is by giving someone a personalized gift. This 3D bus hat allows you to personalize the hat to include the name of the bus driver. The hat is one size fits most with an opportunity to adjust the snapback closure.

57. Fun School Bus Driver Party Pattern Leggings

Bus pattern leggings make a great gift for bus drivers who love to drive in style. These leggings have a flexible material with the added comfort to wear them almost everywhere.

58. Personalized School Bus Driver Christmas Stocking

This personalized bus stocking by a Christmas tree will make your bus driver’s holiday decorations more unique. The stocking is made of durable fleece and overlock seams to last for many years to come.

59. Custom Shot Glasses

custom shot glass

Add your own unique text or logo to these shot glasses. This set of 10 glasses is the perfect gift for a bus driver retirement party.

60. This is How I Roll Bus Driver Sticker

Add this black vinyl sticker to a car or on a tumbler! If you know a bus driver who loves collecting stickers, this bus decal will make the perfect gift. It is also self-adhesive to last a long time on various surfaces.

61. Yasala Acrylic Clipboard Cartoon School Bus

A lovely way for parents or kids to show appreciation to their favorite bus driver is a bus-themed clipboard! Most bus drivers have to use a clipboard to keep track of route changes and addresses, so this simple gift will make a huge difference in their lives.

62. CafePress School Bus Driver Novelty Golf Balls

Know a bus driver who plays golf in their free time? These stunning novelty golf balls make perfect stocking stuffers and can even be paired with golf clubs or a bag. Let your bus driver show off their professionally made golf ball designs.

63. School Bus Driver Safely Delivering Tripod Lamp

Spice up your bus driver’s living space with this tripod bus-themed lamp! When buying this lamp for a bus driver, you can choose to personalize it with different materials like rice paper and film polyester.

64. DecentGadget School Bus Pen Holder

This bus pencil holder is one of the best teacher gift ideas but can also make a great gift for bus drivers. The pencil organizer has six slots to place pens, pencils, highlighters, and other utensils. The holder is durable and easy to assemble.

65. Lottery Ticket

A simple gift to give a bus driver for Christmas is a lottery ticket. Even though they may not win the grand prize, at the end of the day, it is the thought that counts.

Finding the right Christmas gift for a bus driver can be difficult if you don’t know the bus driver’s interests.

However, most of these gifts on this list are simple enough to show your appreciation for the work they do every day. Another gift option is personalized game boards if they love board games.

Whether you’re a parent or a student who wants to give a gift to a bus driver, this guide will help you gather possible options and an excellent gift to make your favorite bus driver’s Christmas a memorable one.

That’s the scoop on the best Christmas gift ideas for bus drivers!

christmas gift ideas for bus drivers

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