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100 Cute 6th Birthday Poems: Happy Messages and Wishes For Kids

It can be hard to choose the right 6th birthday poems for a kid who’s turning 6 years old. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, sibling, aunt, or uncle, we are here to help you find the perfect message for your birthday card!

Here’s the scoop on 6th birthday poems for kids!

1. Six-year-olds can really rock ‘n’ roll but you rock more than any 6-year-old I know! Hope you rock out your 6th birthday!

6th birthday poems

This cute birthday message is perfect for any six-year-old’s special day.

2. For this birthday, you have 6 BIG birthday candles to blow out on your BIG birthday cake and six BIG birthday wishes to make. Hope you have the BIGGEST 6th birthday ever!

3. Welcome to Club Six. Your free membership is for 1 year only (until you turn 7). Plus, as a new member, you get lots of pizza, ice cream, cake and presents for your 6th birthday. I wish I was 6 years old again!

4. Whoa! Can’t believe you’re 6 already! It seems like only yesterday you were 5 (oh, yeah, you were 5)! Happy 6th birthday!

What a great funny birthday message that is sure to make everyone smile.

5. Hey, look who just won the “World’s Greatest 6-Year Old” Award — it’s last year’s winner of the “World’s Greatest 5-Year-Old” Award. You. Happy 6th birthday!

6. Here are 6 kisses, 6 hugs, 6 tickles, 6 smiles, 6 cuddles, and 6 cheers to making sure you have a fun 6th birthday!

7. “Happy 6th birthday! The best part of your birthday is not the cake. It’s you!”

8. You are growing up so fast! Time does fly when we’re having so much fun! Happy 6th birthday, I hope 6 is a great year!

9. This is your special day. Every second today is for you. After all, it’s your birthday, so let’s hear you roar, I’m 6, I’m 6 and I’m 5 no more! Happy 6th birthday to one of the good things in my life!

10. Today is your day. It’s all about you. There are so many wonderful things you can do! Happy birthday!

11. May your sixth birthday find you happy and as cute as ever! Happy 6th birthday!

12. May 6 be the best year yet. Have a wonderful birthday!

13. Bring out the band. It’s time to sing and dance. Happy birthday, little six-year-old, I’m your biggest fan!

birthday party

14. If your birthday’s super cool and a special time for you, then every wish that’s in this card has come completely true! Have lots of fun on your birthday.

15. I’m wishing you another year. Of laughter, joy, and fun. Surprises, love, and happiness, and when your birthday’s done. I hope you feel deep in your heart as your birthdays come and go, how very much you mean to me, more than you can know.

This birthday poem by Joanna Fuchs can be used for any birthday occasion.

16. A cheery “hello” on your birthday, and wishes for everything bright. May you know only joy and wonder, morning, noon, and night. Happy birthday!

17. This year, your sixth birthday will be full of friends, fun, and gifts! Happy 6th birthday! I hope you have the best day ever!

18. Today is your special birthday. I have three big wishes for you, I wish you peace, joy, and love all day and all year through.

19. It’s your birthday again? Already? Can’t be! Soon you’ll be even older than me!

This is one of our favorite funny birthday wishes!

20. “It’s not every day that you get to turn six! We’ll light your candles; you blow out the wicks. Everyone’s gathered to sing your birthday song; you’ll be opening your presents before too long. So, enjoy all the attention that’s coming your way, it’ll be another year before you see your next birthday!”

Kelly Roper’s beautiful poem entitled ‘Celebrating Six’ is a wonderful way to celebrate another passing year.

21. Here’s wishing you a birthday. That’s happy through and through! For you’re so nice, that’s just the kind that you’re entitled to!

22. As the special birthday kid, you deserve the happiest day of all!

23. Is there such a thing as cuteness overload? Not when it comes to you! Happy birthday, cutie!

24. As you blow out your candles, I hope all your wishes come true. Happy birthday!

25. Happy 6th birthday to the sweetest, most adorable little angel! I am hoping that your special day is even better than the previous 5 birthdays that came before and that it is filled with those who love and care about you most! 

26. As you turn 6 years old. On your birthday this year. I want to wish you a lifetime of happiness, my dear!

27. Wishing you a special day as marvelous as you! Happy birthday!


28. Someone very special is turning 6 today, so I’m sending the very best birthday wishes your way!

29. May a bucket full of happiness come your way. Have an amazing birthday.

30. Confetti, glitter, and balloons add to your birthday madness. May you have a fantastic year of celebration. Happy birthday, dear daughter!

31. Someone very special is turning six years old today! May your cake be big and tall like you, the frosting as sweet as your heart, and your presents as wonderful as you are! I’m wishing you a super awesome birthday today, kid!

32. Not all superheroes wear capes. Some are gentle and kind like you. This year, I hope you spread your kindness wherever you go. Happy birthday!

This is the perfect birthday message to make any 6-year-old feel special!

33. Happy birthday to the cutest kid in town. Have a joyous birthday filled with cheer and laughter.

34. There are six glowing candles on your cake this year, kiddo! Wishing you the happiest 6th birthday ever!

35. A superstar deserves a grand birthday celebration with the perfect birthday gift. May all your wishes and desires come true. Many many happy returns of the day!

36. To a beautiful angel born on this day, I wish you a bright and beautiful future. Birthday greetings for you.

37. On your 6th birthday, you deserve a 6 times bigger cake than your previous birthday, Happy Birthday to you, dear. 

38. Welcome to the six years old club, thank you so much for adding all the happiness and joy to my life, Happy Birthday!

39. I can’t stop being happy for you, you are a little superstar in my family, Happy Birthday to you.

40. Happy 6th Birthday to the most beautiful angel and thank you so much for adding all the happiness and joy to our family.

41. Dear nephew, you are the cutest in the world, I am so blessed and happy that you are a part of our family, Happy Birthday to you. 

42. Hey dear, welcome to the six years old club, you will have free membership of this club until you are 7, Happy Birthday to the most wonderful grandson, we love you so much. 

In the world of 6th birthday poems, this is a classic!

43. My dear nephew, you are the most wonderful and gorgeous kid in the world, I am very happy to have you as a part of my life, Happy Birthday to you. 

44. Today my brother has turned 6 and it’s a big day for me, Happy Birthday to you. 

45. Happy 6th Birthday to my dear son who is going to turn 6 today, it’s a wonderful day for the entire family, we are blessed and happy to have you with us. 

46. Today my beautiful little princess has turned 6 and it’s the most wonderful day of the entire year, Happy Birthday!

47. Happy Birthday to the best little boy in the entire world!

48. Wishing you lots of love and lots of presents for your 6th Birthday celebration!

49. It has been 6 years and still now you are bringing all the light, happiness, and joy to my life, Happy Birthday to you, dear. 

6th birthday poems

50. The years that I have shared with you were the most beautiful times of my life, I am so blessed and happy to have a son like you, Happy 6th Birthday to you. 

51. Hey honey, I am sending all the love and good wishes for you with so many beautiful fairy tales and unicorns, Happy Birthday to you, dear. 

52. My most wonderful daughter has turned 6 today, and it’s the happiest day for me, Happy Birthday to you, honey.

53. Enjoy your birthday. It is your chance to do fun stuff all day long. Cherish the moment when your birthday celebration is ready and fun for you. Have an amazing day, birthday boy!

54. You’ll have six large birthday candles to blow on this birthday party of yours, and six wishes to make. You deserve to have six giant ice cream scoops and six big cake slices too. Have fun because it’s your birthday!

This is such a sweet 6th birthday poem that would be perfect for any 6-year-old to receive!

55. The best way to celebrate your birthday is with presents and a cake! Happy Birthday sweet girl!

56. Wow another whole year of happy moments and great memories. Best wishes to you on this great day!

57. I hope all of your birthday wishes come true!

58. A wish for you on your birthday, whatever you ask may you receive, whatever you seek may you find, whatever you wish may it be fulfilled on your birthday and always. Happy birthday!

59. Wishing a wonderful 6th birthday to my beautiful girl!

60. May the joy that you have spread in the past come back to you on this day. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

61. May you be gifted with life’s biggest joys and never-ending bliss. After all, you are a gift to earth, so you deserve the best. Happy birthday, my lovely daughter!

This is a great option for 6th birthday poems to use.

62. It’s your special day: get out there and celebrate!

63. The light of my soul, the glow on my face, the joy of my life, the essence of my grace. The peace of my mind and the cheer in my demeanor are only because of my dearest daughter. Happy birthday you wonderful girl!

This is the perfect heartfelt poem to give your daughter on her birthday!

64. “You’re another year older. The calendar must be wrong, but it’s that time once again. Time to sing the “Birthday” song. One day you may forget it, and it will seem all brand new. When that day finally comes, I’ll gladly sing it to you!” – Kevin Nishmas, ‘The Birthday Song.’

What a cute birthday poem for your child’s birthday!

65. Wishing you a long life filled with sugar candies and marshmallows. A very happy birthday to the sweetest little boy I know.

66. Congratulations on your big day! May God shower all his blessings on your birthday. Happy birthday to my precious gift!

67. On this day a little prince was born. And that handsome prince is you. You make the world a better place! Happy birthday, dearie!

68. You are sugar, spice, and everything nice. On your birthday, I wish you twice. Happy birthday! Happy birthday!

These cute birthday wishes would be perfect on a Powerpuff Girl greeting card!

69. Mirror Mirror on the wall, Who gets treats of them all? You! Because it’s your birthday! Enjoy all the candies and delicious birthday treats on your special day. Happy birthday!

70. Tutus and tiaras add so much to your cuteness. On your birthday, I hope you get a closet full of them. Happy birthday, baby girl.

71. Sweeter than candies and more precious than a pearl. Happy birthday to a lovely birthday girl.

This is the perfect sweet poem for your little girl!

72. Hugs and sweet kisses. A bucket filled with warm wishes. Happy birthday! Have a super fun birthday party.

6th birthday poems

73. Roses are red. Violets are blue. Happiest birthday to you!

74. Birthdays are magical and full of fun. Hope you have a very special one. Happy birthday!

75. Wishing you a pot of gold and all the happiness your heart can hold. Happy birthday to the best daughter in the world!

This is one of our favorite kids birthday poems and it is a perfect 6th birthday poem for your child’s birthday!

76. “Drum rolls” It’s the birthday of someone very special. May you have a fantastic birthday with some sick birthday verses.

77. Wishing you all the ice cream, cupcakes, and marshmallows you can eat on your birthday. Gobble them up as quickly as you can. Happy birthday little munchkin!

78. Forget your homework and play lots of games. Have truckloads of fun on your big day. Happy birthday!

79. May the first day of the next year of your life be as special as you!

80. How do pickles celebrate their birthday? They relish every moment. May you live every moment of your life like a pickle. Happy birthday!

81. Can you turn the clock back? No! But you can still wind it up again! Happy birthday!

82. Happy birthday to the future superstar! One day you will become a global icon.

83. Happy birthday to my shining star!

84. Reach beyond the stars, moon, and sky. Happy birthday, rockstar!

85. May you get lots of gifts on your big day!

86. May you be blessed with the best in everything, birthday boy. Happy birthday my little baby.

87. Sending you all of the happy birthday wishes in the world on this happy day!

88. I hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of joy and laughter! May you have a great time on this amazing day!

89. The best thing about your birthday is that no one can tell you to stop eating cake!

90. Happy birthday to my best friend. You’re kind of a big deal!

91. Time flies away while you are having fun. On your birthday, I hope you are always blessed with a fun life ahead of you. Happy birthday sweet baby girl!

6th bday girl

92. Twinkle twinkle little star, birthday kid gets a candy-filled jar. Birthday greetings to the apple of our eye.

This is one of the cutest 6th birthday poems in the world!

93. Hoping your birthday is filled with much joy, good health, and all of your favorite things for much time!

94. Happy birthday to a very intelligent big boy. Your brilliance will bring to you many accomplishments in the journey of life. Wishing you a great birthday.

95. Wear a pretty dress and put on those shiny shoes. Let your hair loose and party hard on your birthday. Happy birthday big girl!

96. Happy birthday to the smartest little girl in town. May you try new things as you uncover a new age of history.

97. Wishing you much happiness, much love, and more birthday presents than you can carry!

98. You are a girl blessed with truckloads of creativity and talent. Happy birthday little princess. Shine on!

99. Wishing you all of the happy 6th birthday wishes that exist!

100. Blow the candles and dig into your birthday cake. Share a slice of the cake with me. Happy birthday!

There is no shortage of happy birthday quotes and funny birthday poems. We hope that this list of 6th birthday poems helped you to find the perfect message for your child’s birthday!

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