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7 Benefits of Adding Rowing to Your Workout Routine

Looking up to change up your usual workout routine? Health House in Kansas City might just be the place for you!

Health House is a dedicated rowing studio offering the most efficient, dynamic full body workout on the market today.  They offer cutting edge group fitness classes in an award winning designed space, with knowledgeable trainers and high-energy music.  I have been a proud member for a few months and always leave feeling very accomplished after a great workout that often includes rowing!

Not sold on the rowing trend yet? I wasn’t at first either, I’m actually a pretty big fan of getting my cardio in from running.  But after a few months working out at Health House I am completely convinced rowing should be apart of everyone’s weekly workouts!

Here are 7 benefits to adding rowing to your workout routine!

1. Rowing is a low-impact workout. It places little strain on your back and joints. This exercise if perfect for beginners and pros alike.

2. Rowing is an effective method for weight loss. If you are looking to shed a few pounds, regular rowing workouts can burn high amounts of calories and increase your energy levels.

3. Rowing machines are easy to use! Other workout machines at the gym intimidate many people and discourage them from pursuing their fitness goals.  It took me just a couple of classes and direction from the trainers at Health House, but I caught on pretty quickly. Rowing machines are simple and easy to understand.

4. Rowing is a great upper body workout. It targets many areas in the arms and back and can lead to better posture and a stronger core.

5. Along with having benefits to your upper body, rowing also helps your lower body as well. Rowing targets main muscles in your legs and will help you look and feel great. It can also lead to improved balance.

6. Rowing can help improve your endurance. By increasing the resistance on the machine and challenging yourself, you will build up your endurance and push yourself harder. I actually ran a half-marathon not too long ago and thought I was going to do terrible because I hadn’t been running as often as I planned.  Turned out, the rowing (and strength training) workout at Health House actually prepared me to finish the race in one of my best times.

7. It’s fun and challenging! Rowing is a unique form of exercise that uses many muscles, some you may have not used in awhile.  The upbeat trainers and music at Health House, make you forget you are actually working out while rowing.

If you are looking to switch up your workout routine, rowing is a must try.  If you are feeling adventurous and ready to get your rowing journey started, be sure to stop by Health House and try some of their rowing classes!

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