7 Benefits of Relaxation

We all know that some good down-time feels lovely. It can relax the most stressed parts of our bodies and we leave a holiday feeling revitalized. However, there are many unspoken benefits of relaxation that may have you booking more time off before you know it.

The Desk Job

Are you sat in front of a computer screen all day? Most of us are these days. Those pesky desk chairs can really play havoc with your back and if you forget to get up and stretch your legs throughout the day, you’re not doing your body much good. A massage can really help with postural stress. When you need to correct the imbalance in your body from sitting, massage is your answer.

Muscle Pain

It may sound obvious, but relaxation helps with muscle pain. It can also help to do some light exercise and stretching. However, most of us will just struggle with it, rather than seek professional care. The percentage of people that suffer from back pain is on the rise but using relaxation techniques and blends of essential oils on your skin can significantly reduce pain.

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression seem to be on the increase also, or perhaps it’s always been around as much as today but people haven’t spoken about it as openly. Relaxation techniques like mediation or Yoga  are things that stimulate the blood flow and that can significantly help when it comes to battling these conditions. Just as a good walk and fresh air can dramatically improve your mood.

Sleep Deprivation

Are you finding it difficult to sleep lately? Sleep deprivation is one of the worst things you can go through, long-term. Your body is equipped to battle things when you’ve had enough sleep but if you haven’t and you’re running on empty, you have less chance of being healthy. Have you ever thought of taking up running? It’s an ideal way to clear your thoughts and tire your body out enough that when you hit that pillow, you’re out like a light. Here are some other ways of getting a good night’s rest.

Immunity Levels

Relaxation can be especially helpful when it comes to the Winter and allergy seasons. No-one wants to feel run down or be constantly sneezing when there are so many things to get done. By taking time to rest and eating seasonal fruit and veg you will increase white blood cells which help to increase the body’s immunity.


Suffering with migraines is something that can be debilitating. Doctors often recommend acupuncture as a form of alternative therapy when drugs just don’t work. Even if it’s temporary relief, it’s worth a go, right?

Increases Energy

Massage is ideal for when you’re trying to increase your energy or exercise more. Pairing it with exercise will mean that you get double the chance of increasing your cardiovascular health. It can also lower your blood pressure and improve balance in older adults.

There are so many benefits to massage therapy, it’s a wonder why it isn’t recommended by all doctors. If you’re struggling with a condition or you’re looking for better quality of life, it may be worth getting in touch with your local therapist to see how massage can help you.

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