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7 Bookish Objects to Fuel Your Book Obsession

If you are a book lover, you might find interesting what other fans created to fuel their book obsession— ahem, I meant their book hobby.

On the internet you can find an infinite number of weird objects related to books and our favorite series. And here we help you find some of the weirdest things we found while scooping on the internet. Check out these 7 Bookish Objects to Fuel Your Book Obsession.

1.Book Lamp

This lamp is not one you attach to your book to light up the page when you read in the dark while everyone else is sleeping. This one is actually shape like a book. You can find it on Amazon.

2.Book Sleeves

For some (like me), books are our treasure, and we want to protect them from dirt, water and dust. Etsy offers book sleeves with some of our favorite characters for a cheap price, like this one of Aquaman. Here you can allso find a book sleeve of Mulan.

3.Glasses for Lazy Readers

How many of us like reading while lying down? Well, with those glasses you can. Back down and belly up, these glasses reflect the page to allow you to read the book while being lazy. You can find them on Amazon.

4. Your Personal Library Kit

If you like sharing books and keep track of who has what, this personal library kit is perfect for you. It includes check-out cards, a pencil, a stamp and ink to fill out the cards. You can find it on Amazon.

5.Magnetic Bookmarks

What’s more exciting than reading a book and keep the mark with the characters of the book you’re reading? This seller makes personalized bookmarks of your favorite book characters. You can find some of the magnets done on Etsy.

6. Two-in-one – Book Holder and Travel Pillow

As many of us know, traveling can be long and extenuating. Spending hours sitting can become tiring pretty fast even if you sleep some of the time. With this article, which changes shape, you can read peacefully or rest your neck. You can find it on Amazon.

7.Thumb Book Page Holder

Let’s go back to the topic of a lazy reader. This object will keep the pages open for you. You put your thumb in the opening and the two wings keep the book open. You can find it on Amazon.

Do you have other bookish objects to add to our list? Post it on Instagram and tag us at #sarahscoop.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.