7 DIY Nails Inspired by the Runways

The nail art and colors we saw across all runways this season can only be described as edgy and modern.  Moody metallics, grown up glitter, and perfectly undone nails are just of the spring trends we’re itching to try.  Best part is a lot of these trends can be easily recreated at home.  Scroll through for inspiration for your next insta-worthy manicure.

Melted Metals


This manicure takes little to no effort.  Find a color you like and apply two coats on top of your base coat.  For an even more chic nail trend that is both eye catching and moody combine Essie’s Good as Gold and Penny Talk.

Nude Nails


Another nearly effortless manicure that bombarded fashion week across the globe: the nude nail.  Flesh tones and soft pinks are feminine and low maintenance.  For an even more polished looked keep nails short and almond shaped.

Color Blocking


When color blocking first reappeared on the runways, we couldn’t get enough of it.  In fact, we still can’t.  The trend has been reimagined for nails and may I just say these nail artists are KILLING IT!  It’s fun, funky, and very very now.  Paint one coat of the primary color over the entire nail.  Take your second color and paint a diagonal line over half the nail (use tape for a more precise line.) After the second color dries, paint the third color and section off a different part of the nail and complete the color block nail trend.

A French Twist


This creative spin on a traditional French manicure is fun and modern.  It’s not difficult to apply either. Use a piece of tape as a barrier for straight lines and to prevent colors from bleeding into each other.

Negative Space


This nail trend has been popping up all over the place and we are dying to try it!  The perfectly undone manicure is polished and pulled together.  To recreate apply a clear or sheer nude color to your nails and let dry.  Place a piece of tape over the part of the nail that should remain unpolished and fill in the rest with a black hue. Voila, instantly futuristic nails!

 Embellished Cuticles


This trend is just so pretty and dainty looking.  You don’t need a special occasion to give your cuticles some extra loving.  To recreate find a sheer nude (we love this one) and apply that to your nail.  Once dry, take a detailing brush and paint a thin line of gold glitter onto the surrounding skin.  Oh-la-la.

Pop Art


Randomly placed graphics has been a huge trend on the runways this season and though it may look difficult, it’s surprisingly easy to recreate.  For a manicure like the one above, paint two coats of nail polish and let dry through completely.  Once dry, pour a bit of the second color onto a paper plate.  Dip an eraser into the polish and stamp on nails.  (I’m dying to try this one in different shades of blue!)

We’re so excited to start trying all these fresh, new manicures! Bring a pic of one of these to your next mani appointment or do it yourself with some paint

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