7 Easy Ways to Live a Healthier Life

Being healthy is an important thing that most people forget about. We live, we do, we are. Unfortunately, many of us go day by day without taking care of ourselves. Through all the hustle and bustle, we tend to put our well-being aside for other things such as our jobs, our schedules, and even other people’s well-being! Here’s something important to think about though: self-care isn’t the same as being selfish.

It’s important to live a healthy life style. Being healthy doesn’t just impact your future life; it impacts your daily life now in the present. Being healthier can improve your productivity, mood, and simply make your body feel better! Check out my seven tips on how you can become a healthier version of you!


This is an obvious one. We’ve heard it all our lives: you should have eight glasses of water a day. While that may be true, just drinking more water will help, even if it’s not the full eight glasses. Drinking water does wonders for your body from helping with joint pain, to making your skin look better! If you get a lot of headaches, it can help with that too. An easy way to drink more water is to find a water bottle that you like and keep it with you. It’s easier to want water when a full bottle of it is sitting right in front of you!


Stress can affect your body greatly. If you’re an overthinker, sometimes negative thoughts can get away from you. If you are emotional, worried, or tense, taking deep breaths can do wonders for you! It even helps in moments where you feel fine. Taking a few deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth will make you feel more relaxed and your body looser. It’ll also absolutely help with our mental health!


Fast food is expensive, bad for you, and addicting. While it might seem like the quick and easy way to get in a meal, it’s actually horrible for you. Fast food is highly processed and consists of ingredients that you would never actually want in your food! Fast food can make you sluggish and make you gain weight (especially in your belly area). Instead, find some recipes that you like and plan ahead so there are no impulse fast food trips! Your body will surely thank you for it.


Whether you sleep too little, too much, or too erratically, getting the right amount of sleep is a goal you should continuously aim for! For adults, the best amount of sleep should be between seven and nine hours. This doesn’t mean seven to nine hours of regular sleep though. A good night’s sleep is just as important as a long night’s one. Sleep is important for your metal health as well as your physical health. It also helps give you a strong heart! Try your best to get that seven to nine hours in every night!


This one is greatly important if you sit at your computer hours at a time! Your body needs to move regularly. Our world is focused on staring at screens all day long. This can affect your neck, as well as the rest of your body. Stretch in the morning when you wake up in order to have a better day. Incorporate stretching at night into your bedtime routine for a better sleep. Stretch every so often throughout the day so you don’t tighten up. Stretching will reduce headaches and joint pain.  It will help with circulation and it can also be a great excuse to take a much-needed break from things!


You spend a third of your life sleeping, so why not make sure that place is clean? You clean your clothes, your car, your home… your bed is just as important! Not cleaning your sheets regularly can result in dust mites. Nothing is worse than waking up with a stuffed up nose or itchy throat! You’ll feel clearer, plus there’s something nice about sleeping on clean sheets. When something feels cleaner, it usually means it’s better. Washing your sheets is an easy way to feel better, ergo healthier!


I’m not saying that you have to spend multiple hours of your day exercising. What I’m saying is that finding something you like will make it less of a chore and more of an enjoyment! Find something quick, easy, and fun to do on a semi-regularly basis. For example, a short strength workout in the morning while watching your favorite morning talk show is a great way for your body to feel better! Working out benefits us greatly. Our bodies want to move. By doing it, we reward ourselves by having a healthier weight. Plus, working out prevents a multitude of life-altering diseases!

Choose to put your health first because you totally deserve it!

Being healthy seems like a struggle, but when you turn it into a lifestyle choice, the struggle disappears! If you make it a priority, you’ll realize that your body is important and deserves that attention. Stop neglecting yourself and recognize that you deserve to feel better!

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