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7 Ideas On How To Celebrate Special Occasions

You know when you’ve got a special occasion coming up, and it’s important to mark the day in some way? Whether it be your parents’ wedding anniversary or maybe an old friend is getting married, when people get together to celebrate these days, they do so because something very special happened on that date.

When you’re planning how you’ll commemorate their special day, here are some ways to do it:

1) Have A Party

The most obvious way of celebrating is by having a party with friends and family. Make food (or order if you don’t like cooking); play different games, have a few drinks and just enjoy being in each other’s company.

2) Do Something You Both Enjoy

A lot of people say that when they get married or celebrate an anniversary, they do something together that they both enjoy. There are many activities you can choose from like going to the movies, playing sports or even taking a nice walk. It can be anything as long as you know it makes them happy. Make sure to make the day special by doing this activity yourself, too; it’s not all about them!

3) Give Them A Gift They Will Love

When your dad loves fishing but has only ever gone once because he doesn’t own any equipment, get him some stuff for his hobby! When it comes to gift-giving, you want to make sure it is personal; don’t just give people gift vouchers for their birthday!

4) Keep It A Surprise

Surprise your significant other with a day full of activities that they know nothing about. Head on over to and order the perfect gift. Spring it on them once you’re all ready and away from home. They will love the element of surprise and not knowing what’s coming next. Once they open up their gift, hopefully, it’ll be something they’ve wanted for a very long time.

5) Cook Them Their Favourite Meal

Cooking someone’s favourite meal shows how much you care about them because you’ve gone through so much effort to learn how to cook it properly – even if this means buying lots of recipe books or hunting all over the internet for them.

6) Throw A Party For Their Friends

If your parents are celebrating their wedding anniversary, why not throw a party at home and invite everyone they love to share this special day with them? Ask each of their friends to contribute towards an anniversary gift; even if it is only $10, it will make the present more personalised since they’ll know what worked best for your parent’s budget. Planning a birthday party can be really exciting because of how much effort you put into the preparations; remember the excitement on their face when they see just how thrilled you are to have them there with you!

7) Surprise Them With Breakfast In Bed

If you’re lucky enough to have a house with a yard, buy some nice outdoor furniture and set up a table full of delicious breakfast items. Then wake them up with a kiss and take them outside to enjoy their meal together in the fresh air – it should be just enough to get them out of bed!

If there were no such thing as anniversaries and milestones in life, we would forget all about our loved ones and what makes them precious to us.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.