7 Key Reasons for Having a Tiny House of Your Very Own

Tiny houses are all the rave in living spaces nowadays. A lot of people are getting into the trend, and it makes you wonder why are people choosing tiny houses? Despite the smaller living space, a lot of people are building their very own tiny houses, and seem to be pretty happy with them. In this article, we set out to answer this question. Here are 7 Reasons why you should set up your very own tiny house.

  1. You can customize them any way you want

One of the biggest misconceptions about tiny houses is that they can be very basic. Some people would think that because you live in a tiny house, this means that you can’t add your own personality to them. But in all actuality, tiny houses are extremely customizable. Especially if you use shipping container houses. These types of houses are made of storage containers, and they are very durable. Companies such as jjchouses.com have made shipping container houses into an art form. They can even create villa-style houses out of shipping containers. Their prefab houses are of the best quality and can last for decades. Overall, tiny houses can be customized a great deal. You just need the knowledge and passion to get started.

  1. You have the option to travel

One of the best things about tiny houses is that they give you the option to travel. Tiny houses are very compact. They are made of durable yet surprisingly light material. This means that they can be converted to wheeled homes very easily. All you need is a wheeled platform, and a car to pull it, and you can go on a truly epic road trip. With a tiny house, you can live a nomadic lifestyle, and still have all the comforts of home.

  1. They are very affordable

One of the main reasons why people go for tiny houses is their affordability. With a tiny house, you don’t need to worry about a mortgage or property taxes. You don’t even need to worry about maintaining your plumbing or even get a building permit to build it. Most tiny houses are made of sustainable and durable materials such as recycled steel and wood. So most tiny houses are very easy to maintain and improve. 

They are also rust proof just as long as you give them a new coat of paint regularly. Painting your tiny house is also very affordable because of the smaller surfaces to paint. Overall, having a tiny house is a great way to save money and still live comfortably. 

  1. They are surprisingly durable

Although tiny houses are smaller than the average house, they are still very durable.  They are usually made of long-lasting materials such as steel and reinforced wood. Most tiny houses have strong foundations that allow them to take a great deal of weight. Their compact design also makes them resistant to storms and other natural disasters. 

  1. You can live a truly minimalist lifestyle

Minimalism is a lifestyle that entails you to get rid of unnecessary possessions. Minimalists believe that the best way to live a happier and more fulfilled life is to live with less. Minimalism does not only mean material possessions but financial debt and toxic relationships as well. If you practice this lifestyle, then a tiny house is perfect for you. 

Tiny houses are built to be lived in. They are not there to store your possessions. Although tiny houses can be designed to be more spacious, it is always better to limit your possessions. This will make it easier for you to organize your possessions and not have to worry about where to store all your excess possessions. 

  1. They help you form close ties with family

As it was stated earlier, tiny houses have limited space. This is ok if you are single and live alone. But living in a tiny house can be a bit cramped if you have a family. Living as a family in a tiny house does not need to be difficult. It is an opportunity for you to bond, and get to know each other more. 

The key is compromise and creativity. You should admit that compromises will have to be made, such as smaller living spaces. You can build bunk beds for the kids or purchase futons, that way they can be easily cleaned. There are challenges in tiny house living, but closer ties with the family will always make up for it.

  1. You can build one yourself

There are many advantages to owning a tiny house, but one of the best is the fact that you can build one yourself with minimal to no help. Tiny house plans can be found all over the internet, and are usually free or relatively cheap. All you need is basic carpentry skills, the right tiny house design, and materials. You can reach out to plumbers and electricians to help you set up the wiring and the plumbing, but aside from that, you can do most of the work by yourself. Building a tiny house is a great way for you to improve your carpentry skills, and have fun at the same time.


Tiny houses are great alternatives to regular houses or apartments because they are affordable, easy to maintain, and they even allow you to travel. There are some setbacks to tiny house living, but they can be overcome if you are creative enough. Living in a tiny house is a fun housing option that you take advantage of.

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