7 Must Eat Places in Tuscaloosa

You only get four years here in T-town and let me tell you, those years will fly by! One of the best parts of Tuscaloosa, hands down, has been all of the different options of food places it has to offer with more and more places coming every year. Here is the scoop on the best 7 places to eat in Tuscaloosa.


  1. Chuy’s – Ok don’t get me wrong I know Chuy’s isn’t just local to Tuscaloosa but it is by far my favorite place in Tuscaloosa. Hear me out for a second… Every day during the week they have happy hour from 4 – 7 PM with half price margaritas AND they have a whole free nacho bar with free queso, meat, and everything else you could ever want to top your nachos with! I mean come on, how could you ever pass that up?!
  1. Heritage House –Even though Heritage House is a coffee house, they serve some of the best food. My favorite thing is their California Club which consists of avocado spread, turkey, ham, bacon, and cheese. Let me tell you, it is SO GOOD! They also probably have the best coffee ever. I love their “Bama Blitz” and I get it iced because I am all about the iced coffee and wow. Life changing people. Life changing. If you’re looking for a coffee house in Tuscaloosa, Heritage House is it!
  1. Frutta Bowls –For all my health freaks out there, Frutta Bowls is for you! It literally shocks me when people say that haven’t tried Frutta yet because wow it’s amazing. My favorite thing to get is the Frutella Bowl with no coconut flakes on top. It has an acai base, topped with granola, strawberries, bananas, peanut butter, and Nutella. It is literally sooooooo good! They also have different bases like kale or pitaya for your bowl or you can build your bowl from scratch too. If you haven’t tried it yet, make sure you go because it is the best acai bowl place ever.
  1. Glory Bound – I never had gyros until I came to Tuscaloosa and tried Glory bound so I really didn’t know what to expect at first. My favorite is the comeback gyro and y’all it’s amazing! They also have deals every single night of the week so I mean how can you pass up good food and good deals?! Their drinks are also amazing which makes any place 10x better! 
  1. Nicks in the Sticks – I didn’t try Nicks in the Sticks till this past summer and I seriously regret it so much. It is kind of far from campus and where I live so it is a little inconvenient but it is so worth the drive! The steaks are so cheap yet so good and you literally get a side and a salad and your total is like less than $10 and I am all for a good deal. (Also, I highly suggest their Nicodemus drink. Just trust me.)
  1. Dreamland BBQ – Tuscaloosa is literally known for Dreamland so of course it is a must eat when visiting Tuscaloosa. If you go to the old Dreamland they only have ribs and sausage but if you go to the new one they have a whole menu (which can be nice). I will say either location you pick they serve their amazing banana pudding that is a must so I mean it’s a win/win situation. If you’re not a big ribs person, their wings are super good or literally anything else on the menu. One weird thing that I really love about Dreamland too is that they give you white bread and you dip it in their sauce and that is probably my favorite part. The BBQ down here in the south just can’t be beat.
  1. Jalapeños – I could eat Mexican food every single day so of course Jalapenos is on my favorite places to eat list. I used the be the person who would only get a quesadilla from Mexican restaurants but my friends introduced me to “Dirty Rice” and I haven’t gone back to quesadillas since. If you haven’t heard of Dirty Rice it is rice with whatever meat (I always get chicken) and then queso on top. Probably the next best thing since margaritas!


If you’re here in Tuscaloosa for the next four years or just stopping by, I promise you will want to check some of these places out! I could eat at these 7 places over and over. Maybe that’ll be my new thing, one restaurant a day for the rest of my time here because I sure am going to miss these places! I would love to know what you think if you try any of these places for the first time.

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