7 Products Under $20 You Need for Your Dorm Room

Although most students have already moved in to their dorm rooms, you may find yourself lacking in dorm essentials! With your room already decorated, you might be looking for some ways to spice it up. And as if dorm life wasn’t stressful enough (you’re sharing a bathroom with HOW MANY people, again?) now you have to worry about having all the essentials. Plus, can you say BUDGET? Well, worry not dorm dweller! We here at Sarah Scoop are here to do the work for you to help spice up your dorm room!

Here are 7 products all under $20 you need for your dorm room.

1. Civago 20oz Tumbler with Lid and Straw

Image of Tumbler with lid and straw
Image credit: Amazon

We’re going to start with the obvious: college is a lot of work, and staying hydrated is key. Luckily, Amazon has this stainless steel tumbler for only $12.99, perfect for quenching your thirst. The best part? It’s insulated, which means your hot bevs stay hot and your cold drinks stay icy like Elsa. Another perk? 19 color and pattern options. Which means at a price this good you can buy in bulk and have one to match every outfit!

2. Easy Peel + Stick Gold Wall Decal Dots

Image of gold wall peel and stick dot decals
Image credit: Amazon

Decor can be a major issue for dorms. A common rule is that each resident is not allowed to put holes in the walls, which can make putting up any decorations difficult. This is why we might be just a little obsessed with these $14.94 Amazon wall decals! The two inch dots are vinyl, which means they’re safe for walls and don’t do damage. Don’t like the layout? No problem! Just peel them off and start over. And with nine colors to choose from, they’re perfect for any swatch you have in mind.

3. LED Motion Glow Strip Lights

Image of LED strip lights
Image credit: Target

Another life-saver to avoid damage to the walls! Each six foot set of lights includes 60 warm white LED lights that are motion-activated and include an on-off timer. Six feet too long for your pad? No problem, these can be trimmed. They’re also battery operated (four AAA batteries, not included) so you don’t have to use up one of your limited plugs. Brighten your world for only $10.00 at Target.

4. Marble Dry Erase Board

Image of marble dry erase board
Image credit: Target

Another home run from Target. College is crazy, and it seems like there’s never any way to remember everything. Luckily this 11″ x 14″ inch dry erase board can save the day. Upcoming study session? Party you just can’t miss? Keep it all scheduled on this marble print surface. The board comes with a dry erase marker (plus eraser) and two magnets, so you can keep your life organized. Another perk? The gold frame looks super chic, but you’re only spending $9.99.

5. Elements Bulldog Door Stopper

Image of plush plaid bulldog stopper with brown polka dot bow around neck
Image credit: Kohls

Okay, we’re just going to come right out and say it: everyone needs one of these. A cute plush that actually has a purpose, this polyester pup is too adorable to pass up. Not a dog person? Not a problem! Kohls carries an entire Elements Door Stopper line, including a cat, llama, sloth, owl, squirrel, hedgehog, elephant, and penguin. Totally worth $19.99 (currently on sale for $12.99).

6. Spectrum® Richmond Over-the-Door Hat and Coat Hook

Image of grey over the door duo hook
Image credit: Bed Bath & Beyond

A little bit basic, but totally necessary. Dorms aren’t known for being spacious, which means you need to save a few inches whenever possible. Which is why we recommend this door hook to keep your most-used items out of the way. Favorite ball caps, comfy sweaters, or your daily bag, whatever you need quick access to is at the tip of your fingers. Measuring, 4.75″ L x 1.75″ W x 8″ H, this steel hook can be found at Bed Bath & Beyond for just $5.99.

7. Illuminated 8.5-Inch Door Hanger

Image of illuminated dry erase door hanger
Image credit: Bed Bath & Beyond

This product does the job before you even take a step inside. The Illuminated Door Hanger has a dry erase board on the front, so you can leave messages when stepping out or simply wish to be left alone. The best part? A slot in the back to store the included dry erase marker, so you never lose it. Just $7.99 from Bed Bath & Beyond, this trendy dorm accessory is the perfect way to keep your door up to date with no hassle.

Now that your dorm has become the envy of everyone on campus, tell us all about it in the comments!

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