7 Amazing Ways To Use Coconut Oil

I may be a new passenger on the coconut oil bandwagon, but it’s safe to say that I am here to stay. Over the past few months, I’ve discovered tons and tons of ways to use coconut oil, and I can’t keep them to myself any longer! I wanted to share 7 unique uses for coconut oil with SarahScoop readers.

Eye-makeup remover

I am a huge makeup guru. I love trying new makeup techniques and am especially fond of a smoky eye for a night out. One of the biggest difficulties I’ve encountered with dark eye-makeup is removing it at the end of the day. I’ve tried all sorts of makeup wipes and while they usually work fairly well, I’ve found that they leave a little bit of residue when all is said and done. For anyone out there who has experienced a similar situation, coconut is the answer to all of your unsaid prayers. Grab two cotton balls and dab them in a jar of coconut oil. Close your eyes nice and tight (it does burn a bit if it gets into your eye) and rub the oil just as you would with a makeup wipe. Rinse afterwards and you’ll notice impeccably soft skin around your eyes and every last bit of makeup is gone!

Frizz Tamer

Whether you like to admit it or not, we all have frizz and we have all tried every method in the book to keep those stubborn, uninvited hairs in place. Hairspray gets the job done but it also matts your hair to your head and leaves you looking like Alfalfa. Gels and liquids get the job done as well but they also leave your hair extremely greasy and cause your scalp to itch. This is wear coconut oil comes in. Dab a TINY amount of oil on your hands and rub through your hair (too much will cause the same amount of grease as a gel). In this case, a little bit goes a very long way and you’ll notice that your frizz stays under control all day long!


I have found that some chapsticks make my lips even drier than they were before I used it! What’s the deal with that? In the winter months, especially, chapped lips seem to be an utterly lost cause. I also tend to lose all of chapsticks before they’re even remotely close to being finished. In situations like this, I began using Vaseline as an at home remedy for chapped lips. I really liked how it worked but found that it dried up too quickly. I began to use coconut oil per suggestion by a friend and loved the results! The oil lasts much longer than chapstick or Vaseline and it makes my lips soft to the touch long after use.


I had never heard of oil pulling until recently but I decided to give it a try. I was sitting at home one day surfing the web and came across a post on Lauren Conrad’s blog. Lauren talked about oil pulling and all of its benefits but I wasn’t thoroughly convinced. I did some more research on the web before giving it a try myself. (If you don’t trust me, you can find a more detailed explanation here: What is oil pulling?) To start, grab a measuring tool and pour a tablespoon amount of coconut oil. Swish the oil in your mouth for 10-20 minutes. There are multiple benefits to this ancient tradition: the oil removes toxins from your body, eliminates bacteria in the mouth, and cleans plaque from teeth. (These are just a few of MANY!) Tip: When you’re done swishing, spit the oil into a garbage can! Spitting the oil into the sink will clog your drain and make for a messy situation.

Bath-time Moisturizer

During my freshman year in college, my roommate told me about an at home-remedy that she used for smooth skin. She used a scoop of sugar and equal amounts of baby oil to create a natural exfoliate for her skin in the bath. I like this remedy but find that sugar and baby oil aren’t always easily accessible when I bathe. When I came across coconut oil, I decided to try a similar technique. However, instead of combining ingredients in a bowl, I put the coconut oil directly into the bathwater. (Once again, a little bit goes a long way and too much could clog your drain!) Coconut oil as a moisturizer works to eliminate cellulite, dry skin, and even reducing scarring. Be good to your skin: give it a try!

Clean Makeup Brushes

It is crucial to keep your makeup brushes bacteria-free. I have learned this the hard way and have dealt with some incredibly embarrassing and scarring breakouts from overused and makeup clogged brushes. Makeup gurus suggest that you clean your brushes ONCE a week. Rather than buying an expensive cleaner from a makeup company, try coconut oil + anti-bacterial soap. These ingredients help condition the bristles and clean them of all previous residue. Check out this step-by-step guide for cleaning your brushes!

Redness/Irritation Combat

I was not blessed with porcelain skin like some incredibly lucky people in this world. I’ve had to work for it and coconut oil has proven to be a wonderful assistant in my struggles. I have tried multiple face washes that claim to lessen redness and uneven skin tones. None have truly lived up to their promises. After some research, I decided to try a “coconut oil mask” of sorts before bed. I wash my face with soap and water to prevent breakouts and then apply a VERY THIN layer of coconut oil (I say very thin because I don’t want it to get all over my sheets!) Also, I sleep with the mask on and let the oil soak into my skin over night. I’m happy to see much less irritation and fewer red blotches on my face. I can’t guarantee that it will work for everyone but I encourage you to give it a try if you’re facing a similar issue!

Rest assured that these are only a few ways to get the most out of coconut oil. Relish in the never-ending list of uses, ladies.

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