7 Things You Didn’t Know About the Filming of #AGhostStory

A Ghost Story has impressed critics everywhere and will be hitting theaters on July 28th!  While you may think that this movie is just about a man under a white sheet, there is so much more to this haunting plot.  This is one of those movies that really makes you think about the meaning of life and what we’re all really doing here on Earth.  

The story begins by showing a loving couple, “C” and “M” (Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara) living in a house that is old yet meaningful to “C”.  After a fatal accident, “C” passes away, but his spirit is still present inside of the house.  As “M” mourns the loss of her husband, “C” attempts to reach out to her in many different ways from beyond the grave.  One by one, “C” watches people come and go from the house that he once loved, and he realizes the unending loop that is life.  This haunting story will chill you to the bone in more ways than one and it’s a must-see for the people of this generation.  Here are 7 things that you didn’t know about the filming of A Ghost Story, in theaters today!

1. At Some Points During Filming, Director David Lowery Wanted to Pull the Plug on the Whole Movie

During filming, Lowery was worried that the concept of the movie was too bold for the screen, and wanted to trash the whole story.  Luckily, everyone else involved in the production of film believed in the movie’s powerful message and pushed Lowery to keep going.

2. The Epic “Pie Eating Scene” was Done in Only a Few Takes

After learning about the death of her husband, “M” devours an entire pie as a way of mourning over her loss.  This painful scene was done in only a couple of takes because Rooney Mara could only eat so much pie in one sitting.

3. Casey Affleck was Actually Under the Ghost Costume

You might think that the hidden person under the sheet was just a crew member, but it was actually Casey Affleck.  Although you couldn’t see his face, Affleck reportedly loved being under the sheet, and says that it has completely changed his acting mindset.

4. The Film was Inspired by a Quote

David Lowery’s inspiration for the movie came from the quote, “Whatever hour you woke, there was a door shutting,” from a short work called “A Haunted House” by Virginia Woolf.  These words are plastered on the screen within the first seconds of the movie, setting the tone for the whole story.

5. Lowery Kept the Movie Under Wraps

In case of failure, David Lowery didn’t want to share the news of his new movie with anyone.  Lowery wanted a safety net just in case he got cold feet on the idea (which he did).

6. The Ghost Costume was More Than Just a White Sheet

In order for the costume to function realistically, it was made up of multiple petticoats and a helmet that had built in eye cavities.

7. Ke$ha Makes a Special Appearance in the Movie

Famous pop artist Ke$ha is actually featured in a group shot of the movie.  She’s not easy to spot, so you’ll have to watch carefully or else you might miss her!

Now that you have some background information about the film, don’t miss A Ghost Story, in theaters today!

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