7 Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Blog

Once upon a time blogs were like an online diary. Now, for many people, they are a business. Blogs exist in pretty much every niche that you can imagine. Bloggers are making full-time incomes; some are getting to attend exciting events and meet interesting people. Blogs inform, entertain, and offer fantastic help and advice. Many people turn to blogs when they want to know how to do something, find a recipe, or take comfort in the fact that they are not alone. Blogs can be communities, ways to make money, and a great way to grow something special from nothing. 

In 2020 there are more than 500 million blogs, and over 2 million posts are added daily. These posts range in topic and type and come from platforms such as WordPress, blogger, and Tumblr. Some blogs are hobbies, other businesses, even more, are somewhere in the middle. 

You may worry that it is too late to start a blog. With so much competition, could you get noticed? Why would people read yours over more established options, and could you make money?

Well, there is still plenty of value in starting a blog. But, it’s not easy. So, whether you are looking to make new friends and learn new skills, or make an income, here are some things that you should know before you get started. 

It’s Hard Work

Blogging is tough. Whether you decide to post three times a week or once a month, each post requires research, keyword planning, photography, editing, maybe creating videos. Then, there’s sharing to social media and building an audience. It’s not as easy as writing posts and people reading them. Most of the bloggers that you see making a full-time income work at least full-time hours, often more than they would in a job. Blogging certainly isn’t a get rich quick scheme and most of the people that assume that it is, give up relatively quickly.

There are Many Different Ways to Make Money

A common question bloggers today get asked is “how do you make money?” well, the truth is there’s no easy answer here. The bloggers that do well often make money from a variety of different streams, or at least they do until they find one thing that works well. You may earn from advertising, affiliate marketing, working with brands, from your social media posts, or from selling a product or service. 

The Importance of Online Safety

Online safety is essential to anyone that spends time online. But, as bloggers spend a lot of time online, and often share a lot of their lives with their readers, knowing the ins and outs of Online safety is absolutely paramount. You certainly shouldn’t start sharing until you’ve done some research, and it’s always worth making the time for regular safety checks. 

It’s Ok to Start Small

As a new blogger, you won’t get the readers, income, or opportunities that more experienced bloggers do. Your blog might not look as good as theirs either. This can be frustrating. But, remember everyone starts somewhere. It’s ok to start small and take your time to learn. In fact, this is often the best way to do it. 

There’s a Lot to Learn

Blogging is far more complicated than you might imagine. A lot goes into making your site a success, and there’s a lot to learn. The more you soak up, the faster you will start to see results. Read books, learn from other bloggers, and don’t be scared to ask questions. 

Things Change Quickly

That said, it’s also important to realise that blogging is growing and evolving all of the time. You don’t just learn at the beginning. Even when you hit the top of the SERPS, you need to keep learning and updating if you want to stay there. 

SEO is Crucial

Many new bloggers make the mistake of focusing all of their efforts on social media. While social media is important, it’s got nothing on SEO. Learn about and implement good SEO, and the views will keep coming long after you hit publish, instead of only when you share something with your followers. 

Blogging is a great way to make friends, share ideas, and to learn new skills, and yes, it can be a way to make money. But, if you go into it thinking it will be easy, that the money will come rolling in, and that millions of people will read your first post, you’ll be disappointed. Learn more, start with more realistic ideas, and your blogging journey could be fabulous.

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