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7 Underrated Places to Visit on Each Continent

Each continent has a multitude of places to visit! Travelling is something that becomes a never-ending adventure once you start. Next time you are planning your next vacation, think of something new! Here are my suggestions for underrated places to visit, one from each continent!

(Source: National Geographic)

Quebec City, Canada (North America)

There is no other place like it! It’s a mix of European style with Canada’s love for winter and snow. There is so much to do here, especially during winter when there is a city-wide festival just for the snow! If you can’t go during winter though, that’s okay. It’s just as beautiful during summertime! This place feels like it’s right out of a fairy tale!

(Source: Lonely Planet)

Patagonia, Chile (South America)

This area has a great amount of excitement! There are gorgeous marble caves, small seaside villages, and Magellanic penguins going about their business. This area is hard to reach because not a lot of people live there. It’s on the border of Argentina and Chile. If you want a laid back vacation with beautiful things to see, this is the place to go! (Source: Shutterbug Traveler)

Hallstatt, Austria (Europe)

A small village on the western shore of a lake, only about a thousand people live here! That doesn’t mean they don’t get their fair share of visitors! There are plenty of things to enjoy here including their market square which looks incredible and has just as much to do! If you ever take a trip to Europe, this is a must see!

(Source: SmugMug)

Deception Island (Antarctica)

Think traveling to Antarctica was out of the question? Think again! Many travel to Antarctica to do so many great things, so the continent within itself is somewhat overrated! That being said, Deception Island is an area that you must visit. It’s a harbor that also is an (active) volcano!


(Source: Living Nomads)

Nha Trang, Vietnam (Asia)

Fun Fact: This is my mom’s hometown! She grew up on a gorgeous beach, but still near the city. It’s one of the best places in the entire world for scuba diving and viewing other sea animals. It’s truly one of the most gorgeous bays in the entire world! It also has some of the most amazing restaurants!

(Source: Business Insider)

Fez, Morocco (Africa)

The former capital of Morocco is one of the best cities in Africa to travel to! Many call this city one of the most unique places to go! It’s an area with so many different cultures. It’s known as being focused on the future, while still remembering the past. The entire city is beautiful and completely stunning to look at! 

(Source: Broome Air)

Broome, Western Australia (Australia)

Think of a pearl when you think of Broome because this was an area that revolutionized the pearling industry. This area has an almost completely flat beach which is pretty much unheard of! It’s a beautiful place to relax and explore!

When you’re thinking of travelling somewhere new, think of going to one of these seven amazing places!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.