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7 Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Organized

Kitchens can easily become clutter zones due to the amount of necessary items that need to be stored here. If you’ve got a small and poky kitchen, keeping on top of clutter can become even more of a challenge. Here are 7 ways to try and keep your kitchen more tidy and organized.

Use the food you already have

Many of us hoard food in our cupboards and freezer that never gets used. Make it your mission to get through these foods so that you’ve got a less cluttered kitchen. There may be some foods that you’re never going to use and may be best chucking out. These could include novelty gift sauces or baking ingredients from a short-lived cake-baking phase. You may even be able to give them to someone else or donate them.

Wash up dishes straight away

Unwashed dishes can pile up on your countertop and clutter up your kitchen. Wash your dishes after every meal to stop this piling up. If you have a dishwasher, put your plates straight in here rather than leaving them on the side to put away later.

Get rid of unnecessary implements

Try creating a more minimal kitchen by getting rid of the items you never use. This could include surplus items such as extra bottle openers and cutlery. Also consider gadgets you may never use such as toastie machines and spaghetti makers – if you haven’t regularly used them until now, it’s unlikely you’ll make use of them in the future.

Limit countertop items

Modern countertops are coated in items including microwaves, kettles, coffee machines, toasters, chopping boards, tea and coffee containers, breadbins and fruit bowls just to name a few. Try to keep a limit on items contained here so that you have more preparation space. If you haven’t got much countertop to work with, consider storing knives in drawers and having tea and coffee containers in a cupboards. Small devices like toasters may even be better off stored out of sight. You may want to show off certain items, but with little counterspace it’s likely to make your kitchen look messy.

Use multi-purpose equipment

It could be worth investing in some multi-purpose equipment. For example, you can now buy breakfast stations that can toast bread and make you coffee. Also think about bigger multi-purpose items such as a fridge/freezer rather than having a separate fridge and freezer.

Add more storage

Once you’ve decluttered, you can then start to think about installing extra storage. Adding in some new kitchen cabinets could help you to store more items in your kitchen. You may be able to find ones that are more spacious or make better use of the room. You may even want to add more countertop space.

Hang objects

You may be able to use empty walls as hanging space for many items. This could include a magnetic strip for knives and metal implements, or hooks for items like spatulas and sieves. You may even be able to hang baskets on the wall for keeping items in.

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Kitchen remodeling

Tuesday 31st of March 2020

Good recommendations for updating the kitchen. We plan to use some tips.

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