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7 Ways to Wear Leather


Leather. Just reading that one word sends images a swirling of many images ranging from rebels without causes to bad to the bone bikers from years past. Lucky for us ladies, leather has been so tough that it’s still a popular fabric today. And, if you haven’t noticed, it’s one of the biggest trends for the upcoming season. So, how can you pull of leather this season without scaring people off? Well, Sarahscoop invites you to come along with us as we elaborate on 7 different ways to wear leather.


The Classy Leather Dress


Leather dress? Classy? Yes, believe it or not, those two words not only work in the same sentence, they make for a show-stopping outfit. It’s a statement piece, but also acts as a clean palette, so make it your own by adding fun jewelry and a detailed bag. Take inspiration from our approach to a daytime outfit. Tip: mix textures for a lighter look.



A Little Touch of Leather


If you’re not ready to go all out as we recommend in number one (even though everyone can work it!), start out with just a little touch of leather, and still look chic.



Leather Top


Another effortless way to make leather girly is to pair your leather top with a pleated floral skirt.


Leather Pants


Leather pants are a good way to incorporate practicality into a chic outfit. It’s also a great opportunity to experiment with colored leather, and  Wear it to brunch with your girlfriends, at work, or drinks at night. Either way, you will be effortlessly chic with a bit of an edge.


Leather Skirt


A big trend in the winter, leather skirts carry well over into spring. Tuck a flow-y tunic into it, pair it with a floral tank, or rock it with an edgy graphic tee.


Leather Jacket


ScreenGrab-2013-2-2-802329-15596Of course, who could forget the timeless leather jacket? For maximum shock value, add a soft, dainty dress, like this one we’ve paired with it, or a floral ensemble.


Leather Shorts


To celebrate the first of the warm days of the year, slide into some leather shorts. They’re cooler (temperature-wise and fashion-wise) than you think!


We know that the face of leather hasn’t always been a pretty one in the past, but do note that it’s been undergoing a major makeover the past few years. Hurry up and get your leather to wear this spring! You’re behind!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.