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75+ Best Christmas Gifts for Tweens (2023)

The introduction to social media apps and trends has drastically changed the perspective of the youth, especially tween girls and boys. Nowadays, tween girls will take a liking to products advertised on Instagram or TikTok, so it can become a difficult task to find the perfect gift for them.

Tween boys and girls will often have a long wish list of things around Christmas as their interests always seem to change.

best christmas gifts for tweens

But here is a gift guide for great gifts that is sure to impress your middle schooler. These products are parent approved and can range from a game console to pretty hair scrunchies. The best part about this list of Christmas gifts is that many of them can also apply to teen girls as well.

Here’s the scoop on the best Christmas gifts for tweens!

Tech Gifts for Tweens

Many of these tech gifts are perfect for people of all ages. If you have a middle schooler, you are sure to get some major brownie points if you decide to buy your tween electronics.

1. Apple Airpods Pro

These Apple AirPods are a big hit for iPhone users and will definitely pique the interest of your tween. The noise-canceling AirPods come with a charging case and touch control for a smooth listening experience.

2. Sparkle Pop Socket

One of the best gifts for both young and old kids, this sparkle pop socket comes in various colors and is great if you want to prop your phone up. Keep in mind that the pop socket will only stick to iPhones if you have the right case.

3. Glitter Phone Case

One present idea that will impress a tween girl is a glitter phone case! This protective sparkly case ensures protection and is shockproof.

4. Fuji Instax Film Mini Camera

Let your tween make good use of memories by gifting her a Fuji Instax film camera set! The polaroid camera comes with a carrying case, batteries, films, and accessories. If they don’t like blue, you can choose from several colors like pink or white. It’s one of the best things you can get for a big kid. Cool gifts are hard to find, so make gift shopping easy and add this to your cart.

5. Apple Pencil

It’s time to get creative with a pencil specifically for iPads. This special gift gives your tween the freedom to draw to their heart’s content. The pencil also makes note-taking easier and could be the perfect addition to their collection of school supplies.

6. Wireless Gaming Headset

If your tween loves to play video games, consider buying them a new wireless gaming headset! These wireless headphones are compatible with PC and mobile and comes with a built-in microphone. You also have the option to detach the mic if you choose to.

7. Vinyl Stickers

One of the coolest gifts to impress your tween is to buy them vinyl stickers to enhance their laptop or phone. These stickers are waterproof and super trendy! These are the perfect way to tweens to customize their water bottles, cardboard toys and laptops. Plus, you can support small businesses and purchase from small shops.

8. Bluetooth Turntable for Vinyl Records

This Bluetooth vinyl turntable is great for special occasions or for everyday use. Tweens are more likely to explore music when going through changes in their life like transitioning from Elementary to Middle school. This

9. Smartphone Video Rig

This smartphone video rig with light is the perfect present for tweens, especially girls. This phone stabilizer gives your tween the freedom to film videos and makeup tutorials.

10. Headphones with Built-in Microphone

pink and white headphones with wire

If your tween loves to listen to music or sing, these headphones will make the perfect gift. The over-ear headphones come in various colors and are tangle free with wires.

11. Echo Dot Smart Speaker

The Echo Dot speaker is user-friendly and is the perfect gift for all ages. Jam to your favorite songs with this Alexa speaker!

12. Night Light Bluetooth Speaker

This Bluetooth speaker not only allows you to play your favorite music but can also serve as a night light with various color modes. Adjust the light with the touch sensor and you’re good to go.

13. Alarm Clock

Most tweens probably won’t have alarm clocks at the top of their wishlist but it’s all about finding the right one with cool features. This alarm clock in particular has sunrise stimulation and 7 different natural alarm sounds.

Household Gifts

Your daughter or son may decide that they want to decorate their room with unique decorations to represent them. Here are some gifts that they may want on their Christmas wishlist:

14. Reusable Water Bottle

A gift that your tween may not even know they need. A reusable water bottle is a great gift, especially if your tween loves to go on adventures. These insulated water bottles come with stickers and vary in color.

15. Cinema Light Box

Your tween may thank this lightbox is essential for sleepovers and making a good impression on their friends. These decorative signs are personalized to say whatever you like.

16. Frozen Fruit Soft Serve Dessert Maker

Make homemade soft serve ice cream from the comfort of your kitchen! This dessert maker will be put to use for tweens who love ice cream and baking! They can choose any delicious fruit to make the perfect dessert.

17. Faux Fur Throw Blanket

A blanket is always needed, especially during the holiday season when the temperatures are super cold. Gift your tween a faux fur blanket in their favorite colors!

18. Floor Lounger

Another essential for a sleepover is a place for friends to relax like this cute polka-dot floor lounger! You can choose from a variety of designs to match your tween’s room!

19. Faux Fur Lounge Pillow Cover

Spice up your tween’s bedroom pillows with this faux fur pillow cover! Your tween will love this if they enjoy cozy sleepovers.

20. Photo Bulletin Board

pink and white bulletin board

Photo bulletin boards are a great way to cherish memories and can be a wonderful piece to have in a bedroom for all ages.

21. Inspirational Wall Art

When you’re most likely designing a tween’s room, at least one piece of inspirational wall art is needed to pull the room together. If you know what your tween is interested in, consider buying them a beautiful piece of wall art. The best part is that there are unlimited designs to choose from.

22. Heart-shaped Straws

One of the most unique gifts for tweens is heart-shaped straws. Make sure to buy the reusable ones, so your tween can use them for their tumbler.

23. Rounded/ Saucer Chair

If your tween loves to read, lounge, or have sleepovers, a rounded chair may be the best gift for them. They come in various colors and are paired perfectly with a coffee table.

24. LED Lights Photo Clips

Another great way to capture memories is to have LED light photo clips! Your tween will enjoy these photo clips if they love taking photos and designing their personal space.

25. Custom Name Neon Sign

Sometimes your tween wants to have a personalized item in their room and a custom name neon sign may be the best option as they are inexpensive and easy to display.

26. Desk Organizer

When your tween is working on homework at home, they need space to work effectively. Buying a desk organizer for your tween can reduce distractions and make their desk area look more presentable.

27. Cactus Light

A cactus LED light may be one of the best Christmas gifts for tweens who love plants! They can express their love for cacti while also sticking with the latest room decoration trends!

28. Baking Set

A baking set is a great gift for aspiring bakers or people who just love to bake. Tweens will especially love having a baking set to fix their favorite desserts.

29. Glow in the Dark Stars

Light up a dark room with glow-in-the-dark stars! Tweens will especially enjoy looking up at the stars if they love learning about galaxies and stars.

30. Popcorn Maker

light blue popcorn maker with a bowl of popcorn

It’s time to make movie night interesting with your very own popcorn maker! Tweens who love movie night and popcorn will enjoy this popcorn maker.

31. Wall Jewelry Storage

Keep jewelry organized with a beautiful jewelry hanger for your tween’s bedroom wall! This organizer will help your tween stay organized in the jewelry department.

32. Urban Outfitters Sunset Lamp

If your tween girl loves sunsets and likes lighting their room up in colors, this sunset lamp will be the perfect addition to their room!

Jewelry & Accessories

33. Harry Potter Time Turner Necklace

A must for tweens who love Harry Potter. This time turner necklace will fulfill every Harry Potter fan’s dream, especially if they love Hermione Granger.

34. Butterfly Claw Clip

To add a little touch to a tween’s daily outfit, consider gifting them butterfly hair clips. They come in an assortment of colors to match different outfits.

35. Jewelry Making Kit

A jewelry making kit may pique your tween’s interest if they love jewelry. Your tween can make bracelets and necklaces to pass them out to their friends. The best part about this gift is it will allow your daughter or son to become creative and make their own unique pieces.

36. Smiley Face Necklace and Bracelet

Brighten your tween’s day with a smiley face necklace and bracelet! The choker necklace can be paired with an outfit and is less likely to break compared to other jewelry.

37. Custom Name Necklace

Impress your tween with a custom necklace with their name on it! It lets them know that their necklace is unique and personal to them.

38. Handmade Bracelets

If your tween doesn’t like creating bracelets themselves, you can always buy them handmade ones that are already placed together. These handmade bracelets come in many colors. They also can be worn on the ankle.

39. Velvet Hair Scrunchies

over 20 velvet colorful scrunchies

Most people don’t pay as much attention to hair accessories compared to jewelry and sunglasses, but hair accessories can make an outfit look more put together. Buying velvet scrunchies for your tween could be a good option for styling.

40. Holographic Fanny Pack

A trendy gift to impress your tween this holiday season! Your tween can wear this fanny pack on a daily basis to hold on to essentials while staying in style.

41. Mood Earrings

Mood earrings are the perfect gift as the colors change based on your mood. This is one of the best Christmas gifts for tweens as they can wear them on daily basis to match their outfits.

42. Soft Band Watch

Since cell phones have been introduced, not many people wear watches. If your tween has shown special interest in watches as fashion pieces, consider buying them a soft band watch.

43. Cross Bag Purse

Cross bags are always convenient and can be used on any occasion. Gift your tween a unique cross bag purse for travel and everyday use. This cat-shaped cross bag is perfect for tween and teen girls.

44. Unicorn Keychains

Add a cute accessory to your tween’s purse! These unicorn keychains are great stocking stuffers and come in a variety of designs.

45. Vintage Sunglasses

cat eye glasses in different colors

Take your tween’s style to the next level with vintage sunglasses! Give your tween these cat-eye style sunglasses and they will be impressed.

46. Stranger Things Charm Bracelet

This Stranger Things themed bracelet is one of the best Christmas gifts for tweens who love the famous tv show, Stranger Things! The charm bracelet can be worn as a part of a Halloween costume or for everyday wear.

Beauty Gifts for Tweens

47. Body Butter

Impress your tweens with body butter to keep their skin moisturized during the winter. This pink love flutter body butter is hydrating and prevents scarring.

48. Mascara Set

If your tween is into makeup and spends hours watching makeup tutorials, you might want to think about buying her a mascara set for her makeup collection. This is a great gift for teenage girls.

49. Lip Gloss

Make your tween’s day by placing lip gloss in a stocking. Buy this 10-piece lip gloss collection, so your tween can pick from a variety of colors. Lip balm or lip gloss will make one of the best tween girl gifts.

50. Face Sheet Masks

various skincare face masks with fun packaging for tweens

Sheet masks always make great gifts, especially for tweens who are beginning to pay attention to their skin and overall appearance. You can’t go wrong with face masks or a lip mask as most of them are geared toward all skin types.

51. Lush Bath Bombs

Bath bombs have recently become popular, making perfect gifts for all ages. When you visit the Lush website, you are instantly flooded with so many colorful bath bombs in an array of different colors. If your tween loves taking baths and relaxing, bath bombs may be a good option.

52. Vanity Mirror

Almost all girls will be impressed when you gift them a vanity mirror for their makeup counter. Your tween will feel like a star with this bright LED light vanity.

53. Perfume Set

Perfumes can be tricky when it comes to different scents, especially for tweens. The best way to shop for perfumes for someone is to let them shop with you to ensure you’re buying a scent that they will love. This is a great way to make sure you get the right gifts. Overall, a perfume set is a great gift for a young woman.

54. Cadoodle on the Go

This plastic box can be used as storage for makeup and art supplies. Your tween will love this gift for Christmas to help them stay organized.

55. Press on Nails

It’s time to get artsy with press on fake nails! You can buy some with a Christmas theme or other themes that your tween will love.

56. Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers are a unique Christmas gift but make great stocking stuffers. For tweens, picking out the right scents for hand sanitizers can be difficult. Consider taking them to Bath and Body Works or giving them gift cards to pick out their own.

Toys and Books

57. Board Games

the game of life board game

When buying board games for tweens, it is key that you buy the right games to keep them interested for an extended period of time. This task can be difficult if your tween loves to spend time on their phones.

A hilarious card game or fun brain teasers could be great in addition to this board game gift! This is a good idea if you’re looking for the perfect birthday gift that can be used for the whole family.

58. Butter Slime Kit

Let your tween have a blast with butter slime! The DIY slime comes in a cupcake shape and is the perfect gift for boys and girls.

59. Roller Skates

Skate the night away with roller skates for your tween! This gift will be especially meaningful if there is a nearby skating place where they can show off their new skates.

60. Sketch Markers

Let your tween show off their artistic abilities with these sketch markers. Use these in coloring books or in a sketchbook!

61. Skateboard

If your tween has expressed interest in skateboarding, consider giving them an eye-popping skateboard to use at the skate park! This is a cool gift for teen boys and girls that they can use for the next couple of years to come.

62. Bubble Tea DIY Kit

This is a great Christmas gift for tweens who love bubble tea! Making your own bubble tea can be convenient if you happen to live far away from a bubble tea place.

63. Lego Set

With a lego set, your tween can get creative with endless possibilities to build. Although lego sets can be expensive, it is worth it to see your tween expand their building skills and imagination.

64. Squishmellows Scented Pack

A Christmas gift suitable for your tween on long car rides is these Squishmellows that come in a variety of colors and personalities. You can snuggle and play with them to eliminate screen time on phones.

65. Drum Kit

One of the most unique Christmas gifts for tweens is a drum kit. This gift will be especially perfect for girls or boys who enjoy music and playing instruments.

66. How to Code Book

Your tween will thank you later for an informative how-to-code book. It is an easy step-by-step guide on the basics of coding that could help your tween acquire knowledge for future computer classes.

67. Karaoke Microphone

rose gold karaoke mic

Sing your heart out with a karaoke microphone. For tweens who love to sing and entertain others, a karaoke microphone is the best Christmas gift. This karaoke microphone comes with buttons and is in a rose gold color.

68. Nintendo Switch

New things are so fun, especially when it’s one of the best fun gifts you could gift a tween! This Nintendo Switch is great for tweens who enjoy playing video games in their spare time.

A Nintendo Switch is the best gift as it gives them the ability to play their favorite games. They can also use this gift at their birthday party or at a friend’s house to play. And for an additional cost you can also purchase them games to play right off the bat.

This gaming console was probably already on their Christmas list, so make sure and grab this fun teen gift today and pop it in a gift box for the perfect Christmas suprise.

Clothes & Shoes

69. Jogger Fleece Sweatpants

Your tween should have comfortable clothes to wear at home and at school. These jogger fleece sweatpants are warm and cozy but also fashionable. If your tween engages in extracurricular activities, these joggers will make the perfect present.

70. Pajama Set

Everyone should have a nice pair of pajamas whether they are a solid color or covered in your favorite characters from pop culture. You can’t go wrong with pajama sets as Christmas presents, they are one of the perfect holiday gifts!

71. Cute Animal Socks

bright animal pattern socks in different colors

Start the new year off with cute socks for your tween! The best part about animal socks is you can choose from a variety of animals. These socks are an great stocking stuffer for a teenage boy or girl.

72. Unicorn Bathrobe

Stand out at a sleepover with a unicorn bathrobe! Deck out in this polka dot unicorn hooded bathrobe that comes in a variety of vibrant colors.

73. Combat Boots

Spice up your outfit with combat boots! Your tween will love having fashionable shoes to go with their school outfits.

74. Heated Slippers

Keep your tween’s feet warm this winter with cute heated slippers. These slippers are made of cotton and are fully microwaveable to generate heat.

75. Classic Vans

Place your tween in the spotlight with these classic vans. Choose which colors your tween will love and be prepared for them to be impressed.

76. Classic Crocs

colorful crocs in tie dye colors

Crocs are a popular shoe among people of all ages and it comes as no surprise that tweens love crocs with the ability to choose unique pins and colors. It is one of the best Christmas gifts that your tween will wear for years to come.

Since social media is more accessible, the younger audience has drifted to products that their favorite influencers advertise and use. Sometimes letting your tween pick out their Christmas gifts can make things a little easier this holiday season.

That’s the scoop on the best Christmas gifts for tweens! I hope you’ve found some great gifts for older kids, teenage boys, and teenage girls. It can take a little bit of time to find something perfect, but hopefully with the help of our list of best gifts for tweens, we were a able to save you a lot of time.

best christmas gifts for tweens

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