75 Best Unique Gifts For Surfers

Ah, the surfer life: salty sea air and sunshine, and the constant search for that perfect wave. Finding unique gifts for surfers to match this surfing lifestyle can definitely be a challenge!

Best Unique Gifts For Surfers

But, there’s no need to worry – you’ve come to the right place to find the best gift idea for the surfer in your life. From simple accessories to must-have gadgets here’s our list of the best gifts for surfers!

Keep reading for some of our favorite gift ideas. These are perfect for any price range that will make sure your favorite surfer has all they’ll need for catching those waves!

1. Wetsuit Changing Mat ‘IslandMat’

IslandMat’s Wetsuit Changing Mat is the perfect surfing gift and the only mat with 5000X waterproof technology.  It is incredibly durable, lightweight and long-lasting.  

The waterproof material combined with a circular-shaped form is perfect for the needs of the avid surfer in your family or group of friends. 

And if that’s not enough, it can easily hold two to three wetsuits or even more surfing accessories like your surf bikini and swim trunks all at once. Freeing your arms to take in the waves like you were meant to.

In short, this wetsuit changing mat is one gift any surfer would love to receive.

2. Sticky Bumps Warm/Tropical Water Surfboard Wax

Surfboard wax is an essential for surfers. Make sure your surfer is all set for the perfect surfing experience with this Sticky Bumps surf wax!

This wax comes in a pack of 6, so you know they’ll have enough wax for their next surfing adventure. 

This is the perfect gift for any surfer!

3. Revbalance Swell 2.0 – Surf & Paddle Balance Board Trainer

Surfer gifts can be hard to shop for. But look no further for the most fun gift to give the surfer in your life! 

The Revbalance Swell 2.0 balance board is designed to help them prepare for their next surf session so they can stay at the top of their game out on the water.

The magnetic stop system is adjustable and removable in seconds, giving users a full range of adjustability that allows them to level up or tone it down as they see fit.

Featuring a long roller and an expanded size, this versatile balance trainer ensures users can keep their balance whether heel-to-toe or side by side. 

So if you’re looking for the best way to show your appreciation for surfers’ passion, get them the RevBalance Swell 2.0 balance board!

4. Breakwater Supply™ Meanhigh Dry Bag

Keep all of your belongings dry while you’re surfing the waves! This dry bag is a must have for the ocean enthusiast in your life. 

Through rain or shine you can guarantee that your beach essentials and surf gear are safe and dry in this waterproof roll top backpack

Waterproof bags are essential if you’re a frequent beach goer!

With mesh pockets specially made to store your wet items after spending your day in the ocean, and side water bottle pockets ensure you have enough storage to stay hydrated, this bag is a gift a surfer is sure to love!

5. HAPPY TRAIL SURF CO. Surfboard Sock

Perfect for keeping your surfboard in-tact from the minor dings in transportation, surfboard socks are a must have for surfers!

Made with thicker fabric and reinforced nose pads, this sock covers all width boards providing coverage even on fin fittings that would otherwise tear lesser socks.

happy trail surfboard sock with smiley face a great unique gift for surfers
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As an added bonus, wax won’t make its way onto the interior of a car either thanks to this cleverly-crafted sleeve.

This surfboard sock is tightly knitted to provide excellent UV protection against sun bleaching and yellowing that can ruin a board over time. 

This is the perfect gift to show your appreciation for all their hard work on mastering those waves this summer!

6. KGUARD Waterproof Key Pouch for Water Sports

This Waterproof Key Pouch is one of the perfect unique gifts for surfers in your life who’s always looking for new ways to make the most of their waves! 

Whether they’re a beginner or an expert, this pouch is a reliable solution and a great way to keep their car keys handy.

With its innovative closure and patented design, not only is it watertight – it’s also soft against your skin, and won’t cause any irritation.

k guard for holding keys while surfing unique surfers gift
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This pouch also includes two cords – one short and one long – so it’s adjustable to fit around your neck or your surfing getup. So don’t worry about leaving those keys at home – just grab your pouch and hit the waves!

The last thing you need to worry about is your car in the parking lot while you’re busy catching waves!

7. Wetsuit Combo Gift Box 

Experience the joy of having the perfect holiday gift box for any water lover! 

The COR Surf Wetsuit Combo Gift Box features a protective wetsuit changing mat, microfiber changing towel poncho and folding wetsuit hanger.

wetsuit gift box cor surf with folding wetsuit hanger wetsuit changing mat and a changing towel robe for surfers
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Everything you need to maintain and organize your wetsuit in one amazing package! 

Treat that special surfer in your life with this gift box. They’ll be ready for their next surf trip and they’ll thank you for years to come!

8. COR Surf Surfboard Wall Rack

This premium wall rack is the perfect way to store and display any kind of surfboard, from longboards and shortboards in between surf sessions. 

The strong dark stained wood will hold up to even the heaviest boards, and it looks great indoors or outdoors.

 Plus, with its protective rubber strip that helps protect your board’s rails, you can rest assured that your prized surf collection will be kept safe.

This is a great gift if you’re in search of the perfect unique gift for surfers!

wall hanging surfboard rack for surfers
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Installation is a snap – all the included mounting hardware makes it simple. 

So if you want a sturdy wall rack that offers convenience and style in one great gift package, it’s a good idea to get the COR Surf Surfboard Wall Rack today!

9. Mara Stoneware Mug – Surfer

This unique mug is a work of art, perfect for any surfer with its fun and creative design. 

The high-quality mug is constructed using original designs, handmade in Mexico and handcrafted, etched and painted. 

unique surfer mug gift with surfer holding surfboard with waves in the background
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It is also microwave, dishwasher and oven safe! Give the Surfer Mara Stoneware Mug as a wonderful and unique gift for surfers you know; they will be sure to love it!

10. Surf’s Up Flask Gift Set

Bring those endless days of sunshine, crashing waves, and good times even closer to home with the Surf’s Up Flask Gift Set

This unique gift set is perfect for the beach-loving surfer in your life.

surf's up flask gift set for a unique gift for surfers
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This gift set features a round-designed flask that holds 10oz of their favorite beverage engraved with a fun set of surfboards and the words “Surf’s Up”. 

Not only will they love being able to show off their beach style wherever they go, but they won’t lose a single drop thanks to the two shot glasses and enclosed funnel that come included.

This unique gift for surfers is a no brainer! Grab it for the surfer in your life!

11. Totally Bamboo Rock & Branch Series Shiplap Surfboard Shaped Wood Serving and Cutting Board

Beautifully crafted from a mix of woods with that rustic shiplap pattern, this serving and cutting board is both a decor statement piece for the home and an eye-catching addition to any charcuterie spread.

surfboard cutting board or wall decor for home a unique gift for any surfer
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And when you’re not using it for displaying party snacks, you can turn it into wall art with the included hanging hole and tie. 

This Surfboard Shaped Wood Serving and Cutting Board is the perfect way to add a touch of surf style to any space. A great idea for a gift for surfers or anyone who lives life in search of new waves!

12. 4Monster Microfiber Beach Towel

If you’re in search of the best thing to gift a surfer – look no further! 

This specially designed towel is crafted out of quick drying microfiber for ultimate absorbency that makes it three times more effective than your regular beach towels. 

4 monster unique beach towel gift with blue waves and surfers
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It is engineered to repel sand particles so you don’t have any annoying grains sticking to you after use.

Simply shake and let it fall off for an extra-easy cleaning experience!

A portable travel bag is also included at no additional cost, so you can easily store and transport the towel.

This towel is a beach and surfer essential! Grab this for the surfer in your life today!

13. SUN CUBE Surf Poncho Changing Robe with Hood

This surf poncho changing robe is a 2 in 1! It doubles as a personal changing unit and as a fully absorbent towel for drying off after hitting the waves. 

It is also engineered with pockets, a hood, and adjustable button and sleeve openings all for an easy way to change in and out of your wetsuit.

surfer poncho towel for surfers to change wetsuit or swimsuit
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It can take a lot of time to change out of your wetsuit, so make the change quick and easy with this poncho!

This poncho is one size fits all so it will be the perfect gift for any surfer!

14. SHARKBANZ 2 Magnetic Shark Repellent Band

If you’re looking for a the perfect unique gift for the surfers in your life, then this is the gift for you!

Make sure your surfer pal is safe while they’re out catching waves at the beach with this shark repellent band!

sharkbanz repellent band to deter shark attacks for surfers unique gift
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We all want our loved ones to stay safe while they’re out in the ocean and with this award winning product, you can rest easy knowing the magnetic technology in this repellent brand is proven to be used to turn sharks away and prevent shark attacks to keep your surfer safe.

This band is worn by professionals and families and is great for ocean lovers age 5 or older. Get this for your surfer today!

15. Vintage Surfboard Patent Prints

Bring your surfers love of the art of the waves into their home with these Vintage Surfboard Patent prints!

6 unique vintage surfboard patent prints wall art for a gift for surfers
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Printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper, these 8×10 prints are made of high quality material and are easy to display in a frame that matches perfectly with their home decor. 

These prints are a unique gift and conversation starter for the surfers you know! Perfect for the avid surfer in your life.

16. Open Road Goods Surf Travel Kit & Surfer Gift Set

If the surfer in your life is an avid traveler, then this surf travel kit is the perfect gift! 

Sold from a small business, this travel kit is made of durable canvas that is 100% cotton and vegan leather.

canvas surf travel kit with surf wax reef safe sunscreen all natural lip balm a surf wax tool comb unique gift for surfers
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This set includes surf essentials. With surf wax, reef safe sunscreen,  all natural lip balm, a surf tool wax comb and room for more surfing essentials like fin keys and sunglasses.

Your surfer will be all set to ride the waves with this travel kit

17. Surf Shack: Laid-Back Living by the Water Hardcover

Bring the spirit of the surf right into your own home with Surf Shack: Laid-Back Living by the Water

This surf book showcases a variety of beach homes around the world, from Malibu to Japan.

surf shack laid back living by the water by nina freudenberger book for surfers
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With stories from TOMS co-founder Blake Mycoskie and other dedicated surfers sharing their personal spaces with us. 

Through these vivid images and narratives, you can get a glimpse into true laid-back living by the water.

Whether for yourself or for someone you love, Surf Shack will bring that energy right into your home or office!

18. OCEANBROAD Surfboard Longboard Bag

While your surfer isn’t out catching waves, they need a safe place to store their beloved surfboard! 

grey oceanbroad surfboard bag with handles
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With padding on each side and a heavy duty reflective shell, this surfboard bag will help prevent those minor dings and scratches that occur during travel.

Surfboards aren’t cheap, so help the surfer in your life keep their surfboard protected with this surfboard bag!

19. Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra is the perfect gift for the surfer in your life.

This watch was made specially for water sports and outdoor adventurists. With the new Ocean

With up to 36 hours of battery life and all the advanced features that come with an Apple Watch, it’s a must-have accessory for anyone who loves being in the water. 

apple watch ultra for surfers the perfect unique gift
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The bright Always-On Retina display is sure to keep up with your active lifestyle, even in direct sunlight, and the wristband is light and flexible for comfortable wear during your most high-energy surf sessions.

Plus, the 100m water resistance means you don’t have to worry about anything getting ruined in an intense wave session.

You’ll even get access to the Oceanic+ app to put a dive computer on your wrist! 

With its precision dual-frequency GPS, Heart Rate Zones and Running Form metrics, and updated Compass app, the Apple Watch Ultra will help you stay safe and perform at your best out on open waves.

20. GoPro HERO9

The GoPro Hero 9 is perfect for catching those action shots while surfing the perfect wave! 

gopro hero9 for surfers
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You can be sure you’ll get the smoothest and cleanest videos with 5K video, superphoto and hypersmooth 3.0, all made to ensure you get the perfect video.

If you want to help the surfer in your life document their favorite water sport, then this GoPro is the perfect gift to get them!  

21. AXESEA Womens Long Sleeve Rash Guard

Surfers spend hours upon hours out in the hot sun searching for the best waves.

Help the surfer gal in your life stay protected from the harsh UV rays and chaffing with this  women’s rash guard.

women's long sleeve floral rash guard
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The special UPF 50 + fabric blocks more that 98% of UVA and UVB rays so you can feel confident that this rash guard will protect and assist in your surfers overall comfort while spending her days out at the beach.  

These  long sleeve rash guards come in a multitude of different designs and colors, so you can be sure to find a pattern that fits the style of your loved one!

22. BALEAF Men’s Sun Protection Rash Guard

Provide a comfortable and protective rash guard for the surfer in your life!

This long sleeve rash guard has so many great features, especially for a surfer. 

blue long sleeve rash guard for men
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It’s lightweight and quick to dry, it’s chafe free, and on top of these great features it has a UPF 50+ fabric that protects your skin from UVA and UVB rays.

Surprise your surfer friend with this surfing must-have!

23. GoPro HERO9 + 128GB Card and 50 Piece Accessory Kit

This GoPro Hero9 set has it all!

Not only does this set include the GoPro Hero9 and a 128GB card, but it also includes an additional 50 accessories.

gopro hero9 50 piece accessory kit
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This kit makes it easy to create mind blowing surfing content in and out of the water.

Create content in the water with first person experience on the waves, or show a beautiful time-lapse of the waves from the comfort of the beach.

This is a unique gift for the surfers in your life! 

With the GoProHero9 Accessory Kit the possibilities are truly endless!

24. Surf Maps World Map

If your surfer has a passion for catching waves and traveling then this will be the perfect unique gift that surfers are sure to love!

This surf world map displays the various surfing spots found all around the world.

surfing world map with surf locations
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Keep it up to date with push pins or markers, so your surfer can proudly display their surfing adventures!

Help your surfing track of all the different surfing locations they’ve been to with this beautiful world surf map!

25. FCS Fin Case Fin Wallet

With all the hustle and bustle that comes with the surfing life, it can be easy to get disorganized. 

This fin wallet is the perfect solution to keeping your surfers fins organized and all in one place.

surfboard fin case wallet carrier
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This compact design makes for easy storage and easy to pop in your surf bag to prepare for a long day of surfing.

Grab this fin case wallet for your surfer today!

26. Garmin Instinct 2 Solar

This Garmin Instinct 2 Solar was made specifically for surfers!

This surf edition has so many amazing features such as unlimited battery life with solar charging, the surf activity profile, GPS, and all day health monitoring.

garmin watch instinct 2 solar for surfers a great unique gift
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The best feature in this watch for surfers is the capability of working with Surfline Sessions that creates a video of every wave you ride in front of a Surfline camera so you are able to go back to watch and assess your skills.

Surf watches are such a great tool to have while catching waves!

With all of these great features, why wouldn’t you want to gift this watch to your favorite surfer? 

27. Roxy Women’s to Dye 2 Inch Boardshort

Every surfer needs a pair of board shorts to add to their surfing wardrobe!

roxy womens 2 inch board short for surfers
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This pair of Roxy Women’s Board Shorts is made with quality 4-way stretch material with a lace up waist band to ensure you’re all set to surf the day away without having to worry about discomfort.

These shorts are the perfect cross between performance and style! Grab a pair for the surfer in your life!

28. Quiksilver Men’s Everyday 21 Board Short Swim Trunk Bathing Suit

Board shorts are a great gift for any surfer! 

quiksilver board shorts for surfers
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This pair is made from 100% polyester and has a handy drawstring closure so you can feel secure throughout your long day of surfing.

These shorts come in so many different colors, so you have so many great options to choose from! Choose your favorite to grab for your favorite surfer.

29. Abahub Premium Surfboard Leash

A surfboard leash is an essential if you want to keep your surfboard with you and away from any fellow surfers while surfing the waves! This will be the perfect gift for any surfer!

black surfboard leash for surfers
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This leash was made with safety in mind. The creators of this surf leash included a quick release pull tab so you can easily detach yourself from your board.

It is also durable and tangle free while also being comfortable and slip free! 

30. Premium Neoprene Queen Wetsuit Repair Kit

Don’t let tears in your wetsuit slow you down! 

With this Wetsuit Repair Kit you can do a quick repair and get back to surfing the waves.

neoprene queen wetsuit repair kit the perfect unique surfers gift
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Apply the neoprene to both sides of the tear and hold for 20 seconds and let dry! You should be back in the water in minutes.

This is one of the great and useful gifts for any surfer.

31. Outer Mountain Surfboard Wax Comb

Grab this surfboard wax comb as the perfect gift for a surfer!

This wax comb can be used for both removing wax from a surfboard and also creating textured grooves to improve traction on any surfboard.

outer mountain bamboo surfboard wax comb
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This high quality comb is eco friendly and handmade out of bamboo. 

This is a handy gift any surfer could use! 

32. StoreYourBoard Vertical Timber Surfboard Wall Rack

Give the perfect unique celebration or birthday gift for the wave surfers in your life!

This Vertical Surfboard Wall Rack is perfect for displaying multiple surfboards in your garage or home.

vertical surfboard hanging rack for multiple surfboards of different sizes a unique gift for surfers
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This heavy duty natural wood with cork padding is great for protecting surfboards from any dings and scratches.

Hold up to 6 surfboards on this wall mount surfboard rack! This is great for an avid surfer!

33. Ho Stevie! Surfboard Car Roof Rack Padded System

Transport up to 3 surfboards with this Surfboard Car Roof Rack.

This rack fits any vehicle, so no matter the model or make this rack will work for you!

surfboard car roof rack padded system on top of car
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The silicone buckle covers are a plus! So you don’t have to worry about damaging your car or surfboards while transporting your board to the beach.

Grab this awesome gift today!

34. WAVESTORM 8′ Surfboard

A new board is always a fun gift for any surfer!

The Wavestorm surfboard is an 8 foot soft top surfboard and is light, soft, and easy to handle. Perfect for surfers still trying to learn a bit more about mastering the waves!

wavestormer surfbaord blue orange and white unique surfer gift
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Plus, this surfboard also comes with a textured traction pad, a removable ankle leash, and strong bolt through components.

This surfboard is a bestseller and one of Amazon’s top picks! Grab it for your surfer pal today!

35. Ding All 3 Oz (84ml) Super Epoxy Repair Kit

Dings and scratches can happen to your surfboards in transportation. 

But when you have the Super Epoxy Surfboard Repair Kit you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ll be able to repair your board in no time.

ding all epoxy repair kit for fixing surfboard a unique gift for surfers
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This is a great gift for your surfer friend who is prone to get those bumps on their favorite surfboard!

36. Abahub 3 Piece EVA Surfboard Deck Traction Pads

This 3 Piece Surfboard Traction Pad set is compatible with any surfboard, so it’s great for any surfer.

It’s a great alternative to using surfboard wax! And it is also made with top level quality materials. 

surfboard traction pads 3 piece set black
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With the super sticky underside you won’t have to worry about it coming off your board.

These traction pads are soft and with its textured traction it makes for a great grip while surfing those big waves!

37. Sun Bum SPF 30 Sunscreen Lip Balm

Keep your lips free from a harsh sunburn with this Sun Bum SPF 30 Lip Balm!

sun bum sunscreen lip balm banana spf 30
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The sun rays can be so damaging, especially when you’re out for long hours during a sunny day.

Give the gift of sunburn protection with this lip balm!

38. THURSO SURF Aero 7 ft Soft Top Surfboard

The THURSO SURF Aero 7 ft Soft Top Surfboard package is the ultimate combination of performance and style. 

This board offers superior stability and glide, making it a perfect choice for those who are new to surfing while still providing hours of enjoyment to experienced riders. 

thurso surf surfboard with accessories
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Created with recycled plastic, stainless steel swivels and triple rail saver ankle leash, its lightweight yet durable design will ensure exceptional performance. 

Plus, an adjustable fin box gives your surfer the best option to customize their experience to fit their unique needs. 

Whether they’re just starting out or want an upgrade for their collection, this surfboard package makes the perfect gift for anyone looking to hit the waves!

39. Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Straw Lid

It’s important to stay hydrated while you’re out in the sun for long hours. That’s why this Hydro Flask is a great gift for any surfer!

The insulation in this water bottle keeps cold beverages cold for up to 24 hours, so it’s guaranteed to keep your ice cold water cold even after hours of surfing.

black hydroflask gift for surfers
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Plus, this straw lid is leakproof so it won’t leak in your beach bag. 

Keep those plastic bottles away from the ocean with this handy reusable water bottle!

40. EiR NYC Surf Mud Body Butter

This NYC Surf Mud Body Butter offers nourishing, all-natural ingredients like Tucuma and Kokum Seed Butter to deeply hydrate and nourish skin with a sun-kissed glow. 

EiR surf mud body butter in a jar
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This sunscreen provides powerful protection against harmful UVA and UVB light rays, while a simple blend of cruelty-free and paraben-free ingredients leave skin feeling luxuriously soft and smooth. 

Best of all, this luxurious product is made with purity, luxury, sustainability in mind, making this the ideal unique gift for any special surfers in your life!

41. Outdoor Portable Shower

This portable shower is so useful and practical for frequent beach goers.

Wash all the saltwater and sand off your body at your convenience.

portable outdoor shower with refillable tank and hose
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Not only is this great to have after  long days of surfing, but this outdoor portable shower also has a nozzle with five different settings!

This will make a great unique gift for any wave surfers!

42. Front Zip Wetsuit

This Wetsuit is the perfect gift for a surfer!

This Front Zip Wetsuit protects from UV Rays, while also protecting your body from sea lice, jellyfish, and other biological factors.

front zip wetsuit for men and women black with blue detailing
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Plus, it keeps your body warm if you’re surfing in a colder water temperature.

And this wetsuit has a front zipper to make it easy for changing in and out of.

43. Moroccanoil Protect & Prevent Spray

Keeping your hair protected from the harsh UV rays and other environmental factors is so important if your hair is out in the sun.

This moroccanoil spray can help keep your hair protected from all of those harsh UV rays.

moroccanoil protect and prevent spray for UV protection
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With this spray you don’t have to worry about your locks while you’re out catching waves!

Grab this Moroccanoil Protect and Prevent Spray to keep your surfers hair sun damage free.

44. FINPULLER – Surfboard Fin Removal and Installation Tool

Removing and replacing surfboard fins can be a hassle and tend to take so much time.

Save your hands and fins with this handy Fin Removal and Installation Tool!

fin remover for surfboard fins unique gift
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This tool makes taking your old fins off and installing a new one a breeze. Grab this tool for the surfer in your life.

45. SBS 10″ Surf & SUP Fin

Finding the perfect gift for the passionate surfer in your life can be a real challenge. Make sure you get them something special that shows how much you care about their hobby! 

The SBS 10″ Surf & SUP Fin, a classic fin template, provides plenty of performance, versatility and style.

sbs classic 10 black surfboard fin
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Compatible with longboards, paddle boards and more, this thoughtful gift is sure to give them a long time of surfing out on their perfect wave.

46. DocksLocks Jaws SUP Paddleboard and Surfboard Anti-Theft Security Lock

Wanting to catch lunch with your friends in between waves, but worried about someone taking your favorite surfboard?

Get this security lock for just that! Attach the included security cable to your board and car with this lock and you’re all set.

anti theft security long for surfboards a unique gift to keep surfboards safe
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Keep your surfboard safe while you’re away with this Anti-Theft Security Lock!

47. Mo’re Wetsuit Hanger Foldable Surfing Suit Hangers

Wetsuits can be hard to dry and store after a long day on the waves. 

Gift this durable and heavy duty Wetsuit Hanger for easy storage and quick drying for the wave lover in your life!

hanger for wetsuit for surfers unique gift
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All they need to do is hang their wet wetsuit up on this hanger and it’ll be dry and ready for their next surfing adventure.

This is a gift they are sure to love.

48. Creatures of Leisure SurfEars Water Out Sound in Ear Plugs

Have you ever gone to the beach and left with water stuck in your ears?

These Earplugs are great for preventing just that!

surf ears earplugs for surfers
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Made specifically for surfers, these earbuds will keep water out while still letting sound in so you can hear your surroundings. 

These earplugs are comfortable and will have you ready to hit the waves while protecting your ears.

49. Waterproof Towel Auto Car Seat Cover

Keep your car clean and stain free with this Waterproof Towel Car Seat Cover!

waterproof towel seat cover for the beach and surfers a unique and useful gift
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This cover has 3 layers that are designed specifically to keep your seats from the everyday water damage of surfing.

It’s odorless and fits any car! Grab this gift today!

50. Water Surfer Collectible Handmade Metal Art Figurine

This is one of the perfect unique gifts for surfers!

This Handmade Metal Art Figurine showcases a surfer hitting the waves on a surfboard!

unique handmade surfer metal figurine catching waves made of steel washers and nuts for a unique gift for surfers
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Made from nuts, brazing rods, washers and steel, this gift is a unique and fun gift for the surfers in your life.

It can be used as a trophy or even just to display in your surfers home!

51. Platinum Sun Water Sport Sunglasses

sunglasses with detachable strap for surfers
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The sun can be blinding while you’re out catching waves. 

Sunglasses are a must, both for being able to see and for protecting your eyes.

These sunglasses are perfect for the water! With a padded convertible strap, this makes it easy for them to stay on even in the harshest of waves!

52. Authentic Mexican Blanket

This handmade Authentic Mexican Blanket is perfect for the beach!

authentic mexican blanket in various striped colors (green, blue, tan, yellow) for the beach unique gift for surfers
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During those breaks in between the waves, lounge on this beautiful hand woven blanket.

Not only is it great for the beach but you can use it for yoga, decor, or even a picnic! This is a great versatile gift.

53. Surfboard Bike Rack

If you live right by the ocean and your surfers favorite mode of transportation to the beach is their bike then this is a must have!

surfboard bike rack to hold surfboard while riding bike unique gift
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This Surfboard Bike Rack makes it easy to transport your surfboard on your bike handsfree.

This bike rack is compatible with all bike types, so get this for the surfer in your life today!

54. Beach Waves Inspirational Key Chain

This beach waves inspirational keychain is a great meaningful gift.

waves inspiring quote keychain with wave
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This keychain is hand stamped and stainless steel.

With the words of inspiration, the surfer in your love will love this thoughtful gift!

55. Surfer Pop Up Birthday Card

This pop up card is the perfect card for a surfer whether it be for a fun celebration or for their birthday!

This pop up card displays a surfer catching the waves!

surfers pop up greeting card for celebration birthday card for surfers
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Write a personal note and even pair it with a gift card to their favorite surfing shop.

They’re guaranteed to love this card paired with our many other unique gifts for surfers!

56. Ambesonne Ocean Tapestry

Looking for a cool gift for a surfer?

This tapestry will be perfect for you!

surfer surfing at sunset on a big wave tapestry unique gift for surfers
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This beautiful tapestry showcases a surfer on the waves at sunset. The perfect vision to add to a surfers room.

Bring the love for surfing home with this tapestry! 

57. Surfer Gift Vintage Surfing Surf Board Beach T-Shirt

This Vintage Surfboard T-Shirt is the perfect gift for a surfer!

vintage black surfboard t shirt for surfers
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This T-Shirt showcases their love for the sport of surfing and it also comes in 5 different colors and 3 different styles for men, women, and kids.

Gift this to your favorite surfer to add to their wardrobe!

58. Redwood Surf Co Slip-It Surf Slipper

One of the hardest parts of putting a wetsuit on is getting your feet through without getting caught in the suit!

This Slip-It Surf Slipper will help with just that. 

surf slipper for putting surfer wetsuit on
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Put this slipper over your foot before putting on a wetsuit and it will help for an easy glide on experience! Just take it off after your wetsuit is on and you’re good to hit the waves.

59. Open Road Goods Surf Kit

Keep all of your surfing essentials with you and ready for a busy day on the waves with this Surf Kit!

This kit includes a wax comb, wax, and some natural SPF sunscreen and lip balm.

unique surf kit gift with surf wax sunscreen wax balm and wax comb
shop here

Room for all of your surfing essentials and space for more!

It’s easy to forget an item or two when you’re eager to hit the waves, so keep all your necessities in one place with this handy surf kit.

60. LECO TECH Surfing Night Light

Bring the waves home with this beautiful Surfing Night Light!

This unique gift for surfers 3D illusion brings waves to life!

color changing unique 3D wave night light gift for surfers
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Not only is it useful, but this night light also is color changing with a remote control or touch mode capabilities!

This is the perfect gift for any type of surfer that wants to bring the waves to their home!

61. Dakine Surf Cap

This Dakine Surf Cap can be useful for blocking the sun while your surfer is out on the beach on a sunny afternoon!

grey dakine surf cap hat for surfing
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This cap is specifically designed for water use, and even has a handy snap closure so you can guarantee it will stay on.

This online surf shop found in Hawaii is specially made for surfers! Grab this surf cap today!

62. Action Camera Non-Slip Handler

Your surfer has the GoPro HERO9, but they’re not sure how to get those great action shots?

This tool is perfect for just that!

gopro hero9 non slip handler unique gifts for surfers
shop here

 The Action Camera Non-Slip Handler is made with a non-slip selfie stick handle, as well as a detachable mounting adapter that you can attach to your surfboard!

Go hands free or hold your GoPro while catching waves. Action cameras are such a great gift for a surfer that’s working on gathering videos of their time on the waves to share with friends!

63. Salty Britches Chafing Ointment

Chafing can be inevitable while you’re surfing. 

Whether it be against surfing equipment or your skin. This Salty Britches Chafing Ointment can be the key to avoid that annoying chafing!

salty britches chafing ointment bottle soothing and long lasting
shop here

Focus on the waves, and help prevent chafing irritation while your surfer is out enjoying the sun!

64. COR Surf Poncho Changing Towel

Changing out of your wetsuit after a long day of surfing can be tricky.

With this Surf Poncho Changing Towel, you can avoid the hassle of trying to hide under  beach towels and struggle to change back into your comfortable clothes.

surf poncho changing towel for surfers
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 The Surf Poncho Changing Towel makes it easy. Just pop it over your wetsuit with the hood up and pull your arms in to change! Plus, it has a handy front kangaroo pocket  to pop your clothes in for easy access!

This is a surfer must! 

65. Water Shoes

If your surfer is out adventuring the ocean in between surfing days then this is the perfect surf gift for them!

These water shoes can help protect their feet from any sharp rocks or reefs they stumble upon in the ocean.

black water shoes for beach lovers
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Plus, the rubber sole provides more traction especially when you’re adventuring around some slippery rocks! Get these today!

66. South Bay Board Co. – 42″ Onda Bodyboard

A bodyboard is a great way to get a feel for the water before you start surfing!

It’s also great to use if you’re a beginner surfer or even if you’re just not feeling like bringing your surfboard out to play.

Striped boogie board in different colors for surfers
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This Onda Bodyboard is 42” and comes in various colors. Plus, it also comes with a bodyboard coiled leash.

Make a splash at the beach with this bodyboard!

67. Sun Bum Original SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion

Surfers can spend all day out on the water, make sure they’re protected from those harsh UVA and UVB rays with this Sun Bum Original SPF 50 Sunscreen lotion! 

sun bum sunscreen spf50 that is gluten free and vegan
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This sunscreen is SPF 50 and can help prevent a sunburn after hours on the water.

Keep the surfer in your life’s skin protected and buy this sunscreen for them today!

68. ulu LAGOON | 3-Pack of White Mini Wave Air Fresheners

As fun as surfing can be, it can also take a toll on the smell of your car. This is why these air fresheners are a must!

Accidentally leaving a wetsuit or swimsuit in your car after a long day of surfing can be a big mistake.

ulu lagoon 3 piece car air freshner
shop here

Especially, when you head out for another day of catching waves and your car smells like a wet swimsuit. 

Grab these White Mini Wave Air Fresheners to keep the surfer in your life’s car smelling fresh while they’re out living life and catching waves!


Sand belongs at the beach not in your house and car!

This Sandscreen Sand Removal Bag is a must have!

Clean all the sand off your body after a long day surfing the waves at the beach in minutes. 

blue sandscreen sandbag for keeping sand off your body
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Activate it by patting the bag, and just like that you can use the bag to wipe all of the sand off your legs, feet, and arms.

Plus, this sand removal bag is talc-free and reef friendly! Which makes it one of the best gifts for a surfer!

70. Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier

Staying hydrated is extremely important when you’re out on the water all day.

Gift these Liquid I.V. hydration packets in a cute gift basket for a surfer!

Liquid IV hydration multiplier electrolyte drink mix passion fruit 16 packs
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These hydration packets deliver hydration to the bloodstream faster and more efficiently than water does on its own.

Grab these packets for your surfer today!

71. Travel First Aid Kits

Provide the gift of safety to your surfing loved ones!

first aid kit for a gift for surfers
shop here

A first aid travel kit is a must have in case of any medical emergencies,

Whether it be a small cut, or a sprained ankle that needs to be iced; it’s always great to have a first aid kit handy!

72. Keyport 5-in-1 Surf Tool

This Keyport 5-in-1 Surf Tool is a handy and one of the best unique gifts for surfers!

This tool includes a surf fin hex tool, a hex bit driver, a bottle opener, a 2 inch ruler, and a coord cutter and box opener. 

Surf tool with 5 tools in 1 that is a unique gift for surfers
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It’s TSA friendly and perfect for on the go.

Pop this 5-in-1 tool in your surf bag and you’re all set! 

73. BlueRica Wood Surfboard Pendant on Coconut Beads Necklace

This Surfboard Pendant Necklace is the perfect gift for a surfer!

With coconut beads, clamshell beads, bamboo tube accents and this beautiful surfboard pendant this necklace sits at 18 inches long.

Black coconut bead necklace with surfboard pendent a unique gift for surfers
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This will make a great addition to a surfers jewelry collection!

They can wear this everyday to display their love for the waves!

74. Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life

At first glance, you might think Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life is just a regular book on the surface. But look beyond the simple spine and pages – it’s so much more than that! 

This memoir by William Finnegan is an exploration of surfing culture and an ode to an obsession, enchantment and ultimately, a passionate way of life.

barbarian days a surfing life by william finnegan surf book unique gift for surfers
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This beautifully crafted paperback is guaranteed to thrill any surfer or admirer of the sport with its harrowing rides and unprecedented lucidity unlike anything seen before. 

This is the perfect gift for any fan of this surfing lifestyle!

75. COR Surf Aero Roof Rack Pads

Protect your car and surfboard from bumps and dings during transportation with these Roof Rack Pads!

It’s important to keep your surfboard and car safe and damage free while you’re out enjoying the waves.

Roof rack pads to protect surfboards
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And these Roof Rack Pads make it easy for your surfer to be worry free.

With premium scratch resistant silicone and durable 600D oxford fabric and PVC coating you know that your items are safe and strapped down so you’re ready to hit the road! 

Make Your Surfer Feel Special

No matter their age, skill level, or favorite type of surfboard, you can make any surfer feel special and appreciated with one of the 75 unique gifts for surfers we’ve listed here! 

From wax to wetsuits and surfboards to cool gadgets – with these purpose-specific items for the sea-loving enthusiast you’ve got plenty of options to choose from.

So break away from traditional gifting norms and give that special someone an ocean-inspired present they’re sure to remember.

Get out there, hit the waves, and do your shopping for the best unique gifts for surfers today!

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