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8 Creative Ways to Make The Most Of Your Summer

Summer is what dreams are made of: long days, warm nights, cool drinks, and time to read books. But like all good things, this charmed season is over all too soon. Once the leaves start to turn, Summer can feel so fleeting that those long lazy days become nostalgic even as you’re experiencing them. If you take this wonderful time of year for granted, it will quickly slip through your fingers. These ideas will help you make memories while making the most of the summer. 

Photo by Simon Rae on Unsplash

Hang Local

While jetting off to an exotic destination can be fun, save foreign travel for winter, when you’re cooped up and craving sunshine. One of the joys of Summer is that your hometown comes alive and does what it does best. Whatever your area is famous for, spend some time checking out some of the attractions you take for granted the rest of the year. A day trip perusing your own neighbourhood is a great way to enjoy your locale at its best while supporting local producers, artisans and craftsmen. And if you’re unsure what’s happening in your area, grab a newspaper or look up your local tourism board’s website. You may be surprised to see a number of free or inexpensive events like parades, carnivals or fairs, which will bring the community together. 

Chill Outside

This might sound obvious, but the best way to enjoy those mood enhancing, vitamin D rich rays is to spend loads of time outside. Summer is your time to be lazy, with guilt-free hours spent lazing in a hammock or on the patio. Hot tip: get your patio Summer ready ahead of time, so you’re poised to head out with your book at the first appearance of those darling buds of May. A patio furniture buyer’s guide makes brilliant Winter reading as you dream of the summer to come. A hammock is a classic summer must-have, but it’s no use at all unless you resolve to spend some hard-earned lazy time in it. Give yourself permission to chill: recharge your body and reconnect with your mind by taking some alone time in your outdoor Summer sanctuary.

Photo by from Pexels

Summer-time Machine

Ever wished that you could climb into a time machine and zip back to your childhood and do all the exciting things you used to do just because they were fun? Like playing with water balloons and trying to ride a bicycle backwards? Well, imagine you didn’t need a time machine… one of the most thrilling things about Summer is that the heat and joy in the air inspire us to throw caution and seriousness to the wind and do things just for the sake of it. If you have children, Summer is a great time to show them that you remember how to have fun with simple things. Pick flowers, run and play under the garden hose, get that backyard badminton set out. Bonus points if when the sun goes down, you build a campfire in the back garden, grill some marshmallows and recount ghost-stories.

Tick Some Whoppers Off Your DIY To-do List

If you love your home, chances are you invest a fair amount of your time and energy on DIY projects. While working on the home can be rewarding, getting everything done yourself can be time-consuming and draining. Summer offers a good opportunity to embark on some of the bigger projects you may have set yourself for the year. You’ll have longer days in which to do them, and there is undoubtedly a greater sense of relaxation and enjoyment after doing physical work in the warmer months. If you’re mates with your neighbours, or if you have friends who enjoy doing DIY, inviting them around to help paint the garage or tile the patio can be a great way to hang out (if you’re willing to reciprocate, of course!) A BBQ and some cold ones afterwards will go down a treat. And when the rest of the year rolls around, having tackled some of those bigger jobs will take the pressure off your home improvement schedule. 

Found New Family Traditions

One of the special things about Winter is the holidays: Christmas and New Year bring friends and family together to share meals and good tidings for the year ahead. Whether you celebrate special holidays with just your nuclear family or the extended gang—or the whole neighbourhood—why not enjoy a similar sense of community and tradition in Summer? With long perfect day following long perfect day, Summer can start to feel a little unstructured. Starting a new tradition, anchored by a particular day in the year, like the summer solstice, is a great way to create a focal point for your summer. Get creative with activities, choosing something family friendly for the best attendance. An annual night swim or community BBQ are just two possibilities for what is bound to be a smash with your community.

Be Spontaneous (sometimes)

While your bigger adventures and events might benefit from careful advanced planning—e.g. your new community tradition—Summer is a great time for a little spur-of-the-moment fun. Especially if your climate is fairly reliable in the summer, you and your family will get a lot out of trips and events that aren’t meticulously planned ahead, and you’ll save a lot of stress by simply declaring: why not right now? Part of the fun is the realisation in the moment that an adventure is afoot, as well as the rush to assemble everything you need. Whether you’re going to the river for a swim or taking a trip to the botanical gardens, the excitement of a spur-of-the-moment activity is hard to beat. 

Teach Yourself a New Skill

While Summer is the time to be lazy, your brain is likely to enter snooze mode if you don’t keep your mind stimulated. Nothing keeps the mind engaged like acquiring a new skill, and the endless warm days of Summer are a great time to do it. Whether you want to learn how to play the guitar, build a canoe, grow strawberries or write a novel, take the leap while you’re in a creative, expansive summer mood. Adding a new skill or hobby to your belt is a good way to expand your horizons and open your mind to new possibilities. And if that summer heat makes you feel entrepreneurial, you might be able to turn your new-found hobby into a side hustle while you’re at it, and make a little cash for your holiday fun. 

Declare T.V Out of Bounds

Keep your TV switched off while the sun is shining. While kids might not like this rule at first, they will eventually find ways to entertain themselves outside, whether it’s in the garden or down at the park.  If your satellite TV subscription allows you to take pause your subscription for a few months at a time, you could save a little money for your outdoor Summer activities. While TV can be a comforting focal point for a relaxing family evening in the cooler months, spending hours indoors watching the goggle box is a waste of that fresh summer air and joyous sunshine. 

Summertime—when the living is easy—is all too easily wasted. It can feel as though you’ve only just opened your lawn chair and cracked an ice-cold drink when the cool Autumn breeze is on its way. Whether you intend to be predominantly lazy or active this summer, these tips will remind you to live in the moment and make the most of it!

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